Nintendo E3 2018 press conference in 5 minutes

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AWDTH1111 : I'm excited for Smash but man this e3 was pretty meh. Bethesda definitely took the gold this year.

NextGenNate : Wake me up when the new metriod game is here :(((((

Sinom : What about demons X machina? Or Xenoblade 2 dlc? Or, you know, FIRE EMBLEM? Those looked amazing. Why did you cut them out?

Avera9eWh1teShark6 : WHERE'S METROID PRIME 4!?

Dark Blades : No Metroid?? Man thats upsetting.

Flori Vo : Disappointed of Nintendo. Where is Animal Crossing, Pikmin 4, Metroid Prime 4?!

6644pmr : Very underwhelming Nintendo direct for me, I’m not interested in anything they showed, was hoping for Metroid

Ryukachoo : 1:06 Hey look it's the slightly-too-attractive very carefully ethnicity and gender distributed gang!

acrobatsutr : nothing for metroid... disappointed.

J Dog : WHERE IS METROID!!!!!🤬🤬🤬

MrDelord39 : This video leaves out games....

Climoushh' : You really take out at least 4 games ? LMAO go sleep the verge

PeterDaGreat : 2:11 Fortnite cross platform support 😌

Lighten hope : What ever happen to metroid 4 they announced last year. I feel like we never got anymore news since then.

daniel sadowinski : Don't know about everyone else, but I'm most looking forward to overcooked 2

chronischtelaat : Endless regurgitating

Tony Toronto : 'Throws Pokeball plus at 70 inch TV'

Sofia Germanotta : I’m so angry at the lack of new and unique titles these days. There are only so many Mario games I can stand.

PTNLemay : The fact that the Let's Go games can be played with such a simplified controller makes me a little bit... worried. I was hoping that they were going to make it a more complex version of Pokemon Go.

MrDelord39 : This video leaves out games....

Joseph Soto : They’re only adding one new character to smash????

Cj L : God this looks sick. Kinda has Pokemon Heart Gold vibes where you could use that pokeball you could carry around.

Haag Johnson : December 7th, 2018?? Too soon Japan, too soon.

idontknow : why is this only 5 mins and not 10 like the others?

Ian Garcia15 : Horrible, xbox and sony killed this year

shisho95 : They released a full Mario & Zelda alongside with their new console (which have been killing it) last year, what else do you want? There is only so much time and money. Nintendo is doing better now than they have in years, be happy.

Frank Bean : RIDLEY!

CEKROM : 4:55 this is ultimate =D

Maestro : Meh

John Snow : Nintendo is like a mobile game company without the phone now a days. 😕

Ανδρέας Καρανδρέας : So.. who won?

Matthew Richardson : Already pre-ordered smash. Contemplating dark souls but I'm not too sure about a game like that on the joycons.

Ahmed Chandab : Worst show I've seen in a while

TappatopShotta : A lot of people are going to break their televisions throwing a pokemon ball plus at it.

sarang mahatme : Can Anyone Gift Me a Nintendo switch 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Mathias Johansen : Kids game

yun : i dont like the way my man reggie says "pokemon"

ROBIN : im getting a switch!!!!!!

Victor Hugo : So in other words, Nintendo E3 press conference announced Super Smash Bros. and literally nothing else... Was hoping to see something new on Metroid Prime 4, or maybe an actual, fully realised pokemon game. And what about Bayonetta 3? I'm buying Super Smash on day one, but looks like I will still spend more time with my PS4.

jwchoi721 : Yes!!! Dragon ball z fighters.....that’s all I wanted to see.

Mark-Christian Killick-Calver : FORTNITEEEEE

MickeysJunky408 : SMAAAAAAAASH

David C : Hmm. I thought they gonna show Monster hunter xx or something...

Geo Jacob : Very underwhelming...

Taco Pants27 : We. Need. Metroid prime FOOOOOOOUR!!

red drib : haha... I'm too old for pokeballs, I'm not gonna buy that! hahaha...

Egor Rose : Yesssss Z Fighterrr

Adhi Raj : Fortnite on Nintendo 🙇🏻‍♂️

Project: Darkstorm : 0/10 no metroid prime 4

crazypeopleparodies : I just want media apps like Netflix and YouTube, or atleast a web browser.