The Church Of What's Happening Now: #625 - Kate Quigley
Joey Diaz Talks About Eating Ass

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Kate Quigley, comedian, actress, and host of the "#DateFails" podcast, joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt LIVE in studio. See Joey and Kate LIVE at the New York Comedy Festival November 8-10 at Gotham Comedy Club. This podcast is brought to you by: Quip - Go to and try their dentist designed electric toothbrush. When you go to you get your first refill pack FREE with a quip electric tooth brush. - Use code promo Church to get up to a 100% match on your first deposit up to $1,000. Deposit after 7pm EST and they will give you another $25 in free play. Recorded live on 10/09/18.


Literally Sarcastic : I love how Uncle Joey called her out. Not from a bad place but out of disappointment. UNCLE Joey living up to his name

High Flyin Fucious : "I dont want to be dominated" - Lee Syatt LOL

Sundiata Keita : Joey keeping it real with Kate at 20:00.

Vassilis Adamopoulos : The malookia finger and the cave of death


King Louie 11 : The dark arts right here bruh, onward.

billy bob : Coco would of been a manager at midas with his love of mufflers

Djdnyc : 1:31:35 Joey: naming all these gourmét foods on his flight Lee: on my flight i got cheez-its

mo1 : Here for the dirty talk

Caleb Crawdad : "Let's get this out of the way: this isn't revenge. This is an act of alcoholism."

Billy Davidson : Joey comes alive when he gets kate's little muffla on here

Mike Taddeo : Lee needs to smash this broad.

WTF198 : Coco is a good friend for her, he really looks out for her. I find he has her on to try and set her on a straight path.

Chode Malone : Kate. America's favourite comedy thot

1MNUTZ : Lee "there's poop up there" Syatt

Tejeda : "which finger"

jcrules23 : Uncle Joey doing his Lee impression is the best "Dont call me a Jew, You're anti-semitic" hahaha 35:30

Ron Mellen-Stier : Just finished the Wheeler Walker Episode and right after a Kate Quigley episode is uploaded. TREMENDOUS!

The Anonymous Guitarist : Lee, quick suggestion- Move the Sabotage poster about a foot to the left and move the camera so Joey is a bit more to the right of the frame..shit will look tighter.

120491nick : joey""my friends dad worked for NASA""Diaz

Yeshie Scarfo : Thanks for the upload, cocksuka! Haven't been to church for a while.

Dom Johnson : Coke Quigley tremendous !

anony mous : This podcast should be called "The Church of Whats Happening in North Bergen 1984"

PIPEBOMBZz 1 : i tongue punch kates fart box anyday

Ardens Cor : What's going on cocksuckas. I got an expired Percocet and a joint let's go DEEP!

Pzx Sdew : Joey is so old he still owes Moses for getting him out of Egypt.

Myera TV : 35:57 great question...

Alex Galeno : I love uncle joey when kate is in the house😂

Michael s : lmfao, Joey straight up tells her naw, thats not revenge

buddha boy : Kate seems so immature... You seek revenge because someone blocked you? Really!? lol

L. S. : 34:45 Lee Finally realizes that Women don't like nice guys.

SimpleMan : North Bergen, the only city in America where you can Rob people for thousands and thousands of $$'s and never get shot, or Beat into Oblivion. The only place. Anywhere else, your a memory.....

Zach K : The podcasts with Kate are always tremendous. She might be a bit of a skank, but I respect how honest and transparent she is about herself. I prefer the podcasts that have deep conversations like this one, as opposed to Joey going on about comedy for 2 hours straight.

K J : Man all I wanted after Khabib vs Mcgregor was to hear Joey Diaz talk about khalabib vs Connor and he didn't say shit. But he references it at 35:35 if anyone else is interested.

amon tri : Joey " when I was in the longest yard " Diaz

Trevor Brubaker : "They'd take the blunt of it"

Chotchskey : Lmao MAKE A MOVE LEE!!!!!!

romaniw17 : "This is not revenge. This is and act of alcoholism, adderall and cocaine" LMFAO

Mark Zickus : God dam, 1:18:00 That moment you're on a show to promote your career and the host calls you out for using speed. Joey come on

Ben Lovig : Gawd I luv seeing Kate on the podcast. The flying Jew gets higher with every bong hit

Troy Griffith : jOEY D! you are tremendous buddy! BARNICLES??!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO HOLY FUK! i havnt laughed/cried that hard in a while homie. THANKYOU its all fkn true... LEE, 1/2 tablespoon of concrete in yr diet old son... FKN HARDEN UP & CHOMP ON SOME HOTT MUFFLER YOUNGMAN...SUCH IS LIFE... LOVE TROY FROM BRISBANE AUSTRALIA

Rami Ghazzawi : The "Church of Whats Happening Now" has the best family.. always positive in the comments! Love From Ohio

Contrail : "Malookia finger is what Ronnie James Dio does." RIP Ronnie, you are missed and remembered.

Robbe : these episodes are golden, when joey tells hes chill ass stories, so good guests, and when lee laughs, haha this is golden, more off this!


lordmcted : kate needs feeding, she says she's doing well but i think she just switched types of punishment, she's starving herself

c balls : Say whatever you want about Kate, but she brings out the best out of Joey.

FourAlexia : I got this coke and... (in grumbly ciggy voice) iT WaS ouT oF thIs FucKIn Worwld.

Elias Fenstermacher : Probably my favorite podcast. SAVAGE!