Venus Flytrap CRUSHES Tick (Macro shot with Canon EOS 7D + MPE-65)

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CapsFan5050 : Those bastards deserve it

Little Jimmy : Good food for your plant congratulations ha being a tick magent to feed your plant

nebbywoo : Gently twist/spin until it comes free. You don't have to pull. What preventative does your cat use? You might need to order something stronger than Frontline.

Rosslyne Samone Skinner : I thought all life was precious? I guess a ladybug and a tick don't carry the same weight, right? Not as much as a pretty ladybug. But honestly I hate ticks, and I do this as well, but I pick the stupid things off of me, instead of my animals, it's not fun!

Starlit Freak : TOO FAT VIDEO. Edit diet.

Kenneth Reyes : Give a venus fly trap a loaded tick so it can get all the nutrients it gets. It’s like not gut loading your prey insects for your pet reptile.!

Edward Ahlemeyer : I don't think I better get a cat!

luna Nona : 3:33 good greaf. 0-0

mistisa82 : So satisfying

Pool Za : No

Saif Asraf : I love that fly trap,ticks suck

The one With the bird : I have severe tickphobia

matasilia joseph : 😲😲😲😲😲