John Frusciante & Anthony Kiedis - Under The Bridge LIVE Amsterdam - 1991

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Amado Eriksson : high enough to rock not sober enough to tune

Rick D : John was the best thing that ever happened to rhcp. When frusciante left, peppers lost that groove

Gi joey : You may be cool, but you'll never be as cool as Anthony and John playing Under the Bridge, next to a canal in Amsterdam, in 1991.

Dylan Nolan : This proves that no matter what guitar he plays that man sounds like himself.

Chris GH3 : WTF Anthony looks like Emma Watson

Nathasophon : John look like eden hazard.

stephen stewart : How were the Chillis all in such good shape when all they did was play jams and take drugs?

EthanAcm : The guitar being out of tune makes it that much better to be honest

Fidozo15 : Frusciante looks like he just came out from prison

عثمان بلحاج : damn i wanna have tattos like them soo bad, but i also don't want to

Hugo Williams : watched frusciante the whole time

Abdessamad Ejjiar : John is one of the most talented guitarist in the world

Newbport : I never knew they said 'Under the bridge downtown' on that part.

Annie Ann : Isn't that guitar a little bit out of tune?

Ot Creed : So what if the guitar is a bit out of tune...stop complaining and enjoy the music. Life is out of tune but still finds harmony. It's music, not rocket science.

albertosamaniego : Martin D-28 ❤

joy aichbhowmik : John is a guitarist but still a better drummer than Lars Ulrich 0:38

Zainner Coelho : Come back Frusciante!!!

Ralph : Man playing guitar while high makes you so good

mmalovr57 : That moment when you drop your pick in the sound hole. Nice snag John. Lmao

michael : So enthusiastic for the art of the moment, not caring how out of tune that guitar is. John Fruciante is the real deal

ApprenticeThatTextstooMuch : Anyone watching this in 2019 ???

T M F : Tuned or not. Frusciante could play a wire fence better than most people can play a guitar

Juliana Lima : Paixão que fala? Vendo em 2018

Kyle Fewtrell : Can anyone out there tell me the precise location of 0:21 in Amsterdam? Idk i feel like it would be sick to visit there

Rey Hernandez : Kiedis talks about this in Scar Tissue, about how him and john are superrrr strung out during this.. that's all I can see when I watch this video

Higor Haider : Frusciante is AMAZING

n o o d l e h. : N o F r u s c i a n t e, n o p a r t y.~

Joao Teixeira : 00:08 "ouvi fala irmão ouvi  fala" kkk

kaizer bass : John looks like a skinhead

Isidora Djordjevic : I love them so much...

color humano : Frusciante es Dios!

firat caner : Just found this again, am i the only who thinks John's singing part at the end is immaculate, like the sounding of it is great

Island Roena : Red Hot Chili Peppers saved my life RHCP forever

Fantomas646 : Tune your guitar you crack head.

Icarus : Josh can play really well but he, or no-one else could match John's creativity and expression.

Johnny Florida : The like is for John's love of music.

Punkarra4DIO : wtf john was so damn hot.

Joshua Stephens : John Fuckin' Frusciante

Duke Silver : I love all the comments about how one of the best guitarists of his generation guitar isn't tuned. Hahaha LMAO! Like any of you know how he tunes his guitar for under the bridge.

Yassir Hernandez : He had another face at that time (Frusciante)

itachimage1 : Alguien mas iba haciendo el ritmo del bajo con la mente?

Gabriel Ribeiro Silva mc : Queria entender por que saiu, não entendi isso. Era perfeita a banda com ele, até perdi o interesse após isso, olha que há muito fui fã.

Kurt Gottschlich : John is amazing hero

Luca Gattulli : 90s nostalgia!!!

Ольга Олеговна : Офигительно

WAJAS01 XD : 0:40 casi se le cae el pick XD

Веган экс-алкоголик : Ахуеть!

Nomo 4u : Damn at 0.40 seconds homie drops his Guitar pick & then catches it before continuing the jam aha.

Mary Hs : E John Frusciante tocando muito mas numa brisa de da dó.