Phil Hartman auditioning for his debut on 'Saturday Night Live'
Phil Hartmans SNL audition is a thing of beauty

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Phil Hartman doing an assortment of funny characters while auditioning for his debut on 'Saturday Night Live'.


Rogue : Doing an impression of a German doing an impression of Jack Nicholson....

giraffedreams : "I won't take a lot of your time." Ain't that the truth -- gone too soon.

Paul Hadley : What a talent. What a loss.

Dariusz Sobotka : "I was a sucker for long legs... and I wanted to shimmy up hers' like a native boy looking for coconuts" XD

NY OneLove : Wow. Incredibly confident guy.

Carl Wolfe : The best part in this for me, is at the very end after he's just blown all the SNL producers away with maybe the best audition ever and Phil says very sarcastically "...Next!"

S LYKA : a completely spot on jack nicholson impression. in german. incredible.

thadbaxter : He was clearly overqualified

samdiego : Phil was probably the greatest and cast member of snl ever! I don’t know if any of you noticed but Phil on average was in more sketches than any other snl cast member during his time on the show. He was that great of a character actor and just flat out hilarious

Valizan : You are missed, Phil!

mrbrockpeters : What Golden Voice he had. 

Burial : The Jack Nicholson doing Hamlet is amazing.

Liam Redmond : Ha Phil Hartman and Jon Lovitz who both also happen to be two of the best guest voice actors who ever worked on the Simpsons (Troy McClure and Artie Ziff respectively)

Jon R : He packaged his performance brilliantly. Eg: A German guy doing impressions (he still showed he could do impressions ... just packaged in a neat way). Or some of his bits where he’s pitching skit ideas! Gets to act them out, and show he had a fair writer’s mind! Good audition.

Jeannieonthefence : I can’t believe that he’s been gone 20 years. He was captivating and insanely talented.

GravityLee : I bet this dude was a chick magnet.. probably should have been a little pickier

Allan Van Wagner : Comedy genius -"What's the word on the street'"

Andrew Gilmore : Brilliant man. Such a sad loss.

SOBTelevision123 : What a gem.

Tommi Santamaa : 9:58 And Troy McClure was born

Sailing VIO : in my books Phil was up there with the greats like Jerry Lewis & Jim Carey.

sorry I don't speak human : I love the way he looks as a hard boiled cop - kind of hot. Just me?

SiLenT366 : "What's the word on the street?"

GForce : Now that's an audition.

Jeff Porcaro Groove : talent and intelligence way above normal...he makes the gifted and talented look average

Menina Milenia : Statuesque like Lady Liberty 😂😂😂

Surreal Cereal : WOW. Just... WOW. I watched SNL especially for Phil back in the day and loved him in everything he did. I have never before seen his audition and this just blows me away.

Noama Chomsky : So talented and gone too soon. I'll never forget one particular Founding Fathers skit on SNL. He played Ben Franklin dressed up as Marilyn Monroe seductively singing Happy Birthday to JFK. Funniest s#it I ever seen!

Evita Rush : He is terribly missed. Such talent.

SATAN : He looks like Bryan Cranston

gardensofthegods : He had an interesting life.. the biography written about him called you might remember me is actually a very good book.

Critical Thinker : mindless stupor just by trying to read...lmao

HotWax93 : Is that Jon Lovitz with him at the end?

SIMPLE SPIN : Definitely a great talent lost. I thought his Nicholson sounded more like Woody Allen.

Don MacQuarrie : Great loss...R.I.P. MR. Hartman

Geese : Phil's audition is the best, by far, among all SNL members I've seen.

dennis : He would've been my fastest hire in SNL history.

gottalovet : Watching "Sgt Bilko" and missing the talented Phil Hartman. Great talent who died too young. RIP 💔😢

truthb2u2 : Genius! Sorely missed.

Tevin Landry : SNL Cast Rankings: 1: Phil Hartman. 2: Eddie Murphy. 3: Everybody else.

DinnerBells : No need for messin' with a Smith & Wessen!

akarpowicz : What a genius. Sniff!!

Cooper Hilinsky : I got a really weird Bryan Cranston / Heisenberg vibe during some of this...🤔

jobhihai : he could the narrator voice for dragon ball

gardensofthegods : Wow.. earlier today was the 20th anniversary of his death.. it's really hard to believe.. poor guy I'm reading the biography about him right now.

Muffin Top : He was such a natural and that voice, one of a kind.

Jason Mcknight : I cannot find the cafe skit where Jan was the counter lady where Phil was eating pie. I can’t find it nowhere!!

MarauderTwilight : Dainumo brought me here. You're still a beautiful soul, Phil.

sinicalypse : he called the walking dead circa 5:45 into this!