Anthem (Zero Punctuation)

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Comments from Youtube

YangTheInsane : Urgh I'm so done with videos about Anthem... I get it! It's bad. *Sees Zero Punctuation upload* Maybe one more

dreday247 : "OOOH! Good guess. Wrong though" really got to me for some reason.

derek larsen : I know about kill stealing but I never knew heal stealing was a thing.

Logical Juan : Jetpacks couldn't save this game, then nothing can.

The Truth : EA as a toddler is the most fitting comparison i'll hear all year

Kinoksis : 0:32 "Well you can't have Destiny, it's owned by Activision Blizzard." Not anymore it ain't.

Rai Hanzo : "although israel and palestine have never tried to flog lootboxes to lebanon" don't give them ideas yahtzee.

GabrielOnuris : 3:38-3:58 - that's *EXACTLY* why I hate multiplayer/forced co-op games.

Texandeerhunter : Great... Now I want to have sex with the ship...

chwen hoou : 0:18 - 1:03 Perhaps *THE* most perfect description of EA and its "relationship" with the developers they own.

Anthony LiPira : "Am I on suicide watch?" I thought that was your default setting.

Joshua Christofferson : I finally just finished both KOTORs & Jade Empire. RIP BioWare. You were AMAZING.

Michael Para : Probably the most accurate representation of ea I have ever seen

healsallwounds : BioWare: Dragon Age: Inquisition was our biggest-selling title! It even won Game of the Year! EA: Let's put it on the backburner for five years so we can shit out a Destiny clone!

Ishant Pawa Pras : Don't hate Bioware, pity them Accurate af

Ultgamer cw : Well if it isn't war frame's lesser AAA brother.

mc bad robot voice : BioWare lost a decent Chunk of their talent and now it might be killed off by EA at any second. Not the best position to be in.

No Bob : That anthropomorphism of EA was absolutely perfect! 10 out of 10 stars based on that alone!

Txu Zai : People need to realize that all the amazing games that Bioware made years ago, most of the people behind those games left Bioware.....

Stephanie B : Best review of Anthem on the Internet. "Please don't hate Bioware for Anthem... pity them for having to make this."

Homsar Probably : You almost murdered me with that EA impression. Death by Yahtzee; rogue M&M.

cl0vvntiem : "Although Israel and Palestine have never tried to flog lootboxes to Lebanon." ...could that be the solution?

Joe M : Sex with the ship sounds much more interesting than anthem.

ShroudedWolf51 : I'm still holding out hope for a sequel to Andromeda, but... I'm reasonably sure that won't happen. Bioware is way past that particular point of the toilet bowl vortex.

EM B : Can't wait for this game to make an appearance in Yahtzee's semi-regular "LETS ALL LAUGH AT AN INDUSTRY THAT NEVER LEARNS ANYTHING TEE-HEE-HEE"

Ryan Anderson : Anyone else notice the DS9 reference with the "Dominion" text?

Scott Thompson : I look forward to your Star Citizen review.

Beth Lowery : Ah! Maxis. That was a shot in the heart. I'm too world weary these days.

Travro : Story is 90% setting and 10% plot. Yep, sadly that's your typical multiplayer game. All about costumes and numbers.

Creamy Goodness : You say EA published it? Good thing it was already on my Never Buy list. Sorry Bioware.

mrcheesemunch : I remember hearing over and over how "Anthem will be good! It won't be like Andromeda, BioWare's A team is making it you fool!" Sure as shit it's not like Andromeda, it's even less inspired.

Mitch Kettles : "It's busy writing more optional dialogues for you to ignore" EVERY. BIOWARE. GAME. EVER.

Rainbowhawk1993 : Well at least Yahtzee doesn’t put all the blame on BioWare.

Nanner Dunlocke : I doubt even the most hardcore Anthem fans would dislike this

elvampir0 : @0:33 AWWW! AWWWW! AWWWW! Jesus F´ing Christ, i nearly choked on my god damn drink!

PaleWhiteShadow : Anthem is just a mainstream attempt to commercialize Warframe, prove me wrong.

wayne Jacobs : Lmao you nailed EA on this one. I don't think anyone has ever better described EA than Yahtzee

Andre Gon : Yahtzee nailed EA's description. 10/10

Hades2824 dus : Lmao, apex, no thank you not interested in it, I love how you make fun of it

Lou Stone : That's it lads, Yahtzee has solved the Israel-Palestine conflict. I'm off to tell Mossad.

stoneybridger : I thought KOTOR and Jade Empire were shite.... sorry.....

SonicShot55 : "What? We apologized for all the crappy business practices we did at the last E3. What more do you want?" Maybe putting them into practice?

CartoonrBOY : Way more honest than IGN. Bravo 😎

O O : EA is one step ahead of whole industry. while everyone making players to do battle royale, EA is making studios doing battle royale.

Siyamthanda Ndlangalavu : Been watching you guys since GTA IV Zero Punctuation you guys rock

Joseph Walker : He still gots it. Hilarious as ever.

Jay Arby : What else do you expect from EA, a company whose CEO looks like a James Bond villain?

Jake Frost : Absolutely perfect description

WildWarTurkey : You are salty about Trump aren't you