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Matterhorn Matt : No idea why this was in my recommended, but I'm really sorry this happened to you. Just by looking at your channel, you can tell this guy had a real passion for what he did. He's been making these videos for 8 years, and didn't deserve this. Hopefully everything will work out for you bro.

Top Videos : Bro come back..and make another one....we will support you...

Zurtho : Who else cried

MightyDarkK : Everyone please this is serious spam mr.beast comments and tell him to fill his backyard with legos i swear it might work just keep on spamming donating until he notice it because this guy did really not deserve that

Smiley : This is to whoever disliked this video. What is wrong with you he is living his dream and sadly he could only do it part time. He isn't doing this for the money either (HE DOESN'T HAVE ADS) he makes legos cause thats what he enjoys I wish I could meet this man and give him all the money in the world so he could make legos everyday whenever he wants for the rest of his life. In this video you could see the shear sadness YEARS of his life stripped away from him and you have the guts to dislike this video. You are the type of people that make me sick. I hope you can keep ur dream going @republicattak

24 Frames Of Nick : You did not deserve this, I’m so sorry

Stewie's Voice : You sir are a master builder

Jason Bland : This video breaks my heart man. Please keep up to outstanding work. You are a true artist. Who ever did this to you should be forced to walk on legos for 5 miles.

emo elliott : Absolutely disgusting what they've done. I wish you all the best. You did not deserve this at all. xx

Lil pode : Mr beast *WHERE ARE YOU*

DeSinc : who the hell robs lego?

Victoria Miller : When someone destroys your masterpiece, they destroy a part of you too.

Osama Bin-Hidin : Republikattak, listen to me, yes this is painful, yes it is hard, but the people who did this, WANTED YOU TO FEEL THIS WAY and you are letting them win, you are letting them get the best of you, i understand everything you're going through, but life is too short to just give up on your dream like this. You are better than them, you are strong i see it in you. So you must prove to everyone and yourself that you will come back from this, if this is really your passion then you must fight for what is yours and start over, it is going to be difficult, but god damn it you've been doing this lego shit for 8 years! Do it for 8 years more! The people of this channel will be standing right beside you this entire time. Do it for yourself if not for the fans. I believe in you man.


travkeyno : Come back plz

Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : You must've had a REALLY messed up childhood to want to break into someones house and destroy their lego

AlienWeed : Get this guy to 500k before 2019.

Kamil Kieryk : How can 2.3k ppl dislike this at least 340k ppl have liked this and back this guy up those ppl that disliked are mostly bad ppl that have stolen and make others feel pain

Destroyerking Ze King : Btw he got everything replaced with a go fund me they raised 18000 dollars. LEGO also got in touch with him and hooked him up with his rare pieces that were stolen.

TDB11 : He got donated 18k for his LEGO but what about his house?

Huh you hear something : theres legit no reason to dislike.

huggles u : The 2.4 k dislikes are Australians trying to like


Let's game boy : i feel pain in my chest after watching you

Shane Brewer : Who the f goes into a house and breaks a kind mans legos I love your vids I hope this won’t make you and your passion for legoes I understand how mutch time and effort it takes to build a LEGO set because I have a LEGO creation my self I hope u will make more lego videos because I love them

Speed Comparer : Im really sorry to hear this man. I hope whoever did this is forced to walk on legos barefoot for 5000miles

Live Dude : We will help you rise again

GR_ ID : U are a amazing guy u didn't deserve this u don't do YouTube for money or click bait a amazing person not deserveing of this I'm so sorry man

KneeHighSocks 420 : This is not a good bye, but a see you later

Jldsoccer610 YT : Hey man, I’m sorry this happened to you and I think you should keep pursuing what you’ve been doing with the donations you’ve gotten. Keep being you and no matter what don’t stop. Pursue what you love so don’t stop. I’d love to see a new video when you feel ready.

VEE3RDEYE : i hope LEGO see this & replace the entire collection!

Sugoi Variety Hour : I was looking for short videos of people saying bye, and found this first. Without even watching anything else from you, I can understand how passionate you are about this. Do not give up. Do not give in. The person, or people, who did this to you will do this again to someone else. Except in their future, they're going to get what's coming to them when the break into someone's house and are shot dead.

Kycatsjeffrey Xbox : Everyone who disliked this is terrible. This man has just lost something very very important to him.

its gintk : Don't give up!

king creeper : Don’t worry man LEGO is probably gonna watch this and u will go viral

Cover Army : Buddy don't ever give up on your dream. You are amazing <3

ilikebanana521 : You didnt deserve this man, i hope you continue to make the content you were making before.

ItZstianN06 : You did not deserve this Bro, respect!

OMAR Otaku : Don't give up bro 👍👍👍

Atlas Plane 506 : It’s so out of order how they did this with the soul purpose of making this humble kind guy upset it’s twisted how they left everything a normal robber would take

iQ Enzvi : LEGO sponsor this dude

TrashAim : I’m crying rn so sorry to hear what happened

mr. extended : You were nocked so get back up and and show them that you can't be pushed around and I'm so sorry please post more video's

mis tik : Force à toi

爪口れS匕モ尺 : Wonder World brought me here and I wished to donate. Sorry I'm late and I'm sorry for your loss😭😢 There are so many bad people in the world. May God bless you

MrBlackKnight 2005 : Never seen this channel. I feel really sorry for you hope you don’t quit.

Wavy YouTube : there is a special place in hell reserved for the person who did this to you. I hope you can recreate everything you lost man. <3

Shark 1469 : C’est vraiment horrible ce qui t’est arrivé. On peut voir ta détermination et ton amour pour les legos et ça doit être très dur de voir ses rêves brisés comme ça. J’espère sincèrement que tu te remettes à faire des vidéos en partageant ta passion avec nous.

Alicia JL : Please take a moment and think about contributing anything at all to the GoFundMe created for this hurt soul. Let's show our support and stand against the disgusting loser who carried out such a foul and heartless act. Seeing an injustice happen to those who you can tell clearly value their passion and craft is heartbreaking and I hope you discover that you can come back from this and continue doing what you love. With the youtube community supporting you I am sticking around to see that your channel comes back to fruition and you can rebuild and continue your lovely craft. Lots of love ~

FATE HuBrIz : It’s ok man