Last years iPhone Release Some Lady gets burned

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Some lady paid Marc Rebillet $800 for his spot in line to buy an iPhone. Then she tries to buy all the iPhone in the store but can't. There was a 1 phone per customer limit on the launch day.


Thrusthamster : Loop Daddy back when he was just Loop Kid

Michael Rossi : Damm that voice was made for funk even back then

Forge Ahead : This guy is literally the 90's. It's incredible. He should be riding a skateboard in a gogurt commercial or something.

Bright Fires : It would have been perfect if they asked what he was going to do with the $800 and he was like “I think I’m gonna go buy a keyboard or something...”

Captain Mcderp : I want to see what Mark is up to these days.

Dan Watt : This guy needs to get into acting.

Ethan Guttman : Skylar White really let herself go...

Jaxel MS : The two kinds of comments on this video: "Loop Daddy: Origins" OR "Man, this guy looks super chill, I wonder what he's up to..." (followed by at least two people plugging his youtube channel)

Salt And Vinegar : Serious package folks

Artuno : He seems like a time traveler that came straight from the late 80's/early 90's.

Darkside780 : He looks like a 90’s teen movie star heart throb.

qrayz : No class, she should have thrown dollar bills around and made the employees pick them all up as a distraction while she snatches as many iphones as possible.

Wilburbruh : Oh *HI MARC*


peasinacan : She is a Youtube comment.

MrSquareHead1234 : How much do I have to pay to get first comment?

Bribbit : I'm kinda pissed he just took the 800. I woulda asked for more. "How much would it take to buy your spot?" "How much you got?"

owen bailey : wait that's marc rebillet

Cole Walker : I love this guy

Michi Pachirisu : Marc has always been confident and iconic I see omfg

James Jordan : Rebillet looks like he has quantum leaped from 1992.

WhereMyKeys : 0:00 The birth of a god

aventura excellence : This video is pure gold, almost as good as 'I wanna see that ass'. With that said, what that woman didn't know then that hopefully she now realizes in 2018 is that even if she handed over all $16,000 to Marc on that day, that it still would have been worth it to have crossed paths with Mr. Rebillet before he became Big Loop Daddy Poopy. The $800 investment may have seemed like a waste of money at the time but years later he made her famous, way more than $16,000 famous. The reality is that even though this seemed like a great idea, him selling his spot to her for $ surely wasn't his first great idea or last....because he's always.....ALWAYS had ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA ANOTHER IDEA

nuttybeef : Blackbeard’s here and he’s taking your $800

Mr Luka : Holy moly that's Loop daddy

Thanh Nguyen : That guy was the real winner lol

Lesmayn : Marc even had this sexy voice as a kid 😍

Adriana Swinson : And now he screams nonsense to a looped funky beat, what a man

Marcela Torres : You knew he was meant for great things. #godblessloopdaddy

Doomed To Fail : This makes me so happy

Athan Immortal : This guy was just on Sway in the morning, he's now a musician, search "Marc Rebillet Creates Music Live with Special Guest Rico Love"

Chris Van Liew : "I think she got the short end of the stick there, America"

Tophe : If there is a God, he must be made in Marc's image.

Justino Igriega : Yes, this is our L O O P D A D D Y

TheIceTea53 : wow this guy is so chill

DigiLychee : And all on the money of her husband.. awww

Ethan Clark : This is particularly interesting because Mark is ALSO the guy who claimed to find an unpublished Sufjan Steven's album "Stalker" in Brooklyn a few years ago, and leaked the album online.

zgrendelz : Thats a serious package, folks.  *Holds up black box with pic of ....the phone on it.*

Emmanuel Vargas Guajardo : he looks as cocky as Lars Ulrich from Metallica :)

hadhad69 : 6 years and it's still fucking perfect. Would loved to see more of her reaction though!

Travis Beck : Yoooooooooo I’m in a Marc loop hole aka a poop hole and he sure did finesse that smarmy heffer!

phil dann : jesus. some people are waaaaay into phones!

CtrlAltCreate : Nice play, socialism. You win this round.

TheDiamondLyfe : Loop Daddy Legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

R2 G2 : Wait Marc Rebillet May actually be a pioneer of professional place holding in lines. Or at least the most successful one easily.

VIDEOSUPERHIGHWAY : Checking in for 2019

abbyboyone : thank u martha, thank u martha!

esoterjc : the boomer flipper who have been flipping stuff making money for years raising prices finally get what they deserve.

Fluffy : This guy is an absolute legend