Emilia Clarke Re-Creates Workplace Stock Photos | Vanity Fair
Emilia Clarke Re Creates Stock Photos

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Cover star Emilia Clarke re-creates stock photos for Vanity Fair. Emilia might be best known as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO's "Game of Thrones", but her true calling is posing for stock business photography. “I’ve been waiting for this moment, this career-defining moment … this honesty and truth that I know I’m going to find … in Barbara the businesswoman.” Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/2z6Ya9M ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture. Emilia Clarke Re-Creates Workplace Stock Photos | Vanity Fair


Asian Sex : The graph represents the number of deaths upon her arrival in king's landing

Alex Whybrow : "What I'm probably best known for is Game of Thrones" " *DRAGONS* "

guyyouseewhenyoudie : Her hair is so powerful in this hahaha

dpvbarbie : I really want her to venture into comedy even if just for a little while. She’s among those kind of people who are really funny without even trying hard.

ShahS 1221 : She needs to recreate 'Woman Laughing Alone With Salad'! 😂

RuntDog : “What does being a leader actually mean?” *burns city to the ground*

O D : That joke about coffee has aged well, thanks to Season 8, episode 4.

K H : Jon: it’s been three days now. She won’t take off the blazer. She keeps sniffing sharpies and chugging Starbucks coffee.

Lord fartamor : She kinda doesn't qualify for looking like an average looking person who are generally in stock photos.

AnieRrn : Emilia would be perfect in an Office-like comedy

kevinsuper24 : I kid you not, I would rather watch this than watch Season 8 of GOT

SwetPotato : Her eyebrows don't want to stay in the office.


lucassniper : I feel like I just watched an SNL short. I want to see her in a comedy now.

Nandakumar : How has Emilia Clarke not yet done a comedy? She had superb sense of humor!!

TheAris621 : Whoever edited this is an absolute legend 😂

Red Horizon : Emilia Clarke would have made an awesome Captain Marvel.

Ysa Bianca : Love the fact that she's just here to actually ruin the photos😂😂😂 Edit: OMG thanks for the likes🤣

GUNPLAyer 1 : I must say, she's the Brit version of Ryan Reynolds.

Faisal Abdalla : She's amazing, no matter what happen to Daenerys Targaryen😅😢

Royal Shapshifter : Imagine her and Ryan Reynolds together😂

delta1 inc : this should be a weekly thing on her instagram. Emilia Clarke re-creates stock photos.

Cat Man : Doesn't know how to order coffee - that explains alot lol.

Maverick Assasin : Rather than doing sci-fi and drama movies, she should try comedy. She is naturally funny. How has anyone not seen that yet.

Luc Tran : I loved her. Yes she is very cute, but is her personality that is ssoo dead on topnotch. The lady is very funny and I just think that is way cool

Wingate Crawford : If they ever remake The Office, I have a feeling Emilia Clarke could be a spectacular Micheal Scott type character.

Mai Vançon : 3:33 The face of Successful winning business woman 😆

Josiane Souligny : Not only is this hilarious but I can't believe that modeling for stock photos a couple of years ago would land me in a video with Emilia Clarke. She is amazing!!! This skit is genius. (I'm the woman with dark hair at 0:45)

Duh Betch : "what i'm probably best known for is game of thrones- "DRAGONS"

Khalid Hasan Zibon : *Microsoft and Power Point* - Emilia Clarke, 2018

LuffHYPERZ : She should be Captain Marvel Change my mind

Diggorydies : She's got great comedic chops. Her and Chris Hemsworth would make a hilarious pair.

dex : if only season 8 danerys was like this :(

Darknight 307 : She really needs to be in a proper comedy movie. Her delivery is spot on, cringy & adorable all at the same time. Gotta love Emilia.

meet soni : The trend illustrates number of people died by fire or bricks.

Rodiakos : 3:34 Daenerys Face on S8 E5 while sitting on Drogon and destroying the City. 😂

Yarrsi : "I won't know how to order coffee after this, because I will be so used to someone doing it for me" :D

Xyles7 : 1:23 Brandon Stark pointing at a graph, STANDING

ScarlettP : Emilia is like a ray of sunshine, I love personality

hazeroid : She needs to recreate those photos with Hide The Pain Harold.

FrozenShadow 007 : Was expecting her to start to talk like Jim at his first interview with the crew of The Office

Arian Rahman : Anyone else have no idea what the video was about and just taken aback by Emilia Clarke's beauty the whole time?

Freespirit Mace : Haha 😆!! She’s one of my favorite actresses. She has the best personality ever, she’s just groovy, and she’s herself. I just love it 😊!!

karan : For a start, rebuild the game of thrones final season.

Fullmetal Keyblade : I understand now, the reason she burned down Kings Landing was because she huffed one too many Sharpies and was high af when she heard the Bells.

LadyofTruth : Omfg I can't handle. So funny. I love her so much

21Units : This is why I love Emilia Clarke

Amin Yashed : How can one person have so many facial expressions? 🤔

Kylie : “A diagram isn’t going to crash on you” No, but a dragon might...