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Matterhorn Matt : No idea why this was in my recommended, but I'm really sorry this happened to you. Just by looking at your channel, you can tell this guy had a real passion for what he did. He's been making these videos for 8 years, and didn't deserve this. Hopefully everything will work out for you bro.

Mike Loder : I contacted lego about this. I hope they jump on the marketing opportunity and help you heal. I HATE the motherfuckers who do this. They have dead souls inside.

Rusty Shackleford : Keep ya head up my dude....they can steal your stuff, but not your passion.

rebecca kelly : Please don’t stop!! This is first time I have seen your channel and I’m heartbroken!! I will continue to watch your channel so please don’t stop making videos. I can tell you have an amazing heart and talent. Don’t do yourself injustice by giving up on your dream. Don’t let them win!! I will send your prayers of strength! I’m so incredibly sorry.. lots of love to your beautiful soul! 💜💜💜

Stopsign32v : Don't ever say bye. Don't ever let the evil of the world beat you down to a "bye". Because like the world saw, kindness, generosity, love, and care overcame evil and helped you back up. Sometimes doors close that we feel put us in a "bye" state. But that only gives the opportunity to open a door to things we could only dream of. I don't care much about legos myself, they just piss me off when I step on my kids' legos in the middle of the night. But I subscribed to your channel not because of what happened to you. But because what happened to you lead me to see you are a good person. You deserve my subscription. Keep doing what you love and never again say "bye".

24 Frames Of Nick : You did not deserve this, I’m so sorry

homie matt : 1:52-2:17 broke my heart 💔😭

FuZe Moxit : This is one of the only things that’s made me really cry in years this is so sad how something this guy loves so much can get destroyed like that and ruin his happiness the devil is horrible but god and the kindness of people have tried their hardest to help don’t give up I’ve subbed and hope to see some more vids your creations are so cool

Dr Pancake Face Gaming : I can kind of relate to you. I had something similar happen twice when I was a child. First when I parents split up. When we were moving my stuff to the new house the movers just decided to rake everything into boxes even after being told to leave my room alone. Dozens of models were ruined. Second came during another move. This time the victims were the x-wing and the imperial star destroyer models. Not the small ones either, the 1200 piece x-wing and the 3100 piece star destroyer. Thousands of pieces now mixed in with each other. Not only were they trashed in the move but the boxes weren't even sealed entirely and some of the pieces were gone forever. I know how devastating it can be to see all that work trashed in such a short time. I also know how terrible it feels to have a break in and have your stuff stolen. I had a massive 40k army stolen from the back of my car along with thousands of magic cards. Just thinking of those people with your stuff. The stuff you labored over and worked for. It just makes your blood boil. I know it can seem like such a huge mountain to climb back up but just remember this: you already made that climb once and you loved it. I'm sure you will find the will and the passion to climb that mountain once more. Those shit heads may have knocked you down but only you can keep you down.

John Wheeler : “We must keep our faith in the LEGO .The day we stop believing LEGO can work is the day we lose it.”

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : You must've had a REALLY messed up childhood to want to break into someones house and destroy their lego

Cris : I don't cry very often. I actually don't remember when was the last time I cried. I've never cried watching a sad movie or TV show or anything like that. I've never cried when something of high value to me got stolen (happened more often than you'd think). When I broke my arm, nothing. Not a single tear. But seeing this guy like this, seeing all of his work and then hearing him telling that it's gone, and after really evaluating the situation, I couldn't help it. I'm truly heartbroken and I cried like a 3 year old. This video really got me, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that he's able to rebuild what he's lost and be happy again.

far8 : let the police check on all the cctv on the street and catch that pure evil animal and put them behind bars.. stay strong brother

ÁĤМĔĎ J_ĦƉ : I can not believe that there may be so many very bad people

Daniel Martins : I hope whoever did this steps on a lego.

