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Ronaldo Rocket : First YouTube recommends these videos to me for unknown reasons and now I am binge watching them 😂 Who else?

Katie Niwa : Am I the only one who thought the battery was satisfying?

Jan Novák : Není náhodou tvůrce z ČR? :D

suchita Sharma : WARNING : DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME....... TRY THIS AT SCHOOL!!!😁😁😁

Lucas WhiteBone Blundell : Do not try this at home? Like I have a hydraulic press sitting around my house

Raiia O Gamer : So if we can’t try them at home can we try them outside?? 😂😂🤣

jocelyn xoxo : 3:46 thank me later

něco co vás nemusí zajímat : Czech coins

Smart Default : 1:49 me when I get my slinky at Chuck E. Cheese

Lucas Cella : "Do not try this at home." Like if we all have a hydraulic compressor at home

helena de Bruijn : Rip money 😨😰😣😒😭😭😭😭😿 Edit : GOODBYE MY PIGGY GOODBYE MY FRIEND

Apexa Gandhi : WARNING: Don't try this at home Try this at your friend's house😂😂😂

Arianna what happened to the casal Garcia : Yeh I totally have a high press machine soo since I can’t use it at home I will just do it at school Hi ;-;

ML LEGENDS : Why are you trying it at home you said not to

Tashmi Sabah : "Do not try this at home" Yea I totally have a hydraulic press at home

Yo Pier : DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME yh you're right it's not as if I have a hydraulic press just chilling in the corner of my shed....

Justin Y. : I have a hydraulic press at home, too. But i shouldnt try at home damn

신진호 : 나도 유압프레스 사고 싶다...

Malcolm Paull : Hydraulic press vs d30 xion body armour! :)

FAK3 L3GENDS : 3:45 this is what you came for

Hayat güzel : Altın ez . Gold gold compress !!👌pleas

Despacito Spider : Scorpion 🦂 cruelty!

Spooky Cookiez : Lonly im mr. Lonly i have nobody for my whole *screams life* Im im im im om i mi mejdjsjcjis i messed up... I CAME HERE FOR MONEY WHY U HURT MONEY HE DID NOTHING TO UUUUUUU 😣😣☹️😭😭💶🇦🇷🇨🇦

Tired of dancing : Hydraulic press 100 ton VS your hand

Maia Belli : I love how it says don't try this at home, like imma go whip out my hydraulic press bc this video was so cool

riley _bloxburg : Please say i'm not the only one who got annoyed when they showed us like every little detail of the items..

달콤한머랭 : 한국인 이신분 손!

김민소 : 오 ! 신기하네요 Wow, that's amazing.

Klara Kosić : YOU JUST CRUST A 30 CZECK KROUNS (MABY MORE),i live i czeck Republic 😆😆😅

Jeanne Tiri : Can u put I big jumbo floral foam in that it will be so satisfying 😍

Steve Gorrell : Words of advice: TURN THE SOUND OFF!!!

Człowiek : 3:04 This is hoq the meat is being made. Still think eating bacon is okay? xD JK Iam not a vegan

Lolly Stacey : That moment when a quarter of your video is the intro

Autimations : That money could have gone to my college savings

Savage and depressed Spongebob : Roses are red Mac Miller is gone😥 The part you’re looking for Is 3:41

Luboš Nguyen : Wait you are from CZECH REPUBLIC???

홍홍 : 돈을..? 법적으로 문제가없으셨길ㅜ

Sadiaaa !!! : 3:23 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN HE'S GETTING UP! HE'S *BEATING* THE HYDRAULIC PRESS! *this is unprecedented*

Tůča : Já věděl že jsi čech !!! :D

pepa kabe : Our money, Czech rep (y) zdravím

Lightning Studios : Imagine if you played with that

Ajrocket : 4:06 You are from Czech? There is 10 Kč

Puppy lover lani : I have o be honest I hate these vids because THEY WAST THRRE MONY FOT US I mean thanks BUT I FEEL BAD 😭

Navdeep Raval : 3:46

PA.オーシャン・シ〜・ワラビ〜 : 豚ちゃん寝てたの起き上がったみたいになってた

7 , : Intro music sounds like George Lynch on the guitar.

Blooobeek : Full sized K26 spring vs hydraulic press pls :)

Ap0llo_x : You should get a giant like button and smash it with a hydraulic press. Hence, smash the like button

AnOnEmOs, Subscribe to PewDiePie : WOW! Ty jsi čech?! 😂