Epic Chinchilla Dust Bath in 4k Ultra High Definition!

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Pandas TV : The real questions is why 2 million people watched this chinchilla take a bath, it probably feels so violated right now.

Rowan Bean : 1:12 Mr stark i dont feel so good

Myles Mikulus : In case to that one person wondering why a chinchilla would bathe in dust. Chinchillas can’t have water come into contact with their fur since it would destroy their fur as it is so delicate.

Joel Winchester : To everyone hating on this video, shutup and appreciate the floof floofing his floof in the ashes of his enemies

Andre' Warner : Chinchilla: Hooman prepare for me my bath Hooman: Today sir we have the finest dust made from the ashes of those who almost hunted your species to extinction Chinchilla: Lovely Reginald I expect it in 5 minutes

Billy 310 : I got allergies watching this video

Thyn Chosen One : That's so cute, I'll take five.

Loves Me Not : This how I be when my dealer finally gives me my cocaine lol

DE4DSH0T TTV : Wait why is my window broken? And were is my grandma's ash's?

Eternal Grey : He's bathing in the ashes of the avengers..

Okayish Guy : It's so similar to how I take bath in the dust of the bones of my foes.

Simon : Pretty sure this is how dry shampoo was invented.

randomisawesome : I don't care how many times this comes into my recommendations. I will always click on it.

P A : Another one bites the dust

Dice Ice : サムネ見た時、液化窒素で固めてるのかと思った

Somali pirate who's actually somali : I sneezed from watching this.......

Malachi Jones : I thought the thumbnail was a dead rat in one of those vacuum containers for the dirt

Mori Lucas : Welcome back to why is this in my recommendation ep420 eng dub

Neo🌟 : Is this what Taeyong been watching twice a day 😂😂 Our cute leader TY 💚💚💚

A Drum Tsukumogami : I roll around like that too but only on a really soft and comfy bed

Ryaquaza 1 : I’m in love with the coco

BlueROCkx23 : Taeyong brought me here jsndnsnd

Neo🌟 : Who's here because of Taeyong tmi?

thatnormalmultifandom trash : I came from taeyongs tmi!! OMG IS THIS WHAT HE WATCHES?!?! 😂 it’s so cute but like weird at the same time. 🥰🤧🤦‍♀️

Propel 2015 : He dances in the ashes of his enemies.

Nahli Kourtz : I read “Chinchilla” as Enchilada 😂

Zenzen : ok why the fuvk taeyong watch this- wait, its cute

Mya Cockburns : I paused the video to read the comments lol

Kujo Matsumoto : Can I get 2 beef chinchillas, and 1 with chicken, and a large mt dew.

yo yo bigs : does your chinchilla bite

Thomas Admanda : thats a weird looking squirrel

Señor Lechuga : IN PREVIOUS EPISODES OF ''Recommendafuq is this?'' we found Squidward on a chair and ASMR Godzilla. Now, get ready for an epic moment

A White Quail Called Quayuh : 1:14 *snap*

bobbitt : *Thank you recommended*

Настя Климова : Я русская!) I like chinchilla))) Do you like chinchilla?

fruitloops : *t h i c c*


Robert J : Quality content

N J : i didn’t read the title and THOUGHT THEY WERE COOKING THE CHINCHILLA

αηδγ ςλαη : I thought the thumbnail was showing a rat being frozen to death for a sec. Glad to know that I'm gravely wrong.

Luis G. Duran : Welcome to another episode of *w h y t h e f u c k i s t h i s i n m y r e c o m m e n d e d*

Mr.Kool-Aid Man : Wondering what chinchilla meat taste like 🤔

Yugyeon Misaki : esa chinchilla es una loquilla :'v

not johnny : That is such a cute doggo

Jaybaby : I sneezed watching this

DogeMeat : *Now powering up chinchilla drill*

Tide Pod : I was wondering where my grandmas ashes went

a bowl of sadness : I watched this in the middle of science class

Kerri na Basaria : People make coats out of this? :/

KAMAKRAZEE ! : The thumbnail made me think it was frozen