Epic Chinchilla Dust Bath in 4k Ultra High Definition!
Epic chinchilla dust bath

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An all-natural, uncut, original video of Taro the Violet Chinchilla taking a dust bath in 4k ultra high definition. You haven't seen a chinchilla dust bath until you've seen it in 4k! Follow ChinTubeHD to get your weekly overdose of cuteness! SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/chintubehd?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/chintubehd INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chintubehd TUMBLR: http://chintubehd.tumblr.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chintubehd CHINCHILLA BLOG: http://chintubehd.com


TUMORs : 1:13 Thanos *snapped*

Chara : I can smell the dust from here, I just sneezed from that

Zoan. : they see me rollin' they hatin'

Jjj Ooo : Top 10 uses for your nans ashes

P A : Another one bites the dust

Juke : This just confirmed: I will be owning a chinchilla in my lifetime.

MadHatterx : 1:13 chinchilla: i don't feel so good

SOFIA DAMON : I have no idea why this was in my recommended but I love it.

Betty Swallox : Self cleaning chalk board eraser

Pandas TV : The real questions is why 2 million people watched this chinchilla take a bath, it probably feels so violated right now.

GayDad : Don’t know why this is in my recommended, but definitely not disappointed

Dimwit Dangerous : This video makes me wanna sneeze

Nishi [S400] : Pela thumb achei que estava passando o bicho na farinha pra fritar ;-;

Ms Bubble 【Nightcore】 : im allergic to dust soo... *cries in allergies to cats and dust and loving chincilas but not being able to get one*

Hilka -not giving you my last name lol- : Roses are red, Watching this is a must, He spin and snuff In the loose dust

green fox : don't get dust bath and cocaine package mixed up,will you....?

Teen Words : OH...MY GAWD.....A MOVING MOCHI.......NOW WITH THE EXTRA TAIL EDITION.....Where can I purchased this....

Spethman Jones : I like how it just pulled an Obi-Wan at the end

ReZoura : Somethings wrong with your powderd donut sir.

yEe YeE : I literally thought she was cooking it I got scared for a second

Sɑm Strɑnge : I got allergies just from watching all that dust

Tim : Family: what should we do with your ashes after you die? Me: shows this video

Holo : Woah. That pokemon looks cool Where can I catch one?

Myles Mikulus : In case to that one person wondering why a chinchilla would bathe in dust. Chinchillas can’t have water come into contact with their fur since it would destroy their fur as it is so delicate.

David Si : That creature looks like a cross between Rat with a Rabbit!

Kuma Quatro : Omg!! I thought the thumbnail was a rodent in dry ice 💀💀💀😂

Sapphirus : okay it honestly looked like he was laying in a steamer from the thumbnail

Mark Hendrikx : I never understood chinchillas is it a rabbit mouse and squirrel in a blender or something else

intellectual ingnoranSe : *You shall bathe in the ashes of your ancestors*

Daniel Malek : Collab this awesome creature with The Slo-Mo Guys!! Legendary!!

john jr. - Lt. Col. Al F. Simmons : those things are so fun to play with. there like cats in a way 😼

Soubhik Roy : I don't know but watching this video it feels I am being suffocated with the dust.

Pinky Fluffles : This video made my nose itchy.

RatchetGaming : 1:13 when you see a teacher in public

Callum : I kept wiping my eyes when watching this

Shorteagle : I'm squinting my eyes be ause I'm afraid dust will get into them. Anyone else?

Alexa Whitaker : I sneezed from just watching this video Really cute tho

Life Sucks Official Channel, Bitches. : Dany afte burning Kings landing:

Merci Beaucoup : I love chinchillas :') ♡♡

Brett Mastema : Now just do this with cocaine and see him go 5x faster.

Tranny Niggot Fagger Whore : Awwwww, they look so tasty!!!! I gotta try.

Kaiser Sudank : Bro thats one dusty boye

LoFi HiP hOp Is JuSt CaLm mUsIc fOr GaNgsTeRs : Me: **has had a bad day, lost friends, gained fake ones, ran out of paint, there's no soba, and I'm depressed** This video: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

DaRockeet : >Innocent video about a chinchilla taking a bath >People in the comments who are actually, genuinely angry. Thank you, internet, very cool.

dermot Macarthur : Doctor: Sir You Have A minute and 26 Seconds left. To live what will you do Me: clicks on Video

Michelle HaRa : no one: youtube recommendations:

Billy 310 : I got allergies watching this video

88kjk75 : He got dem sharp looks He better den Mel Brooks But, most importantly He a dirt boi D E L U X E

OMG unihorn : On this week's episode of why is this in my recommend