The Nerd Crew - Solo: A Star Wars Story Premiere! Plus reactions!!!

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Bill Scurry : I'm starting to think this is fake.

Shinobu Sensui : Now THIS is pod racing

Michael Martin : One of the most important videos put on youtube until the next one

BlasterMaster : This is a goddamn work of art, ya hack frauds.

Learn English with Alex [engVid] : Is Solo the Denny's of Star Wars movies?

El Nieto PR : How selfish of that child to try to get an ambulance all for himself!

GarrettGSF : "I'm just a failure. Big, fat, white failure" I have the feeling that this will be the accurate summary of the Solo movie...

DeLorean4 : Collider filmed their Denny's episode inside an actual Denny's restaurant. They actually out-shilled and out-parodied the Nerd Crew.

Luis 77 : You bastards took so long to release another episode, I almost grew my own personality. Dont do that again.

GP : I love that Rich's miserable side job parody is basically Previously Recorded

24 Frames Of Nick : Rich with a top hat is transcendental

Popo Bawa : I am buffing my woodoo hide while I watch this

Mr Hold Button : This Nerd Crew episode had a better, more meaningful and more impact story arc, than any Star Wars movie in the last 30 years.

KP108 : Damnit! Answer my question! What is better a Whoopie Cushion or a Fartbag? Is that too much to ask?

Starkiller100 : i can't wait till only there faces are visible in a sea of merch

Mr. Bump 2.0 : I love how the background has the DC Shoes logo on the wall, instead of the other DC logo.

Juin Roet : Jay actually looks pretty fly in his R2-D2 suit.

Bruno Munemassa : That "...okay my break is over..." was too real...

OMEGALAH : That was a savage roast on John Campea.🤣

Paul Hewett : Fun fact: John Campea has disabled the comment section of his Solo review

Chad Baptiste : AT-ST! AT-ST!

TOAST The Squid : "Rian Johnson's terrible film" 😆😆 This bit was on par with South Park.

rpm297 : This is a dramatic, slow-motion slap across John Campea's face. With stank on it.

Bruce Wayne : I only look forward to Star Wars because of these guys

The Inconceivable Glue Man : _I'm feeling like a star_ _You can't stop my shine_ _I'm lovin' Cloud City_ _My head's in the sky_

OutsideTheBox : The Beatles < The Nerd Crew

Alana Banana : This makes me giggle :D I really hate collider, they are just paid shrills lol :3

5ch3nk : Mike not being able to contain his excitement and letting out that "very cool" on the phone. It's been like 12 hours and I'm still laughing at that.

Joe-Lou : The fake viagra /whatever advertisement was extra hilarious because every real gaming podcast right now is patterned with one of those companies in an attempt to completely alienate what would be 1/4 of their audience. XD

Mackinstyle : How is The Nerd Crew format not getting old? I thought by episode 3, "fantastic parody, surely this is the last one." Still pretty hilarious.

Evan Henderson : Was that a dig at John Campea lmao

Scott Stapp : I cannot wait until they savage the Lando movie. Pansexual Pancakes with Palpatine!

Leonard Productions : And the moral of the story is... Work sucks.

Sammy Sarzoza : It's all too real. I've just been pop culture red pilled.

Yo Waddup : Character arcs in this video are better than in Black Panther

Camw1n : I hope Kristian Harloff calls Rich a "bully" again haha

Derek Zhao : Would you guys consider doing a review of The Expanse? I think it's a show you'd love.

Ocular Industries : I'd love to see you review The Expanse!

Michel Houellebecq : Is Cialis replacing Loot Crate?

Calvin Lee : I just realized that Han's ship is called the millennium falcon, but that universe doesn't have falcons... What is it named after if they don't have falcons?

Pastor Gatorcoot : I can't wait for Mike Stoklasa to personally fire Kathleen Kennedy and make her homeless for ruining Star Wars.

sephirothgrk : Rich as Campea is priceless.

Obs : I wonder if some confused sod down the ladder at Disney zaibatsu had to watch this whole thing to make sure they didn't violate the embargo.

Robot Head : Imagine being on the Nerd Crew. What a life. Hanging with KK, JJ & RJ. I can only dream.

Scott Stripling : Perfectly mocks the Collidercrew and Campea. Great video!

Ty : Gamorrean guard = Amy Schumer

Foxwede History : Some days I wonder whether the boring Youtube reviewers watch this, and if so how do they react. Do they cry? Or are they completely oblivious?

Roger Rennenger : I wouldn't hang up on Mike

Demcra : you guys just BROKE NEW GROUND

tony corleone : Please do a Mr. Plinkett Review for The Last Jedi!!