That Gotye Song

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mariah dominguez : I still die laughing every time I watch this lol it's so true. We all secretly love that song but don't want to admit it :p

Shannah Tee : It's like the worst song eve-- NOW YOU'RE JUST SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW I died omg

clearcutter74 : Gotye the One Hit Wonder. Now he's somebody we used to know.

Fcking Furries : you treat me like a stranger and that feels so RUFF

Michelle Aviles : if rhett and link ever made a movie about their lives, these two would play the young versions of them

barbaro267 : I refer to this song as America's National Anthem because of this video <3

Luther Walker : that's the tall dude from sky high

gandler : 10 out 10. Saw this a year ago.....stumbled upon it now, and still laughed. Good job.

Sin Kimishima : You guys need to do Pharrel William's "Happy" as well

snaq : These guys had so much potential as youtubers, I'm talking next smosh... At least they moved on to bigger and better things...

Badasi12b : still laughing at this in sept 2016. lmao

Stefanie Jacinto Deo : I go back to this every time I need a bellyaching laugh. Guy's face at 3:26 is GOLD. Highly recommended for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

RC001122 : Every time I hear that song in the radio i am literally thinking about this video :D

Thosaphon Yaungyai : I heard this song today, So i came back to watch this again.

Michael Sahaid : Isn't the guy in the passenger seat from Minutemen on Disney channel?

Kristen Cassada : Aside from them being completely silly, they are actually incredible at singing!

Big Daddy Toyota Corola : They haven't changed a bit. Vinnie just reached puberty


Ginger Rogers : This video never ceases to make me laugh out loud. Pulls me out of any bad mood.

Kylea Pennebaker : They're amazing singers.

MooncakeGaming : It's hard to be a hipster

guiammaga : I love this video so much, you guys should return and make more videos!

Livistona : You know your teacher is super chill when he plays this for your class XD

Cat Mat : I would like it to be the national anthem. I can imagine all the players singing it before a match! :D

nikkivanbaren : Sometimes when I feel a little sad, I watch this again and I'm good

richard salazar : I love how they pull over and keep going

sockmaster2718 : Oh my god I'm pissing

Zabi Ren : These guys' singing reminds me of my parents; they sing to songs in the car also...And my dad has to whistle it afterwords. xD

Mario Fabečić : Still funny in 2018... DDD

István Nagy : Brilliant :D

bahdd_babii : Lmao 3:56 is hella funny

Rachel Roy : it's so random! i love them!

Shane Akers : Good music you can listen to 999 time and still jam out the 1000 time

Jacques13Raven : this vid needs like 20 million more views..seriously its some good shit!

Adriano Monecchi : I've watched this a long time ago and found it to be simply awesome!! Thumbs Up now for U guys!

Azure Blue : LOL.... But you didn't have to cut me off. Make it dubba dubba acka na na we were nothin'


Time4T : You guys should do a cover of the song :p

Evan Nihil : "well, she's hurt...but now she's STRONG!" Best part

Toastie23 : What happened to the follow up video? It was called 'we went viral' if I remember correctly. Had a gopro, burgers, and dubstep. Came looking for it but it seems to be gone. Can't find it anywhere.

Vanessa ! : I bet this is where James Corden got his idea for Carpool Karaoke

Tommy Wimmer : You guys were listening to Helena Beat by Foster the People in the beginning.

VoSanity : what's the name of the remix at the end?

javalin597 : I love how true this shit is

Sarah Gregory : I still like this this video is too funny

Austin : You knew it was comming. Or at least I did.

Sarah Valdez : Phantoms?

Angela Pettersen : foster the people :D

Joseph Nicholson : the guy on the right looks like Ryan Gosling and Gavin from Rooster Teeth had a child

Some Dude : Hey Phantoms, guy with the missing tooth again. I just wanted to say that everything you guys do on camera is comedy gold. Much love.