Son House "Death Letter Blues"
Son House Death Letter Blues

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Delta blues great Eddie "Son" House performs his classic "Death Letter Blues." From the Vestapol DVD "Legends of Country Blues Guitar, Vol. One." More info at


hammer44head : I don't know enough words to describe how good this is.

TheTallMan35 : If Robert Johnson is the father of the delta blues as a lot of music scholars claim, this man is the grandfather.

Myles JS : That voice didn't have a single false note in it.

strofilobugnalmacco : jimi hendrix , Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin , Eric Clapton ...all of them took lessons from him...

ViSiONx2 : The heaviest song of all time

Brent Taylor Art : No robot or AI will ever be able to understand why this is awesome. We win.

hellradiolives : Damn, just damn, Son House could move the Earth when he played this song.

Peter Måhlin : I saw him live in the Stockholm, Sweden, concert hall in the mid 60's. I had traveled some distance from home for this, and I had been smart enough to buy tickets to both shows. He was pure magic - when he sang the "Levee Camp Moan" I was mesmerized. Must be something like that when religious people get the rapture (is the sentence correct here?). As far as I did find out back then, long before any Internet, was that a levee camp was where the workers stayed. between shifts when reinforcing the walls built around the Mississippi river and nearby rivers in a try to stop flooding. And I got the impression that it was forced labor, even women wee "recruited" for the job. And anybody could guess from which group of people.

Faraz Rizvi : this song is just so painful and beautiful at the same time

Max Monas : I don't understand how it's possible to play the guitar like that, let alone sing at the same fucking time!!! Mind blowing!!!

griffinmatter : Brilliant lyrics, brilliant playing and brilliant voice! What else can I say? :)

Music Junkie : "I said I didn't have a soul to throw my arms around."

Chris Eisenhart : It was back in 1969, that I had the pleasure of recording Son House in my dorm room in Rochester, NY. The resonance of his voice literally shook the windows. We got together for a down home cookout with Howin' Wolf and his band before Wolf performed in a concert I produced. No one knows how old Son was when he passed, but Muddy and Wolf looked up to him as a father. A d Muddy maintained that Son taught Robert Johnson! Son lived next door to Joe Beard and the two would play every Sunday, much to the chagrin of Son's wife...because he was also a preacher! He also mentored John Mooney The saddest day was when I learned some kids, wanting to learn bottleneck guitar, gave Son a jug of wine. He was found a few days later in a snowdrift, fingers ruined from frostbite. He was one of the best delta bluesmen!!!

Joel Z. Williams : hauntingly beautiful. Something so authentic about the raw emotion of loss and regret. 

Matt G : I keep coming back even 12 years after I first saw this, it's like the man's tortured soul is being exorcised by his music.

Thedude85 1456 : The blues are the root and the rest is all fruit is what I've heard...

Outlaw 76 : Whoever thumbed this down needs their ass whipped. I'll be glad to do it, I live in Fulton MS. Hit me up, I'll meet you at Walmart 😂

Lam Mar : This is real music, it has so much feeling

toto che handala : my fingers would be bleeding hitting like that...

CidAngst : Without this music there would be no rock n roll, hard rock, goth, metal, punk, industrial, techno, hip hop, R&B, or modern country music.

Jack Saturday : This guy'll grab your guts.

Wolfgang Eggman : man fckin BEAT that guitar into perfection

AHL Productions : Lucky guy. Out of all the guys that played in the area, he's the only one with actual video footage.

Myat Htoo : Ain't no one like the ORIGINAL.... sweet sweet painful blues... by the master & original....

Howard Hilton : Son House and Howlin Wolf will do me.

Glenn Holloway :  Jack White loves Son House. Love the ones who came before you. They are all your teachers. That's not a crime. I love Son AND Jack White. The Teacher and the student for all of us to enjoy. The main thing? Keep the blues alive.

Michael Morrison : Death Sings The Blues Death sings the blues Sings the blues when it ain't doing nothing When it can’t find a soul that can be used Death sings the blues when it’s lonely for the life of you When you are praying to God and God is coming through That’s when Death sings the blues. M.S. Morrison

kik2it : Wow, Son House vocal is incredible!!! That shonuff deep blues!!

Anders P. Jensen : My God, that voice. And that riff. There is so much wonderful music out there, but I can't think of anything or anyone to match Son House for pure power and intensity. He is in his sixties here. What must it have been like to see him perform in the 1930s...

Barnaby ap Robert : Related to "St. James Infirmary" ?

Donal Callum : Terrific. Unrepeatable. Unique.

mycolortv1 : Black American music.....there has never been anything else like it

Dan Rowbotham : True Blues

Pedagogía en Inglés : wow this song is interpreted by The White Stripes!

Frans Buijs : Imagine Mick and Keith and Brian listening, soaking it all up... Without people like Son, there wouldn't have been no Rolling Stones.

Prince Aligorna : The slides are just so immaculately placed, and they compliment that slapping style of so damn well!

msmirandagirl : I was blessed to have had the opportunity to see Son House play at Penn State in 1968. It was breathtaking and I've treasured that memory to this day.

Jesse Abundis : True Detective Season 3 intro here.

curiousnomad : Big Bill and Son House are the British blues guitar players ( Eric, Keith R) daddies.

3rdcoastnyucka : Captain Beefheart's Magic Band owe a huge debt to Son House.

Pat Ford : Great footage also, beautiful!!!

Richard _008 : I would love to hear him preach. Oh wait,,,thats what he doin. But if he taught R Johnson wldnt that make him the devil himself?

TheBluzeman : Son House was absolutely amazing. I have a resonator that looks a lot like his but it must be defective. For the life of me, I can't make it sound like his. :)

Awake Loner : It's so lucky so see. The man still alive. Blues is the greatest music in the world and no body was more true and more real than the folks from the delta.

Mike Williams : lyrics on point!

bluebird : Beautiful, haunting wail of tragedy. 

BeardlessPipeSmoker : It doesn't get any better then than this.

MONKIPANTS : I love the BLUES!!!! A brilliant sound that will never fade with age, as we all grow old & forgetful, music such as this LIVES forever in the mind & hearts to those who appreciate it. Thanks for sharing

Noel X : damn man, that was heavy AF.  watching this, almost brought a tear to my eye. because essentially it is the legacy of black folks here in amerikkka. and how many of the great great grand babies of the blues have forgot about their great history