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Drew Anthony : Thanks for watching guys! THUMBS UP ON THE VIDEO IF YOU ENJOYED IT AND comment below if you want to be featured in the next vlogg!!

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : 7k!!!‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ congrats


raph DT : Bro.. Your mom should smack the Dominican out of you..

Liz Torres : *waiting for Mom’s reaction video

Melanie Gutierrez : ayye 🤘🤘 notification squaddd 🔥

Sblondie 0628 : Back for my daily dose of drew 😍

John Marchant : “Left, left, left, oh sorry, I mean right” Classic crazy 😜

Bryan S. Polo-Escobar : My guy.... MY GUY............... you was about to get done-done... but I digress. Thanks for making my day just a lil brighter here in H-town.👍👍

Brallas97 Decent Gamer : There's vlogs then there's Drew's vlogs😂

Sunrise Lady : Best channel on YouTube! And thank you for featuring your brother more in this channel! I missed his personality!

Crystallynn Halm : Oh my heart.....Jediah are you ok? Drew.....ugh you are killing me.

Robert Araiza : @1:33, bruh, I ain't laughed so hard in a while. You a foo. Drew, you snapped at your dogs tail.

Tony Mootz : Gooooooooooooooood Moooooooooooorinng!!!!!!! So excited for Blog time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayra C. : Omg the reaction of your brothers is awesome!!! And love your dog lady💗💗

Mario Lastra : ANDY ! Lol

Lori Schlecht : This is the first time your brother has more of a beard than you. He was way more calm than I would have been.

Jacob Brown : Awesome vlog

John Pemberton : Hahaha had them scared as shit... another great Vlog.

Joshua And Jared Vlogs : Man your channel is best overall

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Brother’s “knee-gah” count 5 ..Guy Im the back seat 1😂😂😂😂

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Ur bros comm skillz suck😂😂

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : Drive blindfolded while eating a onion with baby powder on the car while drinking a shake ur bro makes from things at target

HELEN GOURGUE : So cute how Lady barked at you while saying goooooooooooooooooooddddddddd moooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggg. What compelled you to drive blindfolded? Love how you scared the bejesus out of your brothers. Laughed so hard. This made my evening. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up!

Draiiger : Ur good morning scream is my new alarm tone

Anthony Turner : I think a Safety brief has just been born!!!😂

Badger Fishing : Do it again, but put a GoPro on the outside of the car so we can see it

Sunrise Lady : Drinking energy drinks everyday is bad for you. Can you switch to coffee or tea?

SakuyaKira24 : I love the vlogs, they make me happy.

Kevin Graham : YouTube sux they removed your video!!!!

XMrCoolWhipX : your're crazy Drew

Monica Newton : I love how you mess with your bother!! 🤣🤣

Linda Strickland : Craziness with Drew never stops 😂

Vero Rangel : You are a little bit 👌🏼 crazy lol .... let’s see what mom says about it 😅😂... she is going to spank you with the chancla.

T Axford : Your vlogs are things of legend. Let's Gooooooooooo

david wagner : You may have your DD214 but you can at least assume the forward leaning rest position correctly.

Jesse U : Aswome video

hot cop : Like u kissing ur mother slow slow SLOW

Él Sinamon : LMAO Y'ALL WILD

marxus11b : Your bros face stopstop

marxus11b : A dog a skateboard a running path dog toy on a stick funfunfun

Kimberly Toledo : 😎! I was scared that you were gonna hit another car or pedestrian. I liked that your crazy!

Visar Kurtaj : Bro love the vlogs keep it up 😁

Randy Cantu : been waiting all day for this brotha...Love your vlog

Stormy Weather : Lady's ears are the best!

Israel Benitez : Your bro rocking that ARCHIEzzle sweater

Shelby Loza : Me watching Drew drive blindfolded:🙈🙉🙈

Douglas Reimer : Another great video !!!!!!

xvrvlzqz : Another great vlog, needs some Spanish cussing thrown in there

Michael Hedenberg : the dog is barking do to the good morning