Gary Webb "It Was Outrageous But It Was True"
The late great journalist Gary Webb talks about the CIAs connection to crack cocaine sales in Los Angeles during the 1990s

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Part one in a series featuring Gary Webb in his own words. The interview was conducted and filmed by the Guerrilla News Network, scholars, and professors at the 2003 School of Authentic Journalism, a project of Narco News. Gary is the subject of the new feature film "Kill The Messenger" starring Jeremy Renner. You can read "Dark Alliance: The Story Behind the Crack Explosion" by Gary Webb in its entirety at


rick johnson : It's a sad day that our government stoops so low that they are and were involved in such crime to want to kill a man trying to get to the truth that's chicken shit in my book makes me want to take up where he left off someone needs to its never to late

germslover666 : You really have to be true scum to even think of joining up with any of the intelligence agency's connected with not only the US government, but really any government's.  Throughout the world government's have been infiltrated with those who most rational people would consider basically on par with the lowest criminal scum that walks the earth.