Epic Chinchilla Dust Bath in 4k Ultra High Definition!
Epic chinchilla dust bath

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An all-natural, uncut, original video of Taro the Violet Chinchilla taking a dust bath in 4k ultra high definition. You haven't seen a chinchilla dust bath until you've seen it in 4k! Follow ChinTubeHD to get your weekly overdose of cuteness! SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/chintubehd?sub_confirmation=1 FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/chintubehd INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/chintubehd TUMBLR: http://chintubehd.tumblr.com TWITTER: https://twitter.com/chintubehd CHINCHILLA BLOG: http://chintubehd.com


lonertype : 1:13 when you're mom calls you by your embarrassing nickname in front of your friends

Tronald Dump : One day I aspire to roll around in a tub of cocaine just like a chinchilla would.

honestlyimjusttryingtofindausernamethatisnttakenalready : *PLOT TWIST:* Its actually cocaine with a cookies n cream flavour.

YELO_04 : Wait... what if... the gray sand... is... or was... the previous... Chinchilas... ashes?!?!

Pandas TV : The real questions is why 2 million people watched this chinchilla take a bath, it probably feels so violated right now.

chicken strips : to ppl that wonder why they do this, the chinchilla's fur is so thick that if they bathe in water the moisture will get stuck in the fur and turn into mold. so they bathe in dust to keep themselves clean.

양창민 : i thought the thumbnail was whole steamed chinchilla dish. it was not, i relief.

Ice_Dragon ??? : I love this i can imaginane the captions Chinchilla: *OM GOSH* Chinchilla: *A BOVL WITH SANDZ* Chinchilla: -ROLINGZ ATENSIFIES-

Tanna Tea : It rolls fast then immediately looks up. Is that an instinctive survival behaviour

RatchetGaming : 1:13 when you see a teacher in public

GayDad : Don’t know why this is in my recommended, but definitely not disappointed

Eric Pinkman : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He roll in the dust on his bacc

Kim Jong-un : 1:13 when you see your crush in public but didn't make yourself up

Delmon Ciiid’r : 0:47 Chinchilla: literally bathes himself in dust Also chinchilla:sneezes

Chara : I can smell the dust from here, I just sneezed from that

Mc4King : Owner: How much dust do you want? Chinchilla: yes

Lūfierum : Now THIS is quality content

Mr. Man : I should bookmark this video so I can watch it whenever I’m having a bad day

nickizcool20 : 1:13 when I farted outside yesterday, and my hot neighbor was outside and POSSIBLY heard me........

Myles : In case to that one person wondering why a chinchilla would bathe in dust. Chinchillas can’t have water come into contact with their fur since it would destroy their fur as it is so delicate.

yEe YeE : I literally thought she was cooking it I got scared for a second

Sari Ahonen : Chinchillas are so cute!

Nishi [S400] : Pela thumb achei que estava passando o bicho na farinha pra fritar ;-;

soshikun saito : サムネ凍ってる死体かと思った人→

intellectual ingnoranSe : *You shall bathe in the ashes of your ancestors*

KakashiSFS1110 : How to prepare your chinchilla with fluor and peper PD: i almost want that thing to be a pillow there is too much fluff

Unknown_Animator : Thanks YouTube! Thanks for recommending me this koot video. *Cuteness overload*

a culture of man : Vacuum cleaner: "am I a joke to you?"

Crazy_Elite :D : My chinchilla just died..... And it look exactly like this one.

Jjj Ooo : Top 10 uses for your nans ashes

CPGS Animation Studio : Had me thinking they froze a chinchilla


Moeka_kay Wolf : I’ve never seen something as amazing as this 😂 I luv chinchillas so much ❤️

Hi Girl : Why do I feel the dust going into my eye through the screen?

TUMORs : 1:13 Thanos *snapped*

Denzel Dickenson : I thought the chinchilla was being unfrozen on the thumbnail. Lmaooo 😭

Josh Brown : I keep coming back around to this. Still awesome.

ChrisAllGod : Chinchilla dust bath *[4k]*

Danny Su : May I Ask Where Can I Get This Dust Cleaner?

Ari 20 : Mom: you need to bath the chinchilla Me: *puts it on top the the book shelf* there we go!

Daisy Kemi : YouTube: funny video? Me: no YouTube: actually useful video? Me: no YouTube: then what? Me: cu- YouTube: say no more

Serge Farhan : Mochi..????

A ciko : What a nice fur coat lmaoo Jk jk

Stoney Productions : Seasoning this poor creature for a upcoming meal 🥘 😂

TTV Tryhard : 1:12 Mr stark i dont feel so good


Kuma Quatro : Omg!! I thought the thumbnail was a rodent in dry ice 💀💀💀😂

Gerard Wainwright : God sent his son to die on the cross and bare the wrath we deserve so we could have eternal life... Seek the Lord while he may be found

Over AntiMano : 1:13 When you see Jehovah Witness pull up in your driveway