Epic Chinchilla Dust Bath in 4k Ultra High Definition!

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Pandas TV : The real questions is why 2 million people watched this chinchilla take a bath, it probably feels so violated right now.

Arima The Reaper : 1:13 Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...

Big Cat : That's one way to make use of grandpa's ashes.

Seto Kaiba : I think your dog has autism

ziljin : Why does chinchilla bathe in dust?

Billy Lozano : I got allergies watching this video

Ari 20 : Mom: you need to bath the chinchilla Me: *puts it on top the the book shelf* there we go!

DAvzWho : That is one THICC elephant

See, the thing is : My pikachu only knows splash too.

Dørkyplier : How dare you take a bath on Peter Parker!

Okayish Guy : It's so similar to how I take bath in the dust of the bones of my foes.

EHW2 : From the thumbnail it looks like a video about you dumping it in liquid nitrogen

Chi chan : _what's your shampoo?_

Izzy Pocorabon : Jeez stop putting hidden cameras everywhere in bathrooms

Starlord101 : What kind of donkey is that

Somali pirate who's actually somali : I sneezed from watching this.......

Kaw_aii Fennec CheLyWolf : Black chinchilla. To *Doosty choncholla*

Alex C : Yeah great everyone thinks it's adorable when a chinchilla has a dust bath but when I rub my nuts with talcum powder in McDonalds you all call the police. Hypocrites!

Parzival : And then there’s me, watching this 4K video, on an iPhone 5, and 360p, in 2018.

Derpy PotatoFox : Ok, who dislikes a video of a chinchilla dust bathing ?! The 4k people who did need to explain themselves!

Nahli Kourtz : I read “Chinchilla” as Enchilada 😂

Josh Pasta : The thumbnail looks like hes in liquid nitrogen

the furry gamer : If there was a chinchilla war lord he would literally bath in the bones of his enemies

Val Cxttin : 1:13 *i don't feel so well mr stark*

Lunch : Das a fat mouse

Ryaquaza 1 : I’m in love with the coco

Genius Level : You shouldn't give rabbits cocaine

Akeyy : What an *epic gaymur*

Wörnert : I thought the thumbnail was a dead mouse in liquid nitrogen. I need better glasses.

Erendira Carrillo : So cute im gonna die.

Thomas Admanda : thats a weird looking squirrel

Negimanzyu : 鼻の粘膜が弱い俺は、チンチラとは暮らせないと痛感した。 でもかわいい...ほしい...

Tæ îs my Bæ Vmïn mákês my dæ : Am I the only one who feels like sneezing? but it isn't coming out!?

SHAD0W_PHOENIXZ - : So why do they bathe in dust? Real question I'm a skeptical person and like to know things about animals


fruitloops : *t h i c c*

Dr. Royalty : When you can afford water but a 4K camera is on sale on Amazon.

hideyasu musha : when i saw the tumbnail i thought it was frozen 😅😅😅

VTwinty : Thats how I wanna go when I die.

Night Star : My allergies are acting up by just watching this

DogeMeat : *Now powering up chinchilla drill*

Lucy Scarbrough : I am so glad this was on my reconmended

A Gummy Worm : I thought the title said death battle

E-Hero Stratos : Weird flex but ok

That one guy : Woh this is a epic bath

Morgan Lemons : I want one now!!

Ethan Dews : Not going to lie. I thought they were steaming the chinchilla in the thumbnail

Alcah : I find this hilarious 😂

The Walking PLEB : Chinchilla porn

alejandra ruiz : jai, una pregunta. esos polvos, podria usted decirme si sirven para humanos? me da pereza ducharme mañana para la uni ¡. +gracias, un saludo.