How to Pair Sushi with Beer | That's Odd, Let's Drink It

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Sushi and beer pairings get an upgrade in the season finale of That's Odd, Let's Drink. Instead of drinking cans of industrial lager with takeout California rolls, brewmaster Sam Calagione attempts to match Japanese and American brews with some of the greatest hits from the omakase menu at Shuko, one of NYC's most acclaimed sushi bars. Joining the micro-pairing adventure is musician Julianna Barwick, who brewed a sushi-inspired, wasabi-infused beer called Rosabi with Sam a few years back. Subscribe to First We Feast on YouTube: Check out more of First We Feast here: First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.


A Certain Anime Index : this dude uses gnarly bro at least once a month

Tornreality : This guy is probably the worlds hardest man to stereotype, He looks/sounds like a stoner, frat bro, high school football coach, surfer, college professor all incarnated into one person.

Moxie Beast ASMR : god i want sushi now.

Lumovest - Investing Channel : This channel sure knows how to make me want to eat whatever they're showing.

Chris Cerullo : This show is so interesting. Would love to see a beer + pasta episode.

tipoomaster : I've never seen someone oscillate between broski and professorial this fast before lol

dvssk8er3 : How do you pair Gordon Ramsay with Hot Ones? 😉

TheKitchenMoFo : Just dip it like it's soy sauce

Ryan Larson : Who else loves the chef

T. Gordon : Sam really knows his shit. And is amazing at describing flavors. I respect the hell out of it.

Justin : Grilling the sinew of the fish is an interesting idea, man, I would love to try that because it’s got me curious.

Terps : I feel like this guy could have been the coolest sports teacher

Ligma : alright that's enough, where's sean

wabi sabi : Why all the hate? That's Sam of Dogfish Head, come on. What gets me though, is how they fill the glasses to the brim. That's not sake. 😅

GentleBen : I want *Sushi and Beer* everyday of my life and this just reaffirms that idea.

Tessa Anderson : Actually that’s my favorite beer I never say no to that ;)

A 1 : I’m sure she’s lovely but I wanna hear about the Sushi and beer only

Antony Michael Pugh : I second Bill Murray but I would love to see Mathew McConaughey! I know he’s more bourbon guy but I think it would be awesome to see him design a beer!

cubix626 : Bruh you missed out on the chefs favorite beer! He said tickling on the tongue cuz sansho gives a numbing effect to food that makes it real special.

MrLividAntibody : So good. Not what you want to watch while hungry.

Rice MenaRQ : Put both in blender

Jesse : Definitely one of my favourite shows on YouTube. Keep 'em comin'!

nik pik : When talking about food, a chic should never NEVER say "i 've never had it like that before". NEVER!!!

Charley roth-douquet : Sean’s head looks like my freshly shaved scrotum. That being said, I’m a big fan.

Bryan Sergot : This video brought to you by Dogfish Head lol.

cinanglai : I might sound like a food Nazi, but here goes. NEVER dip the sushi rice with soy sauce, it will scramble apart. If it's a roll, just skip the soy sauce, eat it like it is.

Jonah Fry : This show is under rated. Keep up the good work! Hot Ones and That's Odd is a great pair!

Markuz Valdez : I love Sam he’s such and genuine awesome dude. I’m glad he’s still doing rad things

BigWave : Looks like a wonderful time. Another great video. Would be amazing to have some beers with you

A Noah Griffith Film : Despite some of the comments here, I think Sam is a great host. He obviously knows his stuff and is passionate about this kind of work! He brings a lot of excitement into these episodes and I think a lot of the criticisms are unfair bc they're comparing him to Sean Evans. Can't wait to see more of Sam in future episodes!

Brett Krajewski : I LOVE SAM

Kyle : I ordered sushi for lunch before this video ended.

Floozys Brothel : What was that ending song? So familiar!

ORPHN Music : That's the kind of restaurant I want to open up.. Omasake Kaiseki Cuisine with a little french touch and a Beer and Wine Bar going with it. I fell in love with Japanese kitchen because of Umami! My granddad (he worked as a journalist) said my kaiseki cooking takes him back to ryokans in Osaka. But I still got a long way to go since I've only had practice in Japanese Cuisine for 3 years and only learned french/austrian-german cooking at the school I went to. I wanna go to Tsuji for mre refined training.

Lisha Misha : Say no to Cali rolls!

Léo Cubas : I don't even drink alcohol but this show is so wholesome, I don't want to miss a second of it

Šimon Kubina : chilli papers

snakepatay : Why do i watch this before bed, yeah i got some smokey whiskey and a good IPA but these snacks wont do!! Where is my fancy sushi?!!!

angel wong : It felt like a bit awkward for the chef cause they kind of went off on a speech about the beer and did'nt do that beautiful sushi justice 😍

Jackson : Really loving the show. 10/10 entertainment value

James Cisneros : Is it weird that this show makes me happy i drink? lol

skalomax : Only this channel would make me want to drink a beer before I head into work at 8am! Love it, love DFH!

Dick Butt : "Micro Pairing" THE single most Chad thing to ever been stated.

Kyle Paley : This seems like a Dogfish head commercial. Which is fine but would like to have seen more Japanese craft beers.

TheKonaboy65 : Hope you will have more episodes. Really cool show!! Cheers.

caivs : for some reason i'd love to see raw unedited footage single cam of this sitting lol

Elliot Stanley : Sam and Sean are my two favorite hosts. First We Feast is my favorite food channel. If you guys could do an episode with Stone Cold Steve Austin that would be epic. Also I’ve heard former President Barack Obama is a beer fan.

Flaco : this the 3rd time I have seen this guy on a youtube food channel, i love his accent

Forrest Akervik : This is my absolute favorite thing on the internet!! <3