Waiting Around to Die.

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How do you deal with waiting? Waiting for long term goals, life checkpoints? How do you make sure you're truly living in your day to day and not just waiting around to die? Hustling is not the answer. Actually, accomplishing things every day I don't even think is quite right. Because living isn't just accomplishing. Living is something more? I think we need to prioritize doing something small every single day that's a heartbeat check. Something that you're choosing for yourself. To remind you that you're alive. Something intentional. Something that helps you feel alive and not like a machine. This could be something small and simple, like a walk with a friend, or a walk around the block. It could be grocery shopping or a run. It's not about the activity. It's about you choosing it. It's about doing something every day that reminds you that you are alive. I think this is awesome to prioritize. It's healthy to prioritize. It's not selfish to prioritize and invest in these things. This is how you don't let your days slip through your fingers. This is how I think we can make sense of the "waiting". You are the change maker of your own life! Let’s think more deeply! Big thanks to Thrive Dance Company for the footage and encouragement with their amazing dance show and stunning art. Check them out here if you're curious! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04LpKr1SkKc 🔵If you're new, here's a playlist of my favorite Youtube Vlogs so far! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS4lf3QHKYUAUr4l6CNWIJ5OXiIFyPbbV 🔵To connect! Subscribe to My Youtube channel! - https://www.youtube.com/ericwen?sub_confirmation=1 IG & Twitter: @EricWenVlogs ericwenproductions@gmail.com 🔵THE PITTER PATTER PODCAST: Apple iTunes: https://apple.co/2LZTDsy Anchor: https://anchor.fm/pitterpatterpodcast Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2ra8Pvj Stitcher: https://bit.ly/2TVZ1ly --- 🔵MY GEAR: Awesome Portable Light - https://amzn.to/2N3cTXw Another Lens - https://amzn.to/2Lfr2yW Tiny Cheap Go Pro Knockoff - https://amzn.to/2S80HHU My VLOG camera with Better Autofocus - https://amzn.to/2wf4EAd Microphone - https://amzn.to/2MEIfXv My Videography Camera - https://amzn.to/2CXx3R5 My Lens - https://amzn.to/2OSP997 Music from Artlist.io. #thinkmoredeeply #nosmallcreator One Thing A Day. Let's Not Wait Around to Die.

Comments from Youtube

Kostas Lazanas : I feel accomplished living in the moment of watching this vlog!!! Loved this bye

Kostas Lazanas : Eric whhhaptts up my man!! Checking in for an amazing episode! Gracious!!

Marissa Roxas : Yessss. Being over Doing. Feeling over Doing.

Ashley Murphy : I just has a “ similar “ conversation with my husband this weekend as we hiked on a trail out of town. We talked about do those things like riding a bike, running, reading etc. is a positive essential to our well being, being who we are intended to be.

Sonny Greenwich Jr : Thank you for that! Another thought-provoking message! ☮️🤘🏽🤠👍🏽☮️

Leads The Fallen Vlogs : Great questions...

Michael Sing : Dropping some fire 🔥 first thing Monday morning... Now it’s time to find my one thing for today!

zerohourtv256 : That's the stuff man, Keep It COMING!!!

Krishna Basude : So simple but so nice to hear. Awesome buddy <3

Stellar : I can relate so much to this bro - and I LOVED how you concluded the situation. thank you!

Lincoln Riddle : Legit started laughing when I read the title of this video lol

Brian Vlasich : Great job man!!! Well said! Needed this one right now with everything on my plate! 👊✌️👍

Ruckus iiV : Well executed. Love the topic. A lot of great points. I very much resonated with it. Great video from start to finish. Much respect.

Abdulaziz : so much wisdom said Eric, this is amazing, I haven't checked in with your channel for a while and now I'm just binge watching all the videos I've missed 🙌

sipwhiteraven : It's an EXPERIENCE, we all need some time to take it all in and admire it.

