The Nerd Crew - Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere! Plus reactions!!!

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That Awesome Podcast : RLM are responsible for keeping the franchise afloat by purchasing all that merch.

Shinobu Sensui : Now THIS is pod racing

Learn English with Alex [engVid] : Is Solo the Denny's of Star Wars movies?

Jordan Rodriguez : My expectations were subverted......but in a last jedi way

BlasterMaster : This is a goddamn work of art, ya hack frauds.

Tedakin : I was so nervous and sad because I thought the Nerd Crew was breaking up. But by the end, I felt joy, the same joy I felt after watching Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Chad Baptiste : AT-ST! AT-ST!

GarrettGSF : "I'm just a failure. Big, fat, white failure" I have the feeling that this will be the accurate summary of the Solo movie...

KP108 : Damnit! Answer my question! What is better a Whoopie Cushion or a Fartbag? Is that too much to ask?

OMEGALAH : That was a savage roast on John Campea.🤣

El Nieto PR : How selfish of that child to try to get an ambulance all for himself!

Alana Banana : This makes me giggle :D I really hate collider, they are just paid shrills lol :3

Michael Martin : One of the most important videos put on youtube until the next one

Enter a name here : "Woah, this changes nothing"

Popo Bawa : I am buffing my woodoo hide while I watch this

Lore Reloaded : There are so many 'professional ' YouTube reviewers that are unironically doing this.. I love you guys for doing this parody

akdude81 : Is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that Mike got a telemarketing job and had his own office (rather than being in a cubicle surrounded by other telemarketers)? Also, does it bother anyone else that his "computer monitor" is a TV? I haven't seen too many monitors with component inputs.

rpm297 : This is a dramatic, slow-motion slap across John Campea's face. With stank on it.

Starkiller100 : i can't wait till only there faces are visible in a sea of merch

GP : I love that Rich's miserable side job parody is basically Previously Recorded

Bill Scurry : I'm starting to think this is fake.

Roger Rennenger : I wouldn't hang up on Mike

Juin Roet : Jay actually looks pretty fly in his R2-D2 suit.

TOAST The Squid : "Rian Johnson's terrible film" 😆😆 This bit was on par with South Park.

Monika P : Colliders view count is SO LOW! And the videos are insanely long (40+ mins)! Who even watches them?

24 Frames Of Nick : Rich with a top hat is transcendental

Strwz : Were you really at the premiere? I can't really tell if those pictures are photoshopped...

Camw1n : I hope Kristian Harloff calls Rich a "bully" again haha

thevoxdeus : "...mainly men" is the best line in the whole video.

Bruno Munemassa : That "...okay my break is over..." was too real...

Mr. Bump 2.0 : I love how the background has the DC Shoes logo on the wall, instead of the other DC logo.

Alex Johnson : Those suits make me want to build a bomb

S. Illegitim : That video had more emotional twists than the entire Star Wars saga.

OutsideTheBox : The Beatles < The Nerd Crew

Scott Stapp : I cannot wait until they savage the Lando movie. Pansexual Pancakes with Palpatine!

Michael Mercy : I loved this episode! I can't wait to watch it on my next break at my soul-sucking telemarketing job.

Leonard Productions : And the moral of the story is... Work sucks.

Backstage Bum : This is the only good thing that's Star Wars related anymore.

Evan Henderson : Was that a dig at John Campea lmao

Calvin Lee : I just realized that Han's ship is called the millennium falcon, but that universe doesn't have falcons... What is it named after if they don't have falcons?

Brian Bagnall : No that's what I call podracing. The band got back together!

TheRcanmeananything : I really want to give money to Dennys so Rich Evans can eat himself to death.

FlickTalk : wow you guys might just be the biggest pieces of shit on Youtube congrats..... young morons in the depths of comment sections keep sending me links to your videos so that I can understand their backward point of view on something... and finally I understand where they get their braindead opinions from... your purely unadulterated horse shit videos

Mr Hold Button : This Nerd Crew episode had a better, more meaningful and more impact story arc, than any Star Wars movie in the last 30 years.

Ocular Industries : I'd love to see you review The Expanse!

Michel Houellebecq : Is Cialis replacing Loot Crate?

Joe-Lou : The fake viagra /whatever advertisement was extra hilarious because every real gaming podcast right now is patterned with one of those companies in an attempt to completely alienate what would be 1/4 of their audience. XD

Luis 77 : You bastards took so long to release another episode, I almost grew my own personality. Dont do that again.

Ryan Currie : The one on the right looks like he could die from a heart attack at any moment. And it's ok for me to say that because it's obviously just my sarcastic well-intentioned sense of humour and not because I'm an asshole

Dimensiom : I may be in a minority, but I think that I prefer the format of the first Nerd Crew episodes. It had, in my opinion, a more subtle approach.