Context Matters !!! Count Dankula SLAMS Sky News Reporter about Context!

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YamiKazeSora : That was absolutely PERFECT!

Wickerstick : Man gets off of jail time and comits murder, damn!

Boeiend Ookboeie : "Remember, context matters, mate" - spoken like a person whose head isn't burried up his own arse. Isn't it nice to hear someone speak clearly for once?

Brendan Goss : The reporter looks genuinely baffled

Leroy Anderson : Surprised that guy didn't burst into flames at the end. Lmao what a perfect response.

Scar : He seemed so smug and just crumbles as Dank completely crushes him

V : Who's the reporter, I'd like to report a crime.

Adeon55 : 0:24 I would like to see the half-second clip of that reporter saying "Gas the Jews" used without context, plastered everywhere. It would be quite fitting.

Big Pete : That reporter just did exactly what Mark did, so why wasn’t he arrested there and then? This is the ridiculousness and impracticality of this law.

InterdimensionalSex : You can tell the 'journalist' not only knows what context is, but absolutely hates it. All he cares about is slandering, demonizing and opening the door for any kind of fingerwaggling and handwringing that would put someone in discredit. He'd be doing the country a big favor if he swung on a rope.

CDbiggen : That was immensely satisfying.

Luke Butler : SupaHot.gif

Caesar Best : LoL, the reporter was pissing his pants.

dionicius03 : Some bring that man some aloooe vera, cause he just got BURNED!!!

Fat Andy : Dankula > Bitch-made Reporter.

Gardeners Beehive The big fly in : Sky news twat

Dr. Memes : Why does it look like he's wearing a fake scalp?

murph1329 : damn...ownage....LOL. Stupid liberal journalist trying to pander to one side. Modern day journalism at its best....totally biased, which means I can only assume it's totally fake. Nice job Count!

Millio Smiles : That Sky reporter said, "Gas the Jews twenty three times". That's despicable in this day and age! Surely, if justice is to be delivered in a balanced manner, he should be fined £800 x 23 = £18,400.

Carlos Guerra : "You just broke the law two seconds ago" *drops the mic*

mrtalos : Used the exact same line when talking about this guy. It usually shuts up the people saying he's guilty. Then they go on about the company he associates with.

Prog Rock Anarchy : He's absolutely loving all this publicity

Leroy Blackzilla : Fight liberal fascism

Your average Commentator : The comeback was so lit that it burned 6 gorrilion goys in the process

blazejecar : I don't think the poke mart has enough burn heals in stock to heal this

Super Billie Piper’s Teeth : Arrest that reporter!

The Shitpost King : Chad meme man vs soyboy virgin "journalist"

sounduser : 😂

Elmo : You are a legend!!! So good


craig shea : All that was missing to make this best perfect video ever was a mic drop

Spectrea : Context did matter in the case though, the prosecution argued that it didn't but the Sheriff disagreed. "As a matter of law, the test is not whether the video was offensive but whether it was grossly offensive. That standard is an objective one in which I must apply the standards of an open and just multi-racial society, taking account of context and the relevant circumstances, applying reasonably enlightened contemporary standards, considering whether the message is liable to cause gross offence to those to whom it relates: in this case, Jewish people. It is a high test. I concluded, applying these standards to the evidence, that your video was not just offensive but grossly so, as well as menacing, and that you knew that or at least recognised that risk."

Sam Visser : Brilliant

Kelly Mcgrath : If i didnt know anybetter.. id call this fake n scripted.. lol its to perfect, to logical.. to amazing.

Antonio : it's crazy. the dog isn't even doing a nazi salute. dogs can't support nazis. the dog is literally just doing a variation on paw

Gary Johnson : Clueless Sky reporter just had his arse handed to him on a plate and his response was to run away. Lol Without Free Speech we have nothing !

eclipseNF : Strongest argument ever

The Lookout : I swear you can see steam coming out of the reporters ears by the end of that exchange.

Geometry Dash Progam3r : we need a "context ma'ers, mate" T-Shirt

First Edition : That Sky "reporter" was made to look a right plank !!!! What an idiot !

Redmaaan xc : S I X M I L L I ON

misty blue : Epic reply Count Dankula

zel : Destroyed.

Committee MeMeD : BoomBoom. HA!

Steven Maclean : REKT

Andrew : mic drop...

Ultron : OOF

Antonio : Spastic sky reporter. get him sacked and jailed

_true_ _APEX_ : That's what happens when you live in a Jewish state

BarriosGroupie : Context does matter, which is why Count Dankula was found guilty by a Jury. He took things too far with "gas the Jews", rather than keeping it at the level of the dog giving a Nazi salute.