How to Pair Sushi with Beer | That's Odd, Let's Drink It

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First We Feast : Who would you most want to see Sam drink beers with? Any celeb beer drinkers you think need their own custom brew?

Moxie Beast ASMR : god i want sushi now.

A Certain Anime Index : this dude uses gnarly bro at least once a month

Lumovest - Investing Channel : This channel sure knows how to make me want to eat whatever they're showing.

Tornreality : This guy is probably the worlds hardest man to stereotype, He looks/sounds like a stoner, frat bro, high school football coach, surfer, college professor all incarnated into one person.

TheKitchenMoFo : Just dip it like it's soy sauce

Chris Cerullo : This show is so interesting. Would love to see a beer + pasta episode.

dvssk8er3 : How do you pair Gordon Ramsay with Hot Ones? 😉

Molteniron : Not a fan of this one. Everything seems overly scripted, especially the flubbed greeting of the guest. Julianna is clearly uncomfortable on camera, so she's just going along with everything someone else says. The shameless plugging of Rosabi is pretty blatant and forced as well. Sam seems to feel the need to talk every second of the show (although this may be the fault of editing). I really just didn't feel any passion in this one.

Christian Howarth : 'Songs with the ambient sounds of our brewery'....really? What kind of bacon-beard-balm-hipster-shit is that?

Zoe Jeremy : This guy is like that stoner dude who knows nothing about anything but weed itself.

Dalton Hall : This guy sounds like a tool

Orion Rodriguez : This host is so bad I can't watch another minute of this. the pretentious and irrelevant comparison he made between music Albums and Taro Sushi made me cringe so hard no amount of good editing could save this guy.

Harrison McDonald : New host for this plsss

Versaucey : Julianne has a great voice and she doesn't use *autotuna* Get it? Cause seafood video?

SirSone : Did they bang after this?

Charley roth-douquet : Sean’s head looks like my freshly shaved scrotum. That being said, I’m a big fan.

T. Gordon : Sam really knows his shit. And is amazing at describing flavors. I respect the hell out of it.

VowelOwl : This show is literally just one long protracted advertisement for Dogshit Brewery.

Kevin Kam : This host is terrible. Just sounds like a gym/lax bro

Tyler Martin : This guys boring and has no personality

Ligma : alright that's enough, where's sean

Adam : Dogfish Head beers give me the worst diahrrea the next day.

wabi sabi : Why all the hate? That's Sam of Dogfish Head, come on. What gets me though, is how they fill the glasses to the brim. That's not sake. 😅

PyroNinja713 : Title should be "How to be as hipster as possible" This show sucks. It only brought people in at first with Rhett and Link.

Lisha Misha : Say no to Cali rolls!

cattalematt : I usually like first we feast shows, but this one feels like a ten minute commercial for Dogfish Head.

Cristián Salinas : This video is too pretentious, it’s just beer and raw fish with rice, come on

Justin : Grilling the sinew of the fish is an interesting idea, man, I would love to try that because it’s got me curious.

komikero : Chef gave you Otoro as the first dish so he can capture your attention. What do you do? Go off on a beer seminar.

MrLividAntibody : So good. Not what you want to watch while hungry.

Terps : I feel like this guy could have been the coolest sports teacher

Negative Gains : I don't want to be a hater, but every sushi owned by someone other than japanese is usually terrible.

Šimon Kubina : chilli papers

Gabriel Toledano : I am tired of ppl describing food without a proper vocabulary. Woodsy, charcoally are not words.

tipoomaster : I've never seen someone oscillate between broski and professorial this fast before lol

Elliot Stanley : Sam and Sean are my two favorite hosts. First We Feast is my favorite food channel. If you guys could do an episode with Stone Cold Steve Austin that would be epic. Also I’ve heard former President Barack Obama is a beer fan.

Alejandro Ramirez : i want to punch this guy in the face. he sounds better on mute.

Brett Krajewski : I LOVE SAM

Bartholmule Dirtbag : Here’s how. You don’t! You don’t pair sushi with beer!

Léo Cubas : I don't even drink alcohol but this show is so wholesome, I don't want to miss a second of it

Rice MenaRQ : Put both in blender

Michael Tricker : Ahh yes the fresh fresh taste we call "Pretentious".

Antony Michael Pugh : I second Bill Murray but I would love to see Mathew McConaughey! I know he’s more bourbon guy but I think it would be awesome to see him design a beer!

Jesse : Definitely one of my favourite shows on YouTube. Keep 'em comin'!

Bryan Sergot : This video brought to you by Dogfish Head lol.

Markuz Valdez : I love Sam he’s such and genuine awesome dude. I’m glad he’s still doing rad things

Emmanuel Alejandro : Sake always works for sushi. Beer just doesn't mesh well with sushi for me.

Martin : Chinese chef making sushi 🤔

AgentPotato : This and hot ones are top tier