Queen - Don't Stop Me Now for Brass Quintet with sheet music
This guy made an interpretation for Dont Stop me Now by Queen for a brass instrument quintet

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arr. Seb Skelly Sheet music here: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/20711189 http://www.sebskelly.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sebskelly http://www.sheetmusicplus.com/publishers/seb-skelly-sheet-music/3005924 Instruments used Left to Right: Trumpet | Solo Horn | Flugelhorn -2 octaves | Soprano Trombone -1 octave | Trumpet Recorded with an SM58 Mixed in Logic Pro X Filmed with a GoPro Edited in Final Cut Pro X Music written in Sibelius 6 Valve oil spilt on many pairs of trousers Cherry Carmex applied liberally Transcriptions done with my earses If you want to know more about my process, there's a Behind the Scenes video here: https://youtu.be/YvCAfqirm7I There's also an FAQ if you want some questions answered in a somewhat more humorous way: https://youtu.be/-affvs6KY84


Sergeant Gunny : People who have never grabbed a brass instrument will never understand how hard it is

Ryan ._. : my last 5 brain cells

Koury Warren : try to stop and i'll break your ankles

Nemo Nobody : The harmony of all 5 together at 2:41 is SO nice.

Matthew Eargle - AirborneSurfer : Freddie would approve 👍

Debbie Tran : When you hear that the trombone have a solo and you're a trombonist. You be like: "TIME TO SHINE!"

Chrome Glasses : Killer Queen pleaaaase? I love this arrangement!

gabriella : You literally look like Deac-y with a shorter haircut at live aid

Óscar _rg5 : Sounds like an ending of a videogame

Mateus Naamã : doctor: you only have 5 minutes to live me:

Gag Rat : being a trumpet player, i realize how incredibly hard this must be. those high notes, dynamics to watch. imagine this guys chops after this. and also just being in my high schools band i know trombones dont go very high on the scale and he gets way up there on the trombone. much props, best rendition of this song ive ever seen. also, anyone else peep the "arr. Seb Kelly" in the desc? he wrote all the parts by hand to this. untouchable talent here.

Jim Miller : FANTASTIC doesn't even come close to this performance. I wonder if folks understand what goes into one of these. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and for posting, Always, Jim >>>>

Steven :v : John Deacon?

Bella : the 127 people that disliked this are uncultured swines

Peter Griffin 69 : That doesn’t look like a tuba.

Draven Gaming And Animation : why do you have 12k? you'd think you'd have a million what

Mark Bejenaru : I have been searching for good, wholesome, full-sounding brass covers for some time now. This is amazing. Thank you so much 👍👍

ciupenhauer : Everyone should learn from the trombone guy. He s obviously the coolest

Sturmp : Horn lookin T H I C C 😩😫

PanemundeJuro : Great tone! Some people go through years of school playing brass and can't even fathom what it's like to have even half the sound you produce!

My Channel : I want this to be played at my funeral

Vincent Swärd : Exactly one year ago you uploaded this video👍👍 You play really good

Ben Hawkins : Sweet cover, loved how you panned each trumpet to one side, sounds amazing with headphones on

The Unicyclist : People dislike this video because they’re jealous that they can’t make anything a quarter as good as this.

David Grove : I found you last night and I think you are amazing. I used to love music, but then I used to love life a lot more. I don't have much use for it lately, so whenever I hear something good, it brings a tear to my eye. When I hear something excellent I just flat out bawl. For you I sobbed, and remembered just how much I miss music in my life. God bless you, lad. You have an amazing way to bring joy to people's lives.

SlaySnow : You only have 4 minutes and 8 seconds left to live what do ya do?


Music Videos : Are you lowering the soprano trombone by one octave and the “tuba” by two octaves?

Mister Fahrenheit : I can hear John Deacon's bass

Andre Bulacan : it’s amazing how you found 4 other clones of you that also know how to play brass instruments

Simpleton S. Man : Youtube stop recommending this to me when Im using my broken headphones with only one ear working

Alice lim : I really want to know what he's saying in the middle bits

LF-Music : its amazing :D Youre up for collabs?

Michael Johnson : #tasty. As others mentioned the shirt is on point. All your hard work is so appreciated. Freddie would definitely be proud of your rendition. I'd be curious to hear your treatment of "Love Of My Life"

MightyMax : Your tone is incredible! This made for quite an enjoyable piece, though I do think the "guitar solo" portion would've sounded nicer, had it been taken up an octave.

Rhythm : Cool it’s John deacon playing brass instruments

Livy Mason : So glad I scrolled back up to this❤️

Henrique Gogó : Perfect pitch tune. Congrats!

A_Dougs_Life : Yeah great timing and intonation...well done.!

Gilbert Gleeson : Why does this give me Earthbound vibes?

Parker Jackson : Haha, love how much fun you're having with it, and you sound great! Instant subscription


That one guy Who does stuff : *smash ultimate commercial plays*

Nick Doe : Enjoyed it immensely - great job

Emily McDermott : Omg, this was actually so good! 😂❤️ Honestly so glad it came up on my recommended

Marc Wahlert : The shirt is amazing

CluelessVache牛 : When your band teacher congratulates you on a great performance

Cyber Ghost : This is so beautiful god damn

Anchor : I love how he sways at the 'Don't Stop me now' parts