The magnificent arrest of Paul Charles Dozsa

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Brian Tyler : manifest

Ed Attwell : Ah yes I see you know your judo well

Paul Gough : This could well be the single funniest clip on You Tube. Can't get enough of it. How good is his voice. "Eating a meal, a succulent chinese meal."

KGB : i'd pay him to eat at my restaurant, good sir :)

Hicory Dock : This man deserves to be knighted

Richard Hobson : Rest in Peace, you absolute legend!

rbradt1 : Getting arrested like a sir.

tyler loving : This was made before everything was on camera. This has to be one of the greatest moments of human history. It is so silly, out of place, just strangely awesome. This is in the top 1000000000 moments in human history.

King Wizard : Gentlemen this is Democracy Manifest

bust nut : i want to watch this man's entire life.

user 06081982 : I'M UNDER WHAT?!!

native zero : R.I.P Sir Paul Charles Dozsa

Muffin Button : How did the cops NOT die laughing?!

Simoslav Klose : Eating a meeeal?! A succulent Chinese meeeal?!

Bernie McComiskey : The most amazing thing ever! I cannot stop watching this

6RID8U6 : "Seet dain inside the cah."

Bill Egan : I knew Paul well as a personal friend since the 1970s; this is definitely nothing like him, he had infinitely more class and would never have been disrespectful to police or anyone, he was a true gentleman, even if  as nutty as a fruitcake

Jack Adams : Bane unmasked

Marko Tesla : I think the cops did a good job here, they showed a lot of restraint and no one got badly hurt here

Geoff Goodwin : My new favorite YouTube video.

Sam Tobias : Everything he says is pure gold

Wasson_G : It's like they're arresting Dr. Zaius.

carsonkent : a succulent chinese meal...

Yorosero : Greatest arrest ever!

Korey V : If that was america he would of been shot the second he raised his voice to those officers.

Chessey panda Leon : This guy is my hero

Henrik Mortensen : Sorry to spoil a great story, but this is NOT Paul Dosza (1940 - 2003) from Australia.

SirenZoil : Ahhhh yes i see that you know your judo well!!!!!!

liambirch : Probably the best video on YouTube

Shivoykin ' : TIL every time a British person talks more than needed it auto turns into a Monty Python sketch

Austin S : Was he arrested repeatedly? or Did he repeatedly not pay for food?

Alexandra Holloway : Like a felon Steve Irwin

MelbourneGamesCoach : Most definitely NOT Paul Charles Dosza, the Hungarian-born chess player, but an amusing video nevertheless!

Richard III : I never get tired of watching this!

torpedo192 : Paul Charles Dozsa seems to be a different man when you look up google images. Hungarian chess master.

Kevin Ratcliffe : Apparently, he had a very strong Hungarian accent (not a European one) and was always accepting of his arrests. Close friends have said that this is not his voice and mannerisms, so whether it's a bloody good dub over, or a look a like, who knows.

RassilonsArmy : Theresa May will be carried out of Downing Street like this.

DJT : That man, who ever he is, is a hero

I3o : I keep thinking of Mr. Jacopo Peterman in Seinfeld everytime I hear him. Both the voice and the way he speaks.

Jabari Cooper : this guy is my hero.

J MG : #BritishLivesMatter

세하김 : when was this?

Christopher Nasif : I wonder how police from a major American city would have handled this?

mendaliv : Supposedly there's some question as to whether this actually is Dozsa; while it looks like him, it's been said that Dozsa spoke with a Hungarian accent... this guy doesn't.

WMsandKFCisBackMOFOs : This man is Legend.

LordNimon : Sad to see Stephen Toast has hit hard times.

carlos blazos : "Tataaa and.. farewell"

James007HungerZone : World's most famous dine and dasher.

Hershey Barber : I dunno how I had never seen this before.