Rowan Atkinson - Interview with Elton John
Rowan Atkinson Interview with Elton John

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Rowan Atkinson interviews Elton John at Hysteria 3 (1991)


Akash Kunte : Rowan should host 2020 Oscars.

BEBELACC MCGREGOR : 5 minutes of comedy with only one punch line,Elton’s name,and we still laughing untill the last minute.this is genius.

captaingreek : This video is so old that Elton John was a "Mr" and not a "Sir".

բողբոջիկ : This is what British humour is all about. Simple, reserved and timeless...

J H : Elton John looks like an English schoolboy in Shanghai under the Mao regime.

Zane DeGonia : Elton John smiling and trying his best not to laugh XD

lilahk ssebdab : Elton John: Hi Rowan Atkinson: Why are you gay?

• Brackets • : Elton’s blank stare throughout the whole video had me dying omg-

Abilawa andamari : Rowan atkinson seems like the kind of person to major in comedy. He's like a professor in comedy.

Thomsonic Finnboy : What a great performance by both Elton John and Atkinson Rowan

sarangcemut : 5:12 Elton is dying from holding in the outburst of laughter

chiara 40 : After shooting - My name is John. Elton John

Kenny Guite : His name would seem normal on his plane

Honesty First : This whole show was for Comic Relief, which is for Charity in the U.K.

Anup Roy : One of the finest Rowan Atkinson ever. Elton John was also a game.

John Ryan Magnetico : Elthon can't get a straight face infront of the one and only Mr. Bean 😂

FM L : Rowan Atkinson is way funnier when he's speaking.

Largest Classifieds : Here I am in 2019 the jokes are still good.

Bret McGlew : Its insane that both these men would end up doing The Lion King 3 years later

Tim Timson : How on earth did Elton keep a straight face doing this sketch! An almost impossible task. Rowan is without doubt one of the funniest comedians ever, yet he manages to do it. Brilliant !!!

polemius01 : Hilarious, indeed! Points to Elton John for being a good sport, and all honors to Rowan Atkinson for being brilliant!

The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes : Rowan Atkinson is a genius. His comic timing is just brilliant. My favorite character of his is Blackadder. It's spot on dry sarcasm with impeccable timing

Jeff Brando : Holly shiit..he can speeaaak..😐😐

Odin's Playground : Why is he dressed like Mao Zedong?

Liquid Foca : Got an ad for Rocketman before the video, nice.

EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 : As far as breaking, rowan is literally the opposite of jimmy fallon

K E N G O : He sounds like a real kingsman agent

Tracey Taggart : Toppin’ Bernie probably would have been more consistent for Elton John.

Abhishek Bansal : This is as clean a roast can get. Wonderful!

jacob_ films : My life was completed when Mr Bean was Shot by Elton John. That sounds weird doesn't it.

K M : Beautiful British accent admired the world over. :-)

angela kg : Well obviously 2019 still here guess I'm a headdick too

Philemon Matloga : Sir Elton remained calm, i wasn't gonna be that calm... Rowan is the best.

zkdlin Kai : Maybe this is the reason why Mr. Bean doesn't talk 😂

Google Account : Two legends!! Cant believe I'm seeing this know 😂😂

rastaxp : Is Elton one of Mao's disciples? LOL Great comedy!

htz26129 : Long live the Queen. And Rowan Atkinson.

Bannlyst Man : Rowan is so underestimated – mostly known for his Mr Bean character to people outside the UK but he is truly one of the best comedians ever. So dry, so distinct.

henrique sena : It doesn’t get more British than this

Dax Bradley : He may not always speak, but when he does, it's funny as hell. Rowan is: the most Interesting Comedian in the World

abdul azeez : Mr. Bean at his very best! The way he maintains character without any loose ends is in a class of its own 👌

D G : Ironically Rowan now sings better than Elton, and Elton's now funnier than Rowan! Couple of old has-beens.

Sweet Orange : Rowan is so cute and handsome here <3

Frankincensed : Classic. I’ve watched this several times. Never fails to entertain.

smymisr : Mr. Bean is an excellent speaker, his voice is amazing... and attitude is priceless...

StamfordBridge : Well, this is just the Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson skit rehashed. Still, Atkinson is so good here (and John so nicely cooperative) that this is great fun, anyway.

HylanderSB : For someone with a reputation for public freak outs, Elton certainly was a good sport in this.

Luke Curtis : Rowan is such an comedic genius, so underrated. It's a shame most people only know him as Mr Bean. Not that's there's anything wrong with Mr Bean of course.

V D : Funnily enough, I've NEVER wondered why his last name was John until Rowan greeted him in this sketch. What a brilliant setup