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Autimations : That money could have gone to my college savings

ELCHAMAKITODBZ1 DRagonballZKGTS : 3:41 coin press Like if helpful 😃

Ronaldo Rocket : First YouTube recommends these videos to me for unknown reasons and now I am binge watching them 😂 Who else?

suchita's Music : WARNING : DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME....... TRY THIS AT SCHOOL!!!😁😁😁

Jan Novák : Není náhodou tvůrce z ČR? :D

Katie Niwa : Am I the only one who thought the battery was satisfying?

Caitlin _Oof : Please say i'm not the only one who got annoyed when they showed us like every little detail of the items..

Raiia O Gamer : So if we can’t try them at home can we try them outside?? 😂😂🤣

něco co vás nemusí zajímat : Czech coins

YABOI AVERAGENONCE : "Do not try this at home." Like if we all have a hydraulic compressor at home

Morgan Davis : 3:42 SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON!!!😂😂😂

Pastel Kitty : *R.I.P Mr.Pig*


Jocelyn's Potato : 3:46 thank me later

OYUN GHOST'U : 3:45 this is what yo came for ...

Irish Memer : that money could have went to charity

Markéta Čermáková : Hey money czech republic me cz ahoj lidi :-)

sonic the hedgehog : hmm czech money i am from czech 4:08

Smart Default : 1:49 me when I get my slinky at Chuck E. Cheese

Zack Aquamarine 6XZ : Roses are red Voilets arent blue...the Title is english The comments should be too...

i love sugar and cookies! : R.I.P coins! I could have used you to buy scratch offs!😖

Djordje Vujanic : Serbiane molim te vratise jutjub ce se raspasti zbog tebe pplaz

Hammad Divker : If we can’t try this at home then we should do it at a friends house

RAGNAROČÍ FARMA : Ty jsi čech. you are from czech republic.

Lucas WhiteBone Blundell : Do not try this at home? Like I have a hydraulic press sitting around my house

Brahyan González : Like si quieren que aplasten un diamante 💎

Salty Needs : 3:21 the pig was floating to heaven then god was like ..nope!

Pranay Kabra : Small coins made a big coin

997M views : Why are you trying it at home you said not to

Tashmi Sabah : "Do not try this at home" Yea I totally have a hydraulic press at home

The Winspear : The Machine is pressed for Money.

Anubis2.0 OMG : 3:23. Asado Pisado :v

Ritik Chaurasia : Crushing coins at 3:46

Betty Costa : You came to see this 3:40

Marusi : 3:42 Thank me with a like plz.

Just a Youtuber : 3:50 There ye go

Liloleke Pako iki : 3:42 wasted money

Best Cat : Cześć ! Xd when i talking under English video about hi in Poland 🇵🇱 xd

Maja 1807 : coins are in 3:44

Maia Belli : I love how it says don't try this at home, like imma go whip out my hydraulic press bc this video was so cool

shemeka williams : Am I the only one that find this relaxing 😌

canalixy play : Algun br ?

Markéta Čermáková : Je jendno je sliste z vesnice aji mesta je to je dno

Tanker CZ : Jej naše měna

gυѕισи thє hσlч вlαdє : Do not try this at home Ill try outside then

арсений XD : MLG!

suchita's Music : RIP PIGGY

xLil Sirius : Mind showing what we came for as the first part?

Mr. Zeke and The Crew : 3:41 you're welcome

Tyra Clay : Poor pig