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Officially Just Drew Vlogs : Thanks for watching guys! THUMBS UP ON THE VIDEO IF YOU ENJOYED IT AND comment below if you want to be featured in the next vlogg!!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : 7k!!!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ congrats


raph DT : Bro.. Your mom should smack the Dominican out of you..

Liz Torres : *waiting for Mom’s reaction video

Melanie Gutierrez : ayye 🤘🤘 notification squaddd 🔥

sarah cole : Jediah your so cute, you crack me up. "To the right... Slow right, a slow right, a little faster.. a little bit, like a peck.. AYY like you're kissin your mother slow slow SLOW" 🤣🤣🤣 Drew your vlogs are funny as ❤ They really do make my treatment and dark gloomy days easier to cope with. Thank you for spending so much time and working countless hours just to make us followers laugh. Your guys make an awesome team ❤ And i can not forget your baby Lady she is one good looking pupoy. 😍

Sblondie 0628 : Back for my daily dose of drew 😍

Bryan S. Polo-Escobar : My guy.... MY GUY............... you was about to get done-done... but I digress. Thanks for making my day just a lil brighter here in H-town.👍👍

Brallas97 Decent Gamer : There's vlogs then there's Drew's vlogs😂

Crystallynn Halm : Oh my heart.....Jediah are you ok? Drew.....ugh you are killing me.

John Marchant : “Left, left, left, oh sorry, I mean right” Classic crazy 😜

Robert Araiza : @1:33, bruh, I ain't laughed so hard in a while. You a foo. Drew, you snapped at your dogs tail.

Sunrise Lady : Best channel on YouTube! And thank you for featuring your brother more in this channel! I missed his personality!

Tony Mootz : Gooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooorinng!!!!!!! So excited for Blog time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayra C. : Omg the reaction of your brothers is awesome!!! And love your dog lady💗💗

Mario Lastra : ANDY ! Lol

Lori Schlecht : This is the first time your brother has more of a beard than you. He was way more calm than I would have been.

Jacob Brown : Awesome vlog

John Pemberton : Hahaha had them scared as shit... another great Vlog.

Joshua And Jared Vlogs : Man your channel is best overall

justin Aquino : Good morning drew. Awesome vlog

Megan Douglas : "Don't be callin' me by my gubment" 😂

Jay Harris : That was dangerous as hell, u gotta seriously trust ya bro for that. Lol

Rachel Umland : Love catching up on your Vlogs!!!!

Emily Parker : I love You!

Cinthia Dejesus : His reactions are soo funny OMG 😂😂

Cinthia Dejesus : My day doesn't start till I hear the GOOD MOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNIIINNGG!!!! 👌

Bree Loder : I would love to go on a cross-country trip with Jediah! 😂😂

Rowena Case : YT got you again Drew 😞! Sorry about that pod challenge video. We still love you!

Daniel Allen : Bro pod vlog was deleted before I could watch what the Sam hell you doing

Kevin Graham : YouTube sux they removed your video!!!!

Sisa Rivera : I can't wait to see mom''s reaction. Loving the videos keep it up. BESOS !! 😘😘

Stormy Weather : Lady's ears are the best!

Bailey Brinsfield : Just started watching. I guess army strong doesn't lock their elbows when doing push ups. Half ass push ups. Start over.

Victoria Castillo : Your “good morning” makes my 3 year old niece pumped.

Visar Kurtaj : Bro love the vlogs keep it up 😁

david wagner : You may have your DD214 but you can at least assume the forward leaning rest position correctly.

RayRay 96 : Bro heeeell noooo! 😂

JoshAnderson : Drew jeez man stop showing food in your vlogs! You're making me hungry af man! 😂

Anthony Turner : I think a Safety brief has just been born!!!😂

Él Sinamon : LMAO Y'ALL WILD

Chelle Thompson : A little faster Andy lol. I would’ve been freaked out 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Patrícia Vicente : I like it... but you are very crazy... :-)

Jari C : 11:34 the moment they thought they were getting ready to meet Jesus. Better check your car for bricks, I'm sure they s#!t a few at that moment. 😂😂😂

Germare Dipprnaar : 11:23 and it was at that exact moment Jediah knew he fucked up.

The LoneViking : This is how I start my mornings

Andrej Vukota : Hilarious Fun Vlogs are entertaining .....Andy 😀

hot cop : Like u kissing ur mother slow slow SLOW

Ana Maria Valencia : I was anxious until you stepped on that pedal. I loved it! Thanks for the laugh! Do it again!