The Movement by Jack Garbarino: A Review

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Chadum H : Obviously he never actually read the book, because he would have been moved and inspired about the story of Dende. Also, the race at the Ice Rink is heartbreaking.

Jake Hay : Jack Garbarino has a better body than you and you're jealous. How dare you question the movement? He's an inspiration to us all and a saviour of jungle children.

S1234 : Don't you know, GYM stands for "Give your money away"

Oliver Amorim : I hope you've seen Nathan For You...

Dorian Lee : RIP Dende.

postaffe : To everyone bashing this guy in the comments, take it easy. I'm pretty sure the original poster of this video, Xanthe (who you can hear talking to him from behind the camera), knows this book is a goof and a spoof. Looks like she's pranking her ultra fit buddy and sharing the results with us.

jack garbarino : I never went to a gym in my life

XFS540 : This guy should buy a Summit Ice softshell jacket and review that next.

sergio sanchez : Dude just watch Nathan for you "The movement" and you will understand.

PapaGeorg10 : This video was hilarious, my sides were hurting.

Ax Peekz : I hope you know this book is a joke, watch the episode of "Nathan for you" titled "The Movement" and you'll understand.

Fungusdude42 : I hope you let him in on the joke.

BodyBuilding League : Did your cousin know you were trolling him ?

aaarsix : This dude's so jelly

FAW : This dude got clowned.. I wonder if he gets his news from the Onion


Ola Haukland : Laughing so hard :D

Christian B : Looks like the stereotypical gym bro.

EpicRainbowLollipop : did you actually read the book

Garby : Lmfao! This is my dad, in case anyone cares

Connor Sullivan : this is why you don't judge a book by its cover

Lucas A : 3:18 best part lmao, someone used a picture of his disguise as their profile pic

Cecilio Sanchez : Nathan for you bro. his a legend.

masonbellamy : The Jungle Children

Igor Vuk : think of the J U N G L E C H I L D R E N

Jacob Ellis : Sigh, you must not be very bright are you?? This is a FAKE BOOK made for a COMEDY CENTRAL show called Nathan for You... You're almost as bad as people who post repeat comments!

Olbert Bennington : You're obviously not knowledgeable. If you were, you'd know that this book is from a Nathan For You skit from Comedy Central. Not hating, just saying do your research before bashing on someone. : Bro! Do you even lift... Boxes and furniture? I bet you go to the gym 6 times a week.

Ishan Chaturvedi : When you get trolled. #Nathanishere 😀

surgewakefield : So many haters. Jacks Garabino was a child friend of Steve Job and probably inspired him to make the Apple computer you edited this video on. I’m drinking my haterade right now while lifting my Jacks Garabino aka friend of Steve Job designed iPhone. #TheMovement>#TheGreatAwakening

piperian396 : I wish people weren't so mean. This is hilarious!

charliestravels : Lmfao!!! Have you seen Nathan for you?

name bob : whoosh

Gabriel Wang : This is written by a ghost writer!!! Its on a popular comedy central show called "Nathan for You". Its a joke, jeez "you are well educated" HAHA NO. It was all for show jeez

Dylan Bare : hahahaha!

Swazz Perkins : It a vary good book I uzed the moovement and won many mussel compatishuns


Jared Turner : You are a certified grade A moron. The Movement is the best weight loss plan ever!

Mikal Garbarino : Hahaha. Dude, your a complete moron. Watch Comedy Central clown instead of be a hater. And your not that knowledgeable