Connor Eckdahl : Love this Eric! Super important topic. Definitely a thing to remember with the hustle, hustle, hustle mindset going around. - I forget where I heard this, but someone shared with me a bit ago - It is very important to have something that you do that is nothing like what you do (for job/work etc.). Those little things, like you mentioned, make reaching the checkpoints possible. Keep it up! Clap-clap-slap-clap-splat-slap-clap-smack-clip-clap

Jacob Hallberg : I have to surround myself with friends and I try to see my friends at least a few times a week. If I don't I kinda go insane and start to doubt my entire existence 😂😂😂 Great video as always Eric!

Story Greenlight : I'm dying here – so to speak – about the connection of this to the thumbnail. Is that the prime place to sit and wait for things? 😳🚽

Tucker Pearce : You really “killed it” with that video title Eric! I enjoyed how you pulled this one together. Solid advice as usual. Get out and live your life...

Bobadilla Adventures Las aventuras de Bobadilla : So true my friend so true I like this video and all of them how's it going

Nerds of Wisdom : Great work mate

Judith Scott : "Life is like a feeling" Oh yes... you are on fire!!!! 🔥 Live in the present moment and enjoy and "feel" what you are doing. My grand-mother was always singing while doing laundry, dishes or other stuff. And you could see that see was there, in the moment. I try to remember her when I do stuff that are less interesting. But I think being in the moment helos you feel life at it's fullest.

Jenny&Brett : I'm hoping to be enjoying myself so much i don't think about death.

The Word of Wylie : I had this same epiphany in my philosophy class! We studied Marx’s idols of capitalism and one of the things he outlined was productivity. Basically the idea is in our society we worship productivity and we lose sight of ourselves and tend to alienate our true being. Not everybody is inherently a workhorse and not everybody should be. It blew my mind because up until that point my lack of productivity at times had triggered my depression because I felt that my self-worth was evaluated by how productive I was, but as you said, that’s simply not the case. It’s our own society that created these norms but they are just forms of thought just like anything else. We treat the worth of productivity as if it’s objective when in reality, the worth of productivity should be subjective.

Daniel Pascual Vlogs : I’m kinda on that less do more think tip

Gina Walters : First

SixBlindKids : Great advice once again!! This waiting around to die business...omg! The number one question we get asked is what will happen to your kids when you...you know..croak. I mean...we are ONLY 61 and based on your math we have a LOT more living to do!! But you know what is funny? A recommended channel that came up here is Ask a Mortician!!! Check her out- she is hilarious!! Love you, Eric. 😉🤣😂😁❤

Phillip Worden : The other day it was snowing so I went outside, stood up on top of a wall, and spun around in a circle for 30 seconds just enjoying it! Since I’m 20 and just getting started, I’ve been searching for that thing where the journey is just as joyful and fulfilling as the goal. And while that’s a good thing to strive for in life, you’ve reminded me the joy that can come from something not related at all to where I’m going. Like spinning around in giddy appreciation of fat chunky snowflakes or just chatting aimlessly with a friend. Sometimes my desire for purpose clouds the fun already available to me in the moment. It’s why after doing something fun I’ll feel down because it “wasn’t productive.” In learning to rest and live intentionally every moment, I’m learning to accept me and accept the joyful experiences I have, not because they’re inherently productive towards my future, but because they make me feel alive.

Clarke Surrey : Great video Eric! One thing I just feel obliged to say though is that your interpretation of what GaryVee teaches is pretty off. He promotes self awareness and happiness. The only time he's intense about the "hustle" is when people tell him they want to be millionaires, in which he's right, that does require hustle. In this video, you're not talking about people trying to start multi-million dollar businesses, you're talking about the regular ol' person, and GaryVee often says that "If you aren't complaining, you've won. If you're happy, you've won." He just wants people to be self aware and realistic about how much work it takes to achieve certain monetary/business goals so people are less delusional. Idk, I agree with everything you said, I just don't think the clip of GaryVee at that point in the video made sense to me because that isn't his perspective at all.

Jesse Lane : Very good!