Forging a monstrous Bowie sword.

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thats what good pussy sounds like : Jason vorhees would luv u

Kyle Klein : Next video: Forging a Bowie Greatsword out of Damascus steel

Justice 1 : It is real knife good job

Fernando Jimenez : Un trabajo fantástico pero debe pesar una tonelada

Martin L : what is the weight of this thing?

Thiago Beluco : Como faço para comprar uma faca dessa ?

Generik Napalm : That will fit the robo arm nicely! :)

Harsh haze : I hope I can open-carry this to a SJW rally...

Graham Totte : Beautiful. I watch a lot of blade making videos and Frierk is the best. There are people who craft more intricate and complicated blades but when he works I see a production based method that is based on practicality that gets the job done the fastest easiest way possible that still produces a quality result. You can tell this is a man with a working shop with back log and needs to get these pieces completed and shipped. Love watching him work he's a true master.

Edward Wu : You should make a "bastard" version of that to make it more historically accurate! (its a handle that can fit 1.5 hands on it for 1 hand controllability but long enough to enable a 2nd hand grip when needed to make more suitable for combat and blade balance)

colm o'prey : 3.3k hit the like button naturally at this time and 150 hit the jealousy button.

Venilson Sousa : Eu quero uma como q Faso

Angelo Sadang : 12:10 to 12:16 LOL

Dimension Overpassing Experiment : Thanks for share! How many time you has been spent for this job?

Tree Daddy : I’d love to have a version of this with about 1/3 the width lol

Splattdaddy Dog : That is beautiful

MASTER DOAN : beautiful love it.

Malik Jamshed : Well made,good job👍

Bob G : That thing is a monster!

Calsan Calsani : Perfeito.

Giorgos Sofos : very beautiful my fried

roberto l : LOL Freerk, this one was tuff to make, the persom who comissioned it must be a big tuff guy, this one is massive! big thumbs up! :)

Ali علي : 🔪🔪❤️❤️❤️❤️

Castellan of Angmar : That basically what a messer is. A giant knife that can be used as a sword.

skoitch : That knife has a lot of mass, probably should have used a larger volume quench tank. Great work though, what are you going to do with it?

Croz Raven : I wonder how much weight of this sword? 2-3 kg??

Tigran Mardirosian : What's the price of this knife?

Mr. Thickey : "Ach du lieber, mein schatz"!!! Gorgiass piece of workmanship! At 78, with my arthritis, I couldn't even hold dis sword, let alone cut da "nads" offen a gnat! Would make a great steak knife too!! You ought ta see da steak, still on da bull! "Gesundheit" und pass der saurbrauten und veinerschnitzle poleaze, you ol' decarbonated garbanzo you!!!!!

Christian Meyer : That's one hefty piece of Steel.You can fell Oaks with that.

Doc Skate : Wow. You outplayed Mr. Snakewood😋 Looks like 10mm thik and griplength at least 17cm. Absolute Overkill, the Hulk of Bowies. Great work as always.

tvo caz : Wow that a beast I love it !!

J Rand : That is so ridiculous that it's awesome! Great work!

Achilles Feel : Gladius next? :D

RazzerKrull : For batoning cars

sparX Kuijper : Looked so cool when the blue flames were flickering after the quench reminded me of the "Soul Reaver".,

C Kennedy : Let the trolling commence. That is on thick sword.

dart arkana : Where the hell is the scabbard?? Thanks for sharing Freerk

Richard Bryant : What a massive piece of steel very nice

white beard : Oh good, I can slice up that banana for my cereal tomorrow morning now. Great work.

Pawn Grabber : Perfect sized knife for my bigfoot friend.

Raivkka : After 10 zombies, my arm would be too tired to swing it. Then, I would be a zombie myself!

Philip Greenawalt : Insane. That is the first 2 handed Bowie I have ever seen. Brilliant!

Xerxes : looks heavy ..what was the weight ?

John Singleton : Thats a beefy badass blade

Kris A : "There're two of you - one of me and my knife *Pulls out monstrous Bowie sword* - I'm not outnumbered!" >:-]

Fernando Nogueira : 🎥 GREAT JOB ⚙️🔩🔧⚒️ ! _ Congratulations! 👍 🇧🇷

Jay welz : How much did this thing weigh? 30-40 pounds?

Kenneth D. Hillstead : You have made our ancestors proud.

Will Smith : Awesome!!!!