A Decade Late | Battlefield: Bad Company

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Zan. : Nice video. I love the idea of the series and I'm glad you started with one of my favorite games BF:BC1. That said, I wish there was more of a deep dive into the game itself; perhaps some pros and cons, and maybe a rating system on gameplay, graphics, sound design, feel, and maybe your own "Hammer Score" (e.g. "They 'NAILED IT' with this one" harr harr). Also, speaking of sound design, your voice track needs to have some of the bass cut out or toned down. My speakers were flooded through the bass channels. You might want to look into balancing the DB of your audio levels and running an EQ or a high pass filter over your voice track. Bass is good, but it was too much. Needs balance. Can't wait to see what you make next! Cheers.

MrHammers : What's up everyone! Hope this new 'A Decade Late' series is interesting to you all. I'm hoping to get at least 1 of these videos out a month, on top of the Thursday weekly discussion videos. Gimme some feedback, let those feelings flow :*

SomewhatUnderstandable : Good times. Nostolgic memories from this game

LCTRgames : This is a great video - clearly a lot of work gone into it :) Also really love the "A Decade Late" idea for a series. Hope u don't mind some feedback... :) As the game has great audio I'd have liked some of the action sounds to be included - would also help break the bg music up a bit too. Also, for those visual 'calls to action' for people to subscribe: they can lost a bit in the other graphics that frequently appear. So perhaps have your 'channel graphics' animate in from outside the frame, or have some other characteristic that makes them stand apart from 'video graphics' and other stuff popping up. Like your work :) P.S. BC2 was the best BF game :P

Pyr01 : i loved this game