Foggy Landing in Dublin

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Narwhal Bacon : With all the talk of EVE Online on reddit recently, I can't help but see this as child's play. ~Narwhal Bacon, Reddit Ambassador

theweatherdesk : Hi there. I'm Ryan from The Weather Channel. We are doing a story tonight on flying in low ceilings and would like to use your video Can we have your permission to use your video on air? Please email me at Thanks!

Private Pilot Israel Mueller : That was a nice auto landing!

Ryan Kielly : I want to be a pilot but that would make me shit my pants. Bad enough driving in the fog when a moose pops out let alone the ground popping out of no where. Thank god for ILS lol

Craig Williamson : Great video, its so easy nowadays to think air travel as "routine" but when conditions like this happen its good to think modern planes have good navigation, sophisticated autopilot and top pilots at the helm!

ViperBite : In fog that dense, how does ground/ATC keep track of all the aircraft moving about the taxiways?

John Wuethrich : is the ground radar good at dublin? that taxi looked more treacherous than the landing. I kept holding my breath expecting a klm A380 piloted by Veldhuyzen van Zanten's grandson to plow into you. also are the auto pilot call outs in imperial or metric?

SmittyWilly : nice!

Martin Evans : I'm 50 and at a stage in life where I am becoming interested in the science of aviation. This is an incredible video.

Gary Green : great entertainment. nice flight too. thank you

Pikalika : I play the same game with my girlfriend, she's signaling me "Almost there be ready to stop" and then I come early

Camrin S : wow that is amazing!

DanaPatriciaMary1 : Wow. I thought they were much higher just a second before the runway appeared! Such a surprise. (You see, I do not understand the altitude measurment, I am from continental Europe and I can only measure in metres, kilometres and centimetres - I do not know what 150 nm out means - no idea what that means...).

Because I'm Batman! : Damn, it almost scared me to see the runway 'suddenly'!! Thnx for the video :)

Jay Jain : All the time I was thinking it must 5000 feet above in the cloud them suddenly its the runway in front of you I tell my heart skipped a beat!!! PHEW!!

SHIN Family : how can he see that ..if I was the pilot ..I cant see where the landing it is.

Brad Kelly : Just beside wiper, Is that Fucking Screw loose or what ????  Holy crap ... Did anyone see that ???? Repair it muppets .... 

Weaboo Bleach : Why does this plane move like a car

NDSE : Unable to land because of very low visibility

Detailer77 : Dammm................. That is frightening.

Guy Rymberg : Very nice

Grey Spears : Nice video but i don't know why the robot keeps calling the pilot a retard.

Andreas Fafandreo : great

Hardeep Singh : what Aircraft was used ?

Zade YO : i was wondering at the start how a plane can turn so quick like mini car

Wm Siu : I just wonder why airport could not improve visibility for foggy condition . is there any lighting system that could make the runway visibility better ? I mean is it possible that there is some lighting system that make the visibility to 500m ? we are living in the year of 2016 but the lighting system or the visibility or runway is this bad ? of course we depend on electronics landing system . But , why blind ? we do not have this technology ? no strong lights ?

ajlbeer : WOw! So cool!! Thanks for sharing that, let's see more :D

Alvin Li : this is awesome

Arianit Shehu : 3:36 SURPRISE MOTHER******

Jason Hoffman : Autoland? Weak...

Shadow : Were there passengers on the plane or was it more or less a test?

thomasucc : No more hi-jack just auto land

zzodr : A/P disconnect warning is so much more elegant than a 737.

MegaAirplanelover : An Autoland just involves the use of the approach hold switch, right?

Just a Thought : Was the autopilot on for landing because of the fog?  I thought you had to disengage the autopilot for take off and landings..

w8te75 : Wow awesome man !!!

Adak Whidbey : I was going to compliment the pilot's IFR landing skills but then realized it was an automatic landing. LOL! Great video.

AirPlanesTvDotCom : Awesome foggy landing, big thanks for sharing!!!

GeminiJetsAerLingus : great landing! 

Nathan Martin : What aircraft?

Grace AJ : Omg a pilots view is so cool I always(I live in Dublin) go on eir lingues or Rian eir

Jamal Karo : good jobs men good jobs

Glover : well done

geemailMossman : man that's scary - can't believe pilots (and their passengers) do this every day all over the world... amazing

maespip : Correct me if I'm wrong but this can be done only on a CAT III runway I suppose? 

Buach Bright : I remember listening on my dad's VHF set to a BEA Trident III on a foggy approach into Dublin - I think 1974 - being "talked down" on the localiser/glideslope" before runway 28 was built or digital aids were available.  The talk down was pure drama both captain and atc being entirely professional.  No digital computers though the Trident may have had some autoland capacity.  However the tense conversation along the line of "left of flightpath, high on glideslope etc" that continued for the entire six or eight minutes before touchdown have stuck with me over the years.  Just the continuous patter between that pilot and his ATC link to a safe re-aquaintance with  terra firma.  The precision of the ATC directions and their acceptance by the Trident pilot was remarkable. As a young lad the laconic "thank you" from from the BEA captain and the equally laconic signoff and handover of the Dublin ATC after touchdown was deeply impressive especially when I thought of all those oblivious folks sitting down the back.   So we still "hope it's there" and thank you sir for a lovely post..  

Jason Bowmer : Aww poor guy at the end doing the YMCA. You spoiled his routine by stopping early. Meany!

Cameron Helliwell : What airline?

Wompattipompatti : Swissport!