John Frusciante & Anthony Kiedis - Under The Bridge LIVE Amsterdam - 1991

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Amado Eriksson : high enough to rock not sober enough to tune

Chris GH3 : WTF Anthony looks like Emma Watson

Dylan Nolan : This proves that no matter what guitar he plays that man sounds like himself.

Rick D : John was the best thing that ever happened to rhcp. When frusciante left, peppers lost that groove

Nathasophon : John look like eden hazard.

Hugo Williams : watched frusciante the whole time

Newbport : I never knew they said 'Under the bridge downtown' on that part.

Gi joey : You may be cool, but you'll never be as cool as Anthony and John playing Under the Bridge, next to a canal in Amsterdam, in 1991.

EthanAcm : The guitar being out of tune makes it that much better to be honest

stephen stewart : How were the Chillis all in such good shape when all they did was play jams and take drugs?

Othman fez : damn i wanna have tattos like them soo bad, but i also don't want to

Ot Creed : So what if the guitar is a bit out of tune...stop complaining and enjoy the music. Life is out of tune but still finds harmony. It's music, not rocket science.

Annie Ann : Isn't that guitar a little bit out of tune?

albertosamaniego : Martin D-28 ❤

mmalovr57 : That moment when you drop your pick in the sound hole. Nice snag John. Lmao

Zainner Coelho : Come back Frusciante!!!

flangerboy21 me : Man playing guitar while high makes you so good

Juliana Lima : Paixão que fala? Vendo em 2018

Higor Haider : Frusciante is AMAZING

michael : So enthusiastic for the art of the moment, not caring how out of tune that guitar is. John Fruciante is the real deal

Kyle Fewtrell : Can anyone out there tell me the precise location of 0:21 in Amsterdam? Idk i feel like it would be sick to visit there

Rey Hernandez : Kiedis talks about this in Scar Tissue, about how him and john are superrrr strung out during this.. that's all I can see when I watch this video

- ̗̀ ƝιcσƖ : N o F r u s c i a n t e, n o p a r t y.~

Isidora Djordjevic : I love them so much...

Nomo 4u : Damn at 0.40 seconds homie drops his Guitar pick & then catches it before continuing the jam aha.

Joshua Stephens : John Fuckin' Frusciante

Steril&Feral : Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. That was a nice live take of one of their greatest songs. When you cruise the canals of Amsterdam, there are a lot of bridges.

Kurt Gottschlich : John is amazing hero

Benj : When music was more important than the video. Listening and trying to get those guitar chords was the best moment

Mary Hs : E John Frusciante tocando muito mas numa brisa de da dó.

Priscila Matrix : I love RHCP forever.

Alfonso Parrado : Wait, so this was the first time they ever played it live????

OGPokey151 : That for me was magical times.

GIANCA Travel : En esti no habia pasado por el infierno de la drogas

Mark Villanueva : Almost Drop the pick on cue count.. but still nailed the song.. thats john..

firat caner : Just found this again, am i the only who thinks John's singing part at the end is immaculate, like the sounding of it is great

Madisen Battista : John my sweet angel

Joao Teixeira : 00:08 "ouvi fala irmão ouvi  fala" kkk

Island Roena : Red Hot Chili Peppers saved my life RHCP forever

color humano : Frusciante es Dios!

David Muro : Beautiful song.

Andrew Ransdell : This is so crisp. You just can't beat this era

Edi6700 : Gooooodd I love this city!!!!

goof verdinus : frusciante best guitarist ever imo,


Fidozo15 : Frusciante looks like he just came out from prison

Illy Bu : if you don't like chili peppers no more then your getting old and giving up on life.

FLASH420 : Where are u john

Philip Broussard : Those chords that melody and those lyrics = Magic ...A little outta tune who cares.

supporter : Jhone looks good at that haircut