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J'ai été cambriolé; la majorité de ma collection a été volée; ma dernière création qui représente 10 mois de travail et que j'étais sur le point de finaliser, détruite; après 14 ans de collection et 8 ans de YouTube, j'arrête. Au revoir. Just been burgled; most of my collection stolen, my last creation which took me 10 months that I was about to finished, destroyed; after 14 years of collection and 8 years of YouTube, I'm just ending it. Bye.


Jesus Christ : I hate seeing videos like this they make me feel horrible. Bout to check and see if he's back Edit: he's back I feel better

Yung Glowe : Just so everyone knows, he's started building with Legos again and is posting on the channel. Support this guy ✨

Gold10Diamond : Nobody: YouTube: Check this sad dude from 6 months ago, but he’s fine now.

William Dale : LEGO should definitely donate this guy so lego. I feel so bad for this guy. I am sorry this happened to you man, I wish I could help you man.

Geetsly's : That’s messed up mate hopefully that gofundme makes up for the time lost.

ThePhant0m_Gaming : Mr. Beast: Wow this is sad Man at end: Mr beast help me out 5 days later Hi this guy got a hate crime now I'm giving him 1,000,000 dollors!!!

Lebum Awl : Damn this hit hard and idk ho this guy is but I feel real bad for him 🤦🏽😫

liubodimaka (359) : Man, I don't understand why people could be such cunts to specifically steal your lego creations...

hot whisky : This is the moment when we bring capital punishment back

Garry Frankinly Stewart : For anyone watching this in April 2019 or onwards, do not fear! The best community on youtube has helped raise the money and he has returned to youtube!

ACK_KillerAwesome : Stay strong. The person who did this is a complete f*** head. Don’t do anything to harm yourself. We all feel so bad.

뚜뚜퀸 저격러 : I understand that as a person who loves Lego. Cheer up! Cheer up!

s a m p l e t e x t : I'm just glad he's back up and running like a champion. Seeing something so inherently evil being turned into something good is beautiful.

Nik 0660 : If hell is real, the person/people who did this should painfully rot in hell. I hope he gets more Lego and can carry on doing what he loves and what is he is amazing at.

Oh YEAH YEAH Black Knight 2005 : Never seen this channel. I feel really sorry for you hope you don’t quit.

Aaron Ortiz : Don't worry. *They WILL pay for what they did.*

김윤정 : I'm LEGO's big fan to I'm really sad about this happen please don't be sad and please live happily I really want to catch the thief please don't give up!

frozzie 108 : god bless you bro

InternetPerson : _"Some people just wanna watch the world burn"_

TLB Ryan : I’m glad this went viral you did not deserve this

jOHN PEACE : I will pray for you. It is all going be okay just lift your head up and know God will provide you the strength.

Bayc4926 : Don’t let them kill your dreams! Keep going, don’t let them brake you! You’re very talented young man. My deepest apologies I’m so sorry this happened. Love and peace be with you.

2K GOAT : Damn I’m sorry bro ☹️ whoever done this was jealous of your amazing work 🤦‍♂️

Epic King : Wow why this channel is amazing

DeSinc : who the hell robs lego?

XDlilzunmikilla 420 : Who tf took My mans legos,if I see u touch my mans LEGOs again I will find u and I will kill u

Ällcawee 06 : I feel so bad seeing this i wish i can help you

Highlight Lab : Buddy I feel so bad for you, Your hobby was great and who ever destroyed it is crazy we will help this pray we all love you ❤️

ROGUEZ3RO : I would beat the shit out of whoever did this honestly

Jeff The Killer : Mr beast *WHERE ARE YOU*

Ggallqas - : Mmmm, this makes me upset. Why would someone do this? Although I’m new here, you seem like a fun, entertaining person. Good luck in fixing these...

GaundG0at : Nobody: YouTube: this guy is quitting isnt this radical and kool?

Mathew Manzano : Don't watch your videos seen this and was curious feel really bad now lots of respect tho not just anyone could build pieces like that 🙏🙏

Xxxjoey Colbert : This is the first vid of you I’ve seen you in I’ve you’ve broke my heart

CheetoTV : Everyone petition to get mr.beast to save this channel.

Dani Jackson : Plz let me be your friend

DUDE : Make a go found me I will give money to help your LEGO hobby

Max Tye : You are such a cool guy I hope you can rebuild what you have lost I feel for you :(

Terrance Stonitsch : Why is our world so corrupted😕😓 much love from all of us🙏🏻❤️

Visible Confusion : You must've had a REALLY messed up childhood to want to break into someones house and destroy their lego

legoboy Jens : i remember this man its really sucks, happy you got it back up

Saad Ahmed : Who would ever dislike his video

Topher Exists : This brought back a memory of when my dad wrecked my five year Lego collection I wanted to die

Johan Ross : Man I feel so bad. You clearly love your hobby and people doing this is terrible. All the best for you. It must be hard. 😭😔👍

Speed Comparer : Im really sorry to hear this man. I hope whoever did this is forced to walk on legos barefoot for 5000miles

NACL MAN : 8 years of pure hard work let’s take this mans happiness away the burglar thought. Like wtf dude I hope this guy feels nerve pressure

Lt. Mike : Me: **chills around on YouTube** YouTube: here's a sad video for u Me:

David Shin : Why am I watching this now? I’m happy you started again and I hope this time you will make even better projects. Respect. ✊

Sombody With a name : I’m so sorry dude rip😭😢