DeSinc : who the hell robs lego?

itsjustdanman123 boi : Man I know your reading this you know you miss what you did and was doing you should never stop the things you can do with Lego's I've seen your videos and your creations your amazing dude I can't even build a Lego car and you build these things come back I would love to watch your vids I ran out of your vids to watch and this is your dream you can never forget a dream you fell now try and try again think of all the people and the fans dude I love Lego's and I can't even afford one brick think of the memories and all the good times man I don't have a dream to fallow you do so fallow it

MyHolidayVlogs : Who ever broke in to his house and did that you are a terrible person. I have found a go fund me page that’s for republican tech so please go fund him so he can have his dream back

Joseph Press : Having your creative outlet destroyed is devastating. I hope you all the best, and stay strong.

noʎ ʞɔnɟ : I dont like lego starwars etc, but dude, that's just sad

Solid Brix Studios : Woah, 750,000 views and over $18,000 raised in just 1 day... the internet is a crazy place my man. I’m shocked that someone took all that LEGO... even your fricken MOC! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for ya (you’ve been a long time fan and someone I personally enjoyed watching when I was younger as well). Use the 18k and get building again man, don’t let these robbers put your passion to rest!

Figga Wigga : Who disliked this video

KHALIFA EISA : من جيلاديوس لايك

WTG_. KING : Yo I am srry to hear what happened I'm in tears my self bro good things will happen to you

Ollie Davies : We are here for you man , it’s all good , you’ll be okay keep doing what you love you don’t need to stop , every point in our lives we seem to hit a brick wall witch cause us to stop , but the difference between the people stoping to that brick wall and the people to keep pushing through is all on you , you need to keep doing what you love

Karim Jovian : This was recommended to me. I am glad I clicked. I hope you you continue your dreams.

Keynan Daud : Keep fighting

Nazcot 46 : If i had all the money in the world, it would be all yours... IM SO SORRY

Blassas Tugan : I feel so bad.. you are such an honest man. I wish you all the best

The Phantom : "Some men just want to see the world burn"

MrBlackKnight 2005 : Never seen this channel. I feel really sorry for you hope you don’t quit.

Daniel Eliassenfgh618 : I only just found this channel, and I'm genuinely sad...

Slurpp It : Stay strong man❤️ they can steal ur legos but not ur passion❤️❤️

Matthew Tyson : I feel bad for you. My annoying neighbor “accidentally” destroyed my LEGO sets, and I got mad,but my mom was nice enough to rebuild it for me in a few hours.

Slurpp It : You did not deserve this, I am so sorry

VEE3RDEYE : i hope LEGO see this & replace the entire collection!

Fallout Gamer : To skip a things that are more valuable and just go straight to the Legos and either steal or break them...

TimMLG Killer : You are truly an amazing person you don’t deserve any of this and the person who did this is a truly evil person and shouldn’t have done this to a great and pure aspiring AFOL. I’m glad the go fund me went well and that you are uploading again. Follow your dreams and become an AFOL.

LeonardoDiSnaprio : He got robbed but still has the character to even consider possible gender identities of the robbers. Such a humble man, he did not deserve any of this.

Jowwy : Dude! You Are Awesome!! Recover, Get a Security Sistem, and COME BACK!

SXVXN : Mate I'm so sorry, I hope those people step on lego pieces in hell.

Johnny : I’d give you every single piece / all the money you’ve spent if I could. You did not deserve this.

Giovanni Moreno : Don’t quit Those Dickbags are nothing and their sick

FirexGaming FirexGaming : Keep on fighting

Colby Smith : You shouldve taken a bit more money to repair all the damages to your house and car

Speed Comparer : Im really sorry to hear this man. I hope whoever did this is forced to walk on legos barefoot for 5000miles

RECON ELITE : The world is just jealous of your amazing creations and you should not listen to haters. Keep doing what you love and We and especially I will support you!

Matt Buckley : So sorry man so many evil people in this world keep strong from Australia

Ian Luna : I saw this vodeo before it was popular and now its just everywhere Im not complaining though im glad this story was spread

SER0 THE GREAT : When he started talking about legos being his dream and saying he got his first lego at 6 years old and how it was his dream to make his own lego world i burst into tears 😭 i feel real bad for this guy somone buy him more legos