Handyman Corner - Pot Hole Proof Car

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Useless Duck Company : Steve Smith is the inspiration for my youtube channel and my own wacky inventions, when I was young I went to Red Green tapings with my dad and it was always amazing. I can't wait to catch the live stream on twitch!

poot111111 : I think after watching so much AvE Youtube recommended this. And thank goodness for that!

xXBocephusXx : "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." My favorite quote ever.

Joshua Norris : Uploaded 2 days ago?! Shieet how did i not know about this channel..! I fucking love redgreen, subbed right away. This new clip has ALL of the original charm! This show hasent lost its touch at all Love this guy, so glad your still doing redgreen. By the way im a big fan and i just found out your on youtube.... So i think if you stick with it people will eventually find you. At an exponential rate. You deserve more views and i think youll get them :)

KonaMark : "It's almost enough to make you pay your taxes". Almost.

ShaddyCrunchum : The greatest canadian to ever live

RichyN25 : I've been watching this show since I was a kid, I'm glad you still do segments

MrHillfolk : Holeeee cow I love this show but I haven’t seen it in years... Subbed. Thank you for being on here !!

Theodore Seeber : Makes me wonder how you turn....

Works Not For me : He sounds like an older version of steve-o lol

Barnaclebeard : I know it doesn't suit the bit, but I really wanted to see it driven to failure.

The Red Bearded Heathen E. Jöhnsön : It is pothole season here in MN. That might work here lol

Mark Sanders : That's the same car I drive, but his is in better shape. How much for the driver-side mirror?

KristophShmit : The tank every /k/ommando wants to build.

MrStrikecentral : Just discovered. Immediate sub. Red Green is better than any of the crap on Comedy Central. Heck, I'd say they should start showing Red Green on the History Channel. It's that damn amazing. This show is part of history.

MrJonnyP107 : I'm glad there was a laughter track so I knew when it was supposed to be funny.

Kevin Benoit : 2:17 killed me 😂

2randomcrap3 : Yeah, but what happens if he needs to actually do this rare thing that cars need to do on occasion called *turn?*

TheMilitantHorse : But does it make you look slightly lower-middle class?

Darin- USMC B- 85-93 : Another Winning 💡

Brian Philbrook : Hahahaha oh man that’s funny

THX-0381 : This guy should make a cameo appearance with the Trailer Park Boys just for shits and giggles, after all they are fellow Canadians, Ricky has something in common with him.

GuerrillaRadio : Thanks Steve. Watched you since I was a kid on public TV. With the sad state our roads and jobs (for working class people) are in, we need your duct tape fixes now more than ever here in the US.

EvlMagus : Those old Chryslers would do that on a smooth road

DT Jr : but, but, what happens when you turn?

Harrison Sutton : My physics teacher showed us this a video of this guy! In Mr. Holland’s class we watched somewhat scientifically related videos most of the time.

Selvyn Quijada : Richard Dreyfuss?

jexrutin : One way of creating a light tank

Father to goldador 1 : I'm in the U.S.A and love this show. Beats the hell. Out of the garbage we have here now ! Thank you all for the laughs #

IA Vagabond : God I loved watching this show with my grandparents! I'm 16 now and boy the memories

mandrewsvideos : This is bad

Live Life : best bam show ever. I've been watching for 22+ years

The Original Mr. E L M E R : I guess retirement is not all that great. His show was outstanding!

kdmq : If they asked me what it is, I'd tell them it's a tank.

Francis Sims : This could actually work... As long as you don't turn!

jootai : awesome twitch!!!!

TomWylie : Hilarious! (As always ;)

Ryan Neufeld : Bet the character of Red Green is a fan of all things Rebel Media Canada DON'T BE A FRUITCAKE USE FRUITCAKE THE HANDYMAN WAY & TO BE A HICK FIND YOURSELF A POOL GUARD FOR MOST CAR PROBLEMS LMFAO :D

Devin Hamby : Wut

WrathfulBeatz : Haven't heard from ya in a while, you should join in the Twitch chat too!

Jaque Glassé : I just feel like the laugh track very much ruins it, Red is funny in his own right. I don't need a recording to remind me lol

Pringle Lays : Red Green and trailer park boys belong in the canadian national archives for most iconic tv shows

Artexic : Genius... love this. Nothing beats a bit of comical chaos

Shinigami : doooooooood wtf The Red Green show. I had forgot about this lol

Tefen Ca : This stuff is the true thing that inspired me to do what I do today(PC Modding).

Tefen Ca : Thanks for bringing this to the internet!!!

amishrobots : Should I be worried that as soon as he cut the pool apart, I immediately understood what the plan was? Or that it only took me a second or two to figure out why he was beating up those poor lawn mowers?

darthspeaks : He essentially made a tank tread. LOL

Joshua Weickum : Red Green!

Ratul Ahmed : Lol. We Indians need this technology