I Built Another Guitar Out of 1200 Colored Pencils

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Fender : This is amazing! We love your creativity 😍

Puddi Panda : It'd be cool if you could make more instruments out of colored pencils and start a band playing only those instruments ^_^

Gibbonz : He should of made a satisfying compilation of just him cleaning up the shavings

jigglypuff : 1:54 is it me or is that kinda satisfying ?

Jon Jon : But can he build colored pencils out of a guitar?

Paul Davids : I desperately want to try this.

big dick69 : 7:31 don't drop the guitar!!! OH no He HAs AiRpoDs in hE caNt hEar uS

outlawrickenbacker : Crazy Brilliant! Now try building a guitar neck with pencils :)

G Puffy : Now build a pencil out of 1200 guitars

Anshmoo : You should make a guitar out of random sticks

Burls Art : Forgot to mention in the video, things light as a feather.. weighed in at just over 12 pounds. Got something awesome planned for the next project, little bit different too... stay tuned

Blimpus : Man, I can't make that guitar, but I did learn how to make a resin hockey puck.....

AJ1005 : This is soo cool, you should do it with red so it looks like fire

Mutombo Says : _What was more Satisfying,_ *the Pencils Stacked, or the Wood Shavings geting vacuumed?*

Jod : I still need a three hour video of you just playing the guitar😫💕😂

MajorSeventh : Pencils are perfect for playing lead.

0range Thund3r : Is it just me or is the vacuuming asmr at its finest


DJ GEOMETRY : You should make a drum set out of markers.

HULL GUITARS USA : Love the idea and execution! I’ve got full-time year-round access to several 50 gallon drums of very high-quality resins, in every color/pearlized color imaginable. I’ve been around resins and industrial castings my whole life, and I’ve had so many cool ideas I wanted to try. but so far haven’t done anything related to musical instruments and resins. I have however done enough experimenting to know I can safely send a piece of 1 inch thick resin through my carbide planer. 24 inches wide and about 32 inches long… Made one hell of a mess..... but it left a great milled finish! Basically like it had been sanded with 400 grit, if you’re anywhere in the south you’re more than welcome to run any of your projects through my planner. I’ve run all types of acrylics, resins, and epoxies through it. Even some micarta!,,, and other types of super tough material, No worse for wear, didn’t seem to affect the carbide inserts. However I found it helpful beforehand To remove the cover and give a few squirts of thinned beeswax/ flaxseed oil mixture from a squirt bottle. Love the builds! Keep at i!

Craig : But does it play through the fire and the flames on expert?

Katamochi Sama : Can you build a mayonnaise out of pencils?

Jasmine Kim : Somebody needs to build a piano out of colored pencils

Mitch War : “Higher quality, Lower viscosity“ the one person Eminem was too afraid to go up against 0:40

james : the best sequel we didn't know we needed.

MUNCHY BUMFUCK : Make an epiphone les paul style body, i would love to see one made out of colored pencils.

Diddler : The editing is as on point as the guitar

Icenesis Wayons : Nice job dude, sounds good too. Well now, it's time to make a Les Paul. That will be a challenge since it has an arched top. Great work, thanks for showing us these nice works of art.

Quentin : When will you do a gallery made with colored pencils for your colored pencil items?

Evan Nagao : watching you suck up the sawdust is one of the most satisfying things ive seen in a while

lokinube : I liked this video before I even watched cause I just knew quality awaits

yisus :v : Very impressive, but... Wait, wrong channel

Jon Jon : My OCD started to kick in when I saw that gap between the pencils.

You Wish You Knew : Where’s my boy Justin Y.?

MOB Video Vault : THE FENDER CRAYOLA (or The Pender Colorcaster)

Kitties ForLife : Dude I want this! It’s all of my fave colors white and blue I want it! But I don’t know how to play the guitar so maybe second thought....

andy's Yt Acc : Warning: extreme pressure washer porn

Will Robbs : Try making a synyster gates schecter with the stripe detailing on it

Dezed : Next time make one with flames

Justin Y. : Now there are two of them!

TheArguer : Now make a piano out of crayons

London Briley : That blue tape cured my OCD

AmandaRachLee : every clip in this video was so satisfying??? like even when he used the little blade to trim the painter’s tape 😭🙏🏻

Cadee K. : you should make a ukulele next :]

MajorSeventh : If you play Erasure songs, will the guitar disappear?

Smol Dank : If you're going to make another one of these, maybe rainbow would be a cool idea

Nae_nae4567 M : You should do a whole series on making guitars 🎸

Grock66 : Looks awesome sounds great ! I was painting a sunburst strat with nitro lacquer on my balcony. I walked away to let it dry , looked great . When I came back a sparrow had taken a shit on it 🙂

Julius See saw : I draw the line at two pencil guitars

JerryRigEverything : Do a colored pencil cello next.