Citizens of Pawnee
Citizens of Pawnee

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THERE'S NO TIME. HE CAN FLY. no copyright infringement is intended. all rights are property of NBC


Jimmy Joyce : Considering how minor their roles are, the actors who play these citizens do a really good job. I wouldn't be surprised to hear the show just told them to act like crazy townsfolk and they just made up their own lines.

Fungamerplays : "I don't know I'm just scared" Perfect summarisation of most public complaints

Marek De Marko : "I need permit to put signs... There's no time! HE CAN FLY!"


Kristian Hunter : "What am I going to do with my kids all day? Keep them in my house? Where I LIVE?" Wow, I mean she has a very valid point.

twoduncan : "There's no time! He can FLY!"

Hannah Phillips : "He can FLY!"

Agnes Agnes : Basketball courts brings undesirables to the neighborhood, lol

nostalgicrecall : "So what's your suggestion?" "I don't know, I'm just scared." OmgXD

Kristopher Levine : "Can I have your email address? I just got on AOL"

Bowser14456 : "If sugar's so bad, how come Jesus made it taste so good?" That's good logic right there. XD

Kshitij Maheshwari : "What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring loudly at me." Such a Michael Scott thing to say.

Kayla Greco : As a parks employee, I can confirm that this is 100% accurate

Bowser14456 : "I found a sandwich in one of your parks, and I wanted to know why it didn't have mayonnaise." XDD

Hart Rorick : Swanson spinning in the chair is an all time favorite of mine. I love how you can see donna laughing in the background! lol

Like50BlackGuys : We're not taxing anyone's genitals... Then what the hell are we doing here?

A Fetts : "Isn't all food bad for you? I've been eating lasagna and muffins every day of my life for 40 years and I feel terrible."

Visfen : Parks and Recreation does an accurate representation of voters and especially the voters that get engaged in local politics. I hate people.

TaviCaptures : "why is corn syrup bad for you? nature made corn. corn is a fruit. syrup comes from bushes!"

Dreelu : I used to think that the things people say in Parks and Rec was an exaggeration of how dumb the general public is. Then I started working a government job.

Bealtimint Spritenight : Something cool I never noticed until now: They reuse the same weird people. It gives the show continuity.

Artem : "Give me your email address, I just got AOL" hahahahaha I swear the writers for this show are geniuses.

Chazbot : You have to realize that at some level, P&R is a political satire. Pawnee is a microcosm of the USA, and its citizens represent the American electorate, their needs, demands and obsessions.

candysays100 : I'm going to start chanting "ham and mayonnaise! ham and mayonnaise!" whenever I'm at Subway ordering a sub 

Nathan Benton : I'm kinda bummed they stopped doin these in later episodes. The townspeople were hilarious.

StretchyPlays : 1:32 is the best. The was she starts to jog around the desk is hilarious.

traxfish : And Ron wants these people to be self governing...

Freak Boy : "I need a permit to put up signs for my lost bird." "Oh okay let me look for the-" "THERE'S NO TIME! HE CAN FLY!" XD

John Rendón : SHUT UP KELLY! ... MAKE ME BOB!

1993DJC : This is so realistic. (Not even sarcasm. People are actually like this.)

bbbeans : "So what's you point?  I don't know, I'm just scared"

«Ram•Cichlid» : I know everyone's saying this is like Tumblr but honestly, this is also what working in retail is like

Marcelo Souza : "Whether I pay my taxes or not is not of the government's business"....AHHAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit I spat my coffee everywhere

The One Man Who Beat You : Pawnee is the live action version of Springfield from The Simpsons

Turd Doodlesworth : This pretty much sums up the average citizen in a democracy.


Scott Buckley : the rock quary ther's rocks in there

Thelma Gomez : this whole video is basically what it's like to work in retail

IveGotToast : It's missing the Pawn Shop guy.   “My cousin's got a kick-ass mud pit in his yard. She could watch me do belly flops. Then maybe we'd get some Thai food and a tank of nitrous and see what happens.”

johnrie18 : I love absolutely every one of the extras they get to play the people in Pawnee. Everyone of them is so perfectly stupid and argumentative it's frighteningly believable and hilarious. 

o : this reminds me so much of the anons on tumblr 

Nolan Rux : "So what's your suggestion?" "I don't know, I'm just scared." Every undecided voter in the United States summed up.

Tyler Durden : Where the Hell is Harris wanting to open a 'topless park'?

Vereen James : "We're not taxing anyone's genitals." "Then what the hell are we doing here?"

Camila c : The youtube comment section, literally

Boxianracer : THERE'S NO TIME. HE CAN FLY.

matt gerring : we are not taxing anyones genitals. Then WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING HERE?

thatguy11 : 1:32 rings so, so true for anyone that has ever worked in a customer/public facing job. "You told me not to do the thing, so I did the thing and a bad thing happened and now I'm going to blame you for the bad thing"