Pony With Overgrown Hooves Meets the Farrier

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Robert Evras : The Dude who allowed the poney to founder needs an Ass Whooping. Glad this resue was here to save it!

Victorbrine Cassini : How do horses in the wild, untamed, not get those overgrown hooves? Or do they?

Kerry Mulholland : I’m happy that you’re helping this pony but I hope you had a very candid and honest conversation with your very dear friend about neglecting this pony’s feet for so long. Education is key in solving the problem.

jacktheripped : You have a good farrier. Keep him working ;)

Sonja Gaffer : shame on your friends for letting him get like this in the first place

caveman Versace : Can you please tell that farrier to do some educational videos? Dude was very informative and maintained the attention of the viewer.

Lil Loo : Thank you for helping this pony and PLEASE continue to have the farrier out regularly (no more than 6 weeks apart) to trim and shape the feet. It takes time to get them right again, but with proper farrier attention, it will happen. And SHAME ON YOUR FRIEND for allowing such neglect to his feet. It's criminal, really.

aloe hu02 : Kids annoy me so much lol these farriers are great

Laura Hafner : Founder is a permanent condition and can be caused by those long hooves he had. It’s not always caused be feed fever.☹️. He will need regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks for the rest of his life. Founder is painful and progressive. Thank you for giving that pony some relief.🙂

reflectedtooth : 6:31 horse casually takes a dump.

Tator Kator : I recommend you teach this pony to drive. A horse with a skill always has a better chance of having a home. You don't have to be fancy as I taught my mini to drive having Never driven myself but I have ridden plenty (riding and driving are a bit different). You can even use it for farming via pulling small branches, clearing brush (make sure you have a collar not a breast strap), hauling fire wood, hay or even just to drive around for fun or to replace the fourwheeler.

Claire Scott : To be honest, I know nothing about horses and dint know their hooves could grow like this...it's must be uncomfortable for them 🙁

Kamikaze Yamamoto : I don't know why but I always enjoy watching farriers work. Great job! I'm a grown adult but I envy those little kids - they have the absolute best place to grow up. I wish I had been so lucky growing up.

HappyMV : You are doing great work. Most importantly, you setting such a wonderful example for your children and your viewers what it means to be kind to animals. Sending good energy your way!

Miraculous Rae : That is am awesome, very sensible and rare farrier. Gentle, knowledgeable, and not judgemental. Took the time to educate without being a snotty butt. Good luck deary. I just rescued a couple myself. :)

Fyralynn : The fact he needed to be told to get a farrier worries me.

John Michael : That farrier was experienced. It was a pleasure to watch the skill. I find it annoying that people keep horses and ponies and do not look after them. Perhaps they do not realise how expensive they are to keep.

James Landholm : How do hooves naturally go down? just running around on rocks and stuff? Like wild horses and such.

Sammy Hallam : Charlie definitely has a new skip in his step with his new dancing shoes. Bless all the Farriers !

Jacqueline Reed : Swelling inside the hooves(imagine having an infection under your fingernails,only much worse,because horses and ponies have to stand on those painful feet.)The soles of the hooves drop and the position of the coffin bone inside the hoof changes to some degree.Pads between the hoof and the horseshoes can sometimes make them more comfortable,but as has been mentioned,a horse or pony that founders will never be the same.I believe that Secretariat was euthanized because he had foundered and eventually his discomfort became so great that they felt it was time to free him from his pain.My father was a farrier and one of the horses he worked on regularly,a $500,000 champion Arabian stallion,had the same issue and like Secretariat,the padding and special shoes only helped so much and he too was humanely put down.There may be new methods of treatment now;my father retired decades ago.But this sort of thing can happen to any horse or pony,the legendary Secretariat,and your neighbor's pony.

MyPetsAtHomeChannel : thanks for helping this beautyful pony!

Audrey Neely : I feel really bad for that poor pony.And his founder might not be caused by feeding, it could of been caused my those long hooves of his. Poor pony will need his feet trimmed every four weeks for his whole life! He must of been in lots of pain.Good thing he is getting better.

Sidilicious : Heels are still too long but waaaayyy better than it was!!!!

Sceme1991 : Man that work gotta need some strong back

Janis Cortese : Poor baby -- I hope he's moving better now. His joints and tendons must have ached from walking incorrectly for so long.

Sailrjup12nh : How could someone let that happen to their horse! I am appalled! I agree with K below me!

Ao Chen : YouTube recommend this to me... Never thought I'd care so much about someone else's pony's hooves.

Shane Lamell : Great job and it will be nice to see you all on your new farm. Have a nice day.

Ruby3023 : This vid was in my recommendation so idk much So I was wondering how this happens Do people have to regularly trim hooves? What about wild ponies?

beauch63 : keep caring for the animals!!

Gregory Kendrick : He can walk again thank you

miss lilkev : I didn’t realize hooves grew like fingernails.

jorge maldonado : Thank you taking care of the horses 🐎

Merri Bayarena : You’re an amazing person Mr Cooper. God Bless You for taking care of this helpless creature that cannot fin for himself. This world is Blessed with individuals like yourself in it. Thank you for being you!

colin958 : Good job, sir.

armyofthewolves : Helping a deer friend, more like a HORSE friend am I right guys? Budum tssss gimme a high five

G L : Now how about combing out her mane and tail? The mane could sure be shortened to keep it from clumping and tangling if it doesn't get regular attention.

Sojeung Lee : I just made a little donation. I live right next to Payson! Wow. Hope your family and Charlie is safe from the fire.

Evelyn Stephens : What happens to horses feet in the wild?

Darkhorse3211 : It would be a good idea to get a grazing muzzle for this pony for spring/fall when the grass is really lush to prevent another founder/lamanitis. This farrier is excellent.

intricateXploration : Did horses once file their own hooves when humans weren't around?

Александр Болбат : I wonder if the same happens to mustangs in the wild.

BabyK18316 : Man look at that man work! A true professional he knows what he’s doing too cool

Toasted Fan Art : I think half the comment section wants your friends head on a spike, smart move keeping him anonymous 😅

PhantomStella : this pony has such a cute face...why would you neglect such a sweet guy

_XEM Ajax_ : so how tf do stray horses survive without someone to cut the hooves?

Debbie Judd : There really are good people out there poorly y

Joshua Schell : The pony was all kinds of happy when they asked it if things were better.

M se : Amazing

Logjam5 : Seems like a calm pony.