Emilia Clarke Re-Creates Stock Photos | Vanity Fair

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ShahS 1221 : She needs to recreate 'Woman Laughing Alone With Salad'! 😂

Gary Buckley : How can one person have so many facial expressions? 🤔

ScarlettP : Emilia is like a ray of sunshine, I love personality

Bethany Hunt : Oh my god i love her

Sovash Chetty : After this Emilia Clarke was found overdosed on Sharpie fumes, as Game of Thrones wasn't able to continue filming the final season was cancelled.

Jayden Kouli : She is the absolute best human

Aditi M : She is so extremely lovable!

Alessandra Cartocci : I swear I went immediately to shutterstock to look for these shots!!!!!!!

Laurence Bell : Pause at 3:30 for true insanity.

jheevanesh Gunalan : I cannot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm literally suffocating 😂😂😂😂😂

Jozsa Stienen : How can one be so perfect. EDIT: wow 500 likes, thank you so much. 💚

Sebastian Alba : Barbra, mother of Excel and spread sheets. Queen of the conference call room, coffee born leader. Breaker of sharpie pen caps.

Duh Betch : "what i'm probably best known for is game of thrones- "DRAGONS"

amal zuhair : The humour she gives off with her seriousness is absolutely on point she could’ve overdone it but she didn’t

MyLifeAsLouis : Next, Emilia Clarke Recreates Meme Photos

Maverick Assasin : Rather than doing sci-fi and drama movies, she should try comedy. She is naturally funny. How has anyone not seen that yet.

Bethany : Hilarious as always. Protect her at all cost.

The Introvert : She has such a charming personality. You can just sit n watch her for hours n never be bored.

Noemi Bautista : so where can I get these photos?

hearts-shinhwa : I want to be friends with her so bad omg 🤣

Amon Ra 2000 : That face at 3:33 XD Lmao

Freek Vonk : You can try all you want Emilia but you'll never get more stockphoto famous than 'Hide The Pain Harold'

akazukincha : How come they have not invited her in SNL yet??!!!! She’s so funny 😂

Luz María Torres II García : I love my Khaleesi!!!!!!! 🐉

banana boat : this segment is genuinely hilarious

fabulousprofound : corporate khalissi?

lakshmi pillai : Emilia doing the thumbs up is my new wallpaper.. I need some "life enhancing universal sign" in my life 😂😂

Darknight 307 : She really needs to be in a proper comedy movie. Her delivery is spot on, cringy & adorable all at the same time. Gotta love Emilia.

Kellythelegend : She speaks so dramatically , I thought she was joking 😂😂😂😂😂

AnieRrn : Emilia would be perfect in an Office-like comedy

Maria Mae : My God, she’s an actual child. I LOVE HER SO FREAKIN MUCH 😭😩😂🙌🏽

Angel Costa : She is amazing! This was just hilarious. :)

Natalie. N : "What I'm probably best known for is Game of Thrones" "DRAGONS!"

Gremmo B : How has Emilia Clarke not yet done a comedy? She had superb sense of humor!!

Ellie jones : i would use this photos in presentation

Stone Roses : "A diagram isn't gonna crash on you." Impressed that she was able to keep a straight face lol!

Novianti Aliasih. : Daniel Day Lewis is shaking

Ankita Desai : She's so breathtaking 😂♥️

Amar Azlan : Back off everyone, I'm going to marry this woman.

Gremmo B : Emilia is literally the human version of this 😄 emoji


Bry Diaz : This little dork is everything that’s right with the world. Emilia should really do more comedy she’s really funny.

The Phelddagrif : I excel at powerpoint

TargLife : This woman needs to host SNL!

Lily R : I see Meryl Streep's hair! Omg

Josiane Souligny : Not only is this hilarious but I can't believe that modeling for stock photos a couple of years ago would land me in a video with Emilia Clarke. She is amazing!!! This skit is genius. (I'm the woman with dark hair at 0:45)

flo Beastarmy : She's got the facial expressions of a SIMS charecter

Stefan Lennartsson : I swear I'm addicted to her.

21Units : This is why I love Emilia Clarke

Tiffany : 3:01 the guy on the far left’s thumb magically appears lmao