Weekend Update: Stefon on Summer's Hottest Tips - SNL

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Lauren Hatter : I think John Mulaney has a slight obsession with midgets

Rick Rose : Hader is genius, but Seth Meyers' contribution as a straight man is underrated. His timing is impeccable, and his inexhaustible patience is charming.

Duodo : John Mulaney wrote this masterpiece? Woah.

Some Girl :D : mommy daddy kiddy

SR Brant : New York's hottest club is _(Rodent-like noises)._ Founded six minutes ago by lethally infected actress Meryl Strep, this vandalized Ronald McDonald statue gives people a mysterious sense of wonder like when you see your high school art teacher working at a Big Lots. This place has everything: Washcloths, oatmeal, dish soap, chickens running around in tiny neck-braces and - just when you thought the night was over - Ta-da! It's a homeless drag queen with spoon puppets instead of fingers!

stephanie bee : love stefon winding up seth .. they needed a movie hehe

Grace Georgina : Ravioli hands

Cris05 : Wow Stefon predicted Hamilton. Black George Washington.

Gina Berlin : Nothing says NY culture like a cat in a bodega, cmon!

gapjunction11 : As a straight male I find Stefon confusingly attractive!

unaanguila : He hold it really well this time not to laugh, hahaha. Seth was the one laughing this time. They were such a great comedy duo!

Ciclopea2 : If you blink you might miss that quick glance they give each other at the beginning, i'm not saying something ever happened, these two are good actors and everything but the chemistry was there and they knew it and had fun with it but probably would never admit it, but i totally see it.

GG Babe : He seems sexy in this for some reason xD

WeedyistFlame420 : Stefon is constantly reliving a prostate orgasm exploding through a penile orgasm...

redblackshirt : So this is where that famous "accurate" gif is from!

Shakilah Nabee : Omg hilarious. I love you bill hader! Can't get enough of stefon.

ehcf16 : Jeffree Star should be Stefon every Halloween.

ringerxo : Black George Washington. So he's talking about the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

Nicholas : Shoulders.

Aishah Abdul Rahman : Love the way Stefon looked at Seth

Ben D. : 10 jacked homeless guys LOL

III BBB : He looks like someone is constantly tickling him under the table :D

Rick Rose : Hader's Stefon is so brilliant, that Seth's long-suffering straight man bit often goes overlooked. These guys were Abbot & Costello for the 2000s.

Sim : Aww they're sooo cute... Stefon is the most adorable gay ever lol

LordAaronus : you know DJ Baby Bak Choi is just Kim Jong Un incognito

Melina E : grown men in Wedding Dresses... am I the only one who had to think about Misha Collins?? xD #spn

Jujujana love alchemy : I absolutely loose my shit at ravioli hands

Amy : "Black George Washington" did you mean Hamilton

Martin Drienka : As I couldn't stand Bill Hader on beginning I am so falling in love with him now. He just killed it with this character. Made me think he actually released his natural self!!!:)))

hel skid : I'm re-watching it now, 'cause I've been up for 2 days :)

Dash Galaxy : 15 years ago in high school I knew a vegan guy named Steffan that looked just like Stefon, but their personalities were not that similar. Both gay, though!

Igor ogI : Stefon needs to guest star ASAP!!!!

Robert Ramirez : I miss Stefon

Emily hancock : God I miss Bill Hader

fear the eels : everytime he did this skit i felt like he was reading the script for the first time because he can't resist laughing

AdamG1983 : "New York's hottest club is-" "Nope"

Adam Block : His mannerisms remind me of Ally Sheedy at times... it's weird haha

Alex Pilgrim : I have a 1 million $$ idea- Stefon & Bruno-the movie

Keith Purdue : Seth should have stayed with SNL. He is a clown as a newscaster. And Hader is sorely missed on SNL.

WinterCamryn : I feel like this is the most we see Bill Hader in Stefon's character -- I can't get enough of his mannerisms like stroking his hair, pouting his lips, and give Seth an up-down look. I love his selling voice for these clubs - I truly believe that they exist... I want them to be real

Ariyal sirrah : Nightmares of a crystal meth addict . 😂

Danny Rhu : Jesus Christ seth you are enabling his destructive behavior

Asha Ray-C. : It’s funny that John Mulaney wrote this because Stefan says Baby Bok Choi has ravioli hands and in Mulaney’s most recent standup (or most recent) he refers to a baby with “ravioli hands”

My Account : Its funnier when he laughs

R 85 : Black George Washington... So Chris Jackson?!

Rah Beats : this is his 2nd appearance ever right ? :) 3:48 is where he subconsciously knew. that This is working :) he he will make so many people laugh from now on ! love it !!%!$!!!! :DD

Jakob Hawk Dennis : Ravioli hands

VA : This was Bill’s best full characterization of Stefon. In other sketches he just reads lines with a dude’s slouch and no eyeliner.

MooseKnuckle : I always die on all his skits cause they always gotta incorporate midgets somewhere lmao

hxyxssbxtt : *knock knock* It's black George Washington! CJack?