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D2M Music : more flame bro

Sabrina Rezmuves : Well done !!! 👌👌😎

Wade Johnston : Yesterday we played this mix at my party and we were all dancing with those songs that we grew up with. Superbbbbbb

Angela Lowell : I am still watching this video ...around 7 times ....hats off ...

Julie Pryor : soooooo beauuuuuuutttiiiiifffuuuuullllllll your AFRO DAB was great ...

Erica Moser : sick video enjoyed.. thanks for sharing this with me

Renee Hatfield : There are only few its diamantb Disco productions nowadays… I have loved the in the dark version. New fresh sound

Dolores Sanchez : very nice singing brother and i'm bound to subscribe your channel.

Wendy Fields : I listen to this every day and dance! In the Daaaark!!

Mary Paige : the dark man is a sick rapper, high five to you guys,..

Keith Whitehead : nice background sound #bro keeeeeeeep it up...

Manual Blanton : *Dinamant* I love the mixing of the songs..

Carolina Hallenbeck : Black boys ... You see It's got 12,079 views

Starla Slone : DIAMANT is the man, you guys are rock... love your style

Patrick Barker : like it, what about your next plan...?

Gary Jeske : this track is awesome ...Maaaannnnn...!

Pamela Do : That guy is huge. He should have kicked his ass. ヅ ヅ

Crisp Brenda : hay mr. superb performance.

Lloyd Ashby : Thats Dinamant-B's life

John Cuevas : ❤ Love your videos…keep it coming. ❤

Erica Moser : ✞✞✞ bless you ..

Cruz Naron : Where is this? California?

Mollie Rome : really Be Still, My Soul

Linda Marquez : crazy Boys .... love all

Jonathan Jefferson : Can’t stop watching this. Keep replaying some of them over and over again Now this deserves a share

Carol Pullman : you sang better than 70% rapper ..

Martin Monroe : Hope soon I’ll be able to live the same lifestyle as you.

Matt Burney : music masterminding is outstanding.....

Ben Peller : Yo, this is hard bro

Anonymous Black : Wow these comments are soo fake