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Mr. Shneeblie : That NEXT lady annoyed the shit out of me.

『magical gays』 : N NE NEX NEXT NEXT! NEXT NEX NE N

Tovarășul Lenin : *I really want to punch the "next" lady sooo hard...*

Atticus Mayne : this lady isn't funny enough. *NEEEEEEEEEXT!*

cat valentine : but jonah she is *MAH WAHFE*

Let me sleep in peace : *Ruff draft ruff ruff 10 dollars ruff* Down boy! No!

Ayam Mee : I'm looking for a free plane right from us to china for 20 people (must be business class) GO!!!

DragonViewsNL // Join the Dragonians! : What is the account of the NEXT lady? I want to see more

RoastedToasted : NO GAYS.

Katie Date : I'm slowly starting to wonder if sorrow likes to use his voice as a weapon.

Jaclyn Emily : I wonder if Next girl watches any of these vids about her..

Ariadubs : 8:29 Oh my god? I actually know who's the artist at 8:29. She's a friend of mine! I didn't expect that story to get here!

Dana Kocourková : Not paying artists?! Thats like telling a repairman that you wont pay him, but he can use the toilet after he repairs it.... rule number one- if you don't have the money, do it yourself.

Danzignan : I'm not fluent in Spanish, but still understand most of it. I think it was well translated, so don't worry. ^^

Monado Boy : I need food for my starving family But *ONLY* expensive, luxurious cake. Won’t accept anything else

9CAT_ : Is anyone going to mention how stupid and over the top the reply at 11:40 is?

Joaquim Gancia : Half the people are plain lazy, the other half needs to get stranded on an island and complain about shit with each other so they don't bother the normal people.

THE GREAT MANIAC : Doctor: Ma’am we are sorry to say but your husband has passed away this morning Lady: *NEXT!!*

Don Korb : The fact that people like the Next lady exist and are part of my generation genuinely makes me sad. She behaves like a total shithead, there are still always more people who are nice to her and try to help her, and she acts like they insulted her honor. Freakin garbage person.

Dr. Manhattan : I hope this series never ends

xX_M33DSW0K3R_Xx commenter : That next cured my cancer and depression.

Catfish8 : The “next!!“ thingy gave me a headache

Vincent Santangelo : NE-AH-AH-AH-A-A-XT

jinglejangle234 : NeEeEeEeExXssssssT

I don't deserve subs : NEXT!

DT Luveros : this is more enjoyable since unlike the other channels, you dont use the same 2 songs and a voice to text bot

abileoni : That 'next' lady was so infuriating omfg

Cure Hime Productions : Highly doubt Jesus would ever say “F you.”

biohazard6660 : N E X T !

Amber Sweet : This video was amazing! *NEXT!*

Joseph MrJoestar : Message to the NEXT Lady from youtuber “I hope she gets raped.” -KSI

V A P O R W A V E : Iam a blind person and i really like these videos because i can listen all the funny texts Thank you my fellow youtuber

Kylie Healy : next is begining to not even look like a word anymore

Tubeulous : 12:41 yes

Uriah Siner : 6:14 “And all I wanted was a lousy letter or a call I hope you know I ripped all of your pictures off the wall”

Peai Growtopia : *PREVIOUS !*

Papaw Taters : As a graphic design artist myself, the person that would offer just $10 for 40 DRAWINGS is absurd and wouldn’t even be worth it to a freelancer

IAMPIG : Good job on the NEXT lady's voice. Really made me want to just bang my head on the wall. Edit: Sorry if my comment seemed like I was hating. I wasn't.

QualityGaming Studios : *N E X T !*

Nomad2001 : That fishbowl logo isn't that bad actually, i wouldn't be surprised if the guy sees this video and uses the clipping tool to take the logo.

The Guardian : MAH WAAAAFE

MblasterGamer : That freaked me out because my native lenguage is spanish, but im watching an english video and then suddenly you started talking in spanish and in english at the same time and i understood both, so i had a headeache because i was hearing 2 people talking in 2 different lenguages, that i know, at the same fucking time Omg!

Kibela Fawn : Sorrow TV is my Voice Acting Idol. HOW ARE YOU ABLE TO HIT NEARLY EVERY RANGE?! IT'S AMAZING! That and your overall personality tone, makes this channel my favorite.

Ale : 4:30 Sounds like Hermaeus Mora from Skyrim.


Ethan Evers : What makes me mad is that for the brick guy he's my neighbor and that's exactly him

Christopher Dibbs : I've watched this video. _NEXT!!_

Ashleigh Jones : MAH WAHFE!!!

Sky Flier : Lmao the Spanish going endlessly in the background was fucking hilarious!