I Built Another Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

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I build a telecaster style guitar out of 1200 more colored pencils. Business inquiries: burlsart@gmail.com NOTE: For anyone inquiring about commissions or buying a guitar.. I don't currently have the resources or time to build enough to sell. These things take a long time to build. I'm building these as art, but I appreciate the interest!


brandon loper : How about a guitar made from resin filled with various guitar picks.

G Puffy : Now build a pencil out of 1200 guitars

-- : 3:36 can we just appreciate the tape work?

Gibbonz : He should of made a satisfying compilation of just him cleaning up the shavings

Paul Davids : I desperately want to try this.

Truth of 73 : Lol...And people spent hours debating which wood sounds best for an elec guitar body.

Blimpus : Man, I can't make that guitar, but I did learn how to make a resin hockey puck.....

Mutombo Says : _What was more Satisfying,_ *the Pencils Stacked, or the Wood Shavings geting vacuumed?*

Gary Stone : I hope you've got a pencil case for that guitar!

Steph B : Plays guitars, builds guitars and juggles. Ladies and gents get yo self a man who can do it all

Zachary Galindo : So glad I stayed till the end just for the Country Roads

floyd Lay : HI Burls Art,,I love your stuff ,what about out of marbles?,,thank you

jigglypuff : 1:54 is it me or is that kinda satisfying ?

outlawrickenbacker : Crazy Brilliant! Now try building a guitar neck with pencils :)

DJ GEOMETRY : You should make a drum set out of markers.

Nick Winter : Honestly dude fender commented on ur post. U can make it far in this industry

Arron La Violette : Never thought I’d be able to enjoy watching someone just build some guitars, but I genuinely think you could make money selling these. Keep up the good work

Burls Art : Forgot to mention in the video, things light as a feather.. weighed in at just over 12 pounds. Got something awesome planned for the next project, little bit different too... stay tuned

shrek : you should totally try this with woodless coloured pencil so all you see if the colour rather than the wood

505 Strat : I'm speechless but fortunately I can still type. I'm so thankful there are people like you in the world. No kidding - you have amazing talent on so many levels. Praying for your peace and happiness.

Jasmine Kim : Somebody needs to build a piano out of colored pencils

0range Thund3r : Is it just me or is the vacuuming asmr at its finest

james : the best sequel we didn't know we needed.

yisus :v : Very impressive, but... Wait, wrong channel


Joshua Perez : 6:11 *and an epoxy resin hockey puck* 😂

James Melick : My brain hurts just thinking about the prep for this...

Dounut Master :3 : Fender should hire this guy and this guy will start the new Fender series "The Fender Colorcaster"

Sparky 26 : Can you make a video explaining your process, for example, how the heck you come up with these ideas? I think we're all imagining something like: *Walks through Walmart* "Hmm, what should I make a guitar out of next? Eeny, Meeny, miney..."

rocknrollboise : Am I the only one who finds these videos insanely satisfying?

B Brehm : Whenever I watch these videos, my cat comes running into the room and stares at the screen. He's totally fixated. haha

Ahkuna : What a masterpiece! A lot of work... Respect man...

Jose Rizal : *My Colored Pencils Are Missing*

loco poco : This guy has some serious skill.

rosegoldTiza : You can totally make a business out of this.

Bryant Valon : Cars to Guitars sounds like a place I would go to.

Lea Olivia : He's got a very nice accent, do you guys know which state he's from?

Average Gamer YT : Just watched this video after watching it, Im gonna sub

Art Fx : Write and play music at the same time

Felix Rodriguez : Will you do one out of partially melted crayons? Or non melted crayons if its easier

Brad Kinnersly : This ladies and gentlemen is why we should always have SHOP class in high school.

Jon Jon : But can he build colored pencils out of a guitar?

Markus Wolf : Perfect guitar for playing the Blues.

Imperium Europa : Gay. Hail New Model Army. Hail Charles Manson. Hail REAL music. 80s music. Hail Stalin. ☆WorkersOfTheWorldUnite☆ ☆TakeDownTheRich&Dispose☆

Beff the bozo : You're a great artist and a great juggler

Loca Luna : I love the way the sides look. This is so cool.

MajorSeventh : Pencils are perfect for playing lead.

Jake912 : that’s really amazing creation😮 can you make a bass guitar??

Manny Land : Nice!... You should try making a guitar with Lego's and Epoxy