Context Matters !!! Count Dankula SLAMS Sky News Reporter about Context!

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Comments from Youtube

Leroy Anderson : Surprised that guy didn't burst into flames at the end. Lmao what a perfect response.

YamiKazeSora : That was absolutely PERFECT!

Boeiend Ookboeie : "Remember, context matters, mate" - spoken like a person whose head isn't burried up his own arse. Isn't it nice to hear someone speak clearly for once?

Millio Smiles : That Sky reporter said, "Gas the Jews twenty three times". That's despicable in this day and age! Surely, if justice is to be delivered in a balanced manner, he should be fined £800 x 23 = £18,400.

Brendan Goss : The reporter looks genuinely baffled

V : Who's the reporter, I'd like to report a crime.

Adeon55 : 0:24 I would like to see the half-second clip of that reporter saying "Gas the Jews" used without context, plastered everywhere. It would be quite fitting.

Scar : He seemed so smug and just crumbles as Dank completely crushes him

Big Pete : That reporter just did exactly what Mark did, so why wasn’t he arrested there and then? This is the ridiculousness and impracticality of this law.

CDbiggen : That was immensely satisfying.

Luke Butler : SupaHot.gif

Carlos Guerra : "You just broke the law two seconds ago" *drops the mic*

dionicius03 : Some bring that man some aloooe vera, cause he just got BURNED!!!

Fat Andy : Dankula > Bitch-made Reporter.

blazejecar : I don't think the poke mart has enough burn heals in stock to heal this

Caesar Best : LoL, the reporter was pissing his pants.

The Shitpost King : Chad meme man vs soyboy virgin "journalist"

I declared war on your french ass : The comeback was so lit that it burned 6 gorrilion goys in the process

Elmo : You are a legend!!! So good

Prog Rock Anarchist : He's absolutely loving all this publicity

Hazel Walsh : Best Mike Drop Ever!! Context is everything!!

Billie Piper’s Teeth : Arrest that reporter!

Leroy Blackzilla : Fight liberal fascism

mrtalos : Used the exact same line when talking about this guy. It usually shuts up the people saying he's guilty. Then they go on about the company he associates with.

filip30051 : WASTED!!!!!

Yaboi GD : we need a "context ma'ers, mate" T-Shirt

Nonya Jones : Wow! Not a lot of people will give credit where credit is due here but that was just a slam dunk argument for precisely why context matters. You will be hard-pressed to find another video on the Internet that so clearly and concisely delivers that point.

KaMiKaZee : best. last word. ever.

Des Kelly : nope, still not bored watching this

Andrew : mic drop...

Sebasgl1 : context matters m8!!!

misty blue : Epic reply Count Dankula

Misogynist : How isnt this viral yet?

ME 0020 : This was an epic takedown. Just too bad it never made it onto the MSM.

Liz P : I remember watching this the day of & thought it was one of the best "mic drops" I'd ever seen 😊 Funny, that dickhole reporter not only said the same phrase, but on MSM! It'd be arguably harder to come across Mark's YT video, than this news clip of a popular story being blasted on TV& the internet.

eclipseNF : Strongest argument ever

Ian Tegrity : Clueless Sky reporter just had his arse handed to him on a plate and his response was to run away. Lol Without Free Speech we have nothing !

Anonymous Bastard : Mic drop.

sounduser : 😂

MultiMangaGuy : So you can go to court for a joke about a race of nationality thats silly

Cruz Cisneros : Damn that was a jordan peterson level gotcha!

Kelly Mcgrath : If i didnt know anybetter.. id call this fake n scripted.. lol its to perfect, to logical.. to amazing.

craig shea : All that was missing to make this best perfect video ever was a mic drop

dazel : Destroyed.

HinchyFilms : Brilliant

Sam Visser : Brilliant

Dee Daa : BoomBoom. HA!

Antonio : it's crazy. the dog isn't even doing a nazi salute. dogs can't support nazis. the dog is literally just doing a variation on paw

M R C O M B I N E : I swear those are some pretty strong pants cause his balls are getting bigger and bigger