Queen - Don't Stop Me Now for Brass Quintet with sheet music

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Matthew Eargle - AirborneSurfer : Freddie would approve 👍

L Riley-Wilson : *You win this time YouTube recommendations...*

Jah ._. : my last 5 brain cells

Koury Warren : try to stop and i'll break your ankles

Debbie Tran : When you hear that the trombone have a solo and you're a trombonist. You be like: "TIME TO SHINE!"

Sergeant Gunny : People who have never grabbed a brass instrument will never understand how hard it is

Nemo Nobody : The harmony of all 5 together at 2:41 is SO nice.

Jim Miller : FANTASTIC doesn't even come close to this performance. I wonder if folks understand what goes into one of these. Thanks so much for all of your hard work and for posting, Always, Jim >>>>

Turd Launcher : That doesn’t look like a tuba.

Draven Gaming And Animation : why do you have 12k? you'd think you'd have a million what

Mark Bejenaru : I have been searching for good, wholesome, full-sounding brass covers for some time now. This is amazing. Thank you so much 👍👍


David Grove : I found you last night and I think you are amazing. I used to love music, but then I used to love life a lot more. I don't have much use for it lately, so whenever I hear something good, it brings a tear to my eye. When I hear something excellent I just flat out bawl. For you I sobbed, and remembered just how much I miss music in my life. God bless you, lad. You have an amazing way to bring joy to people's lives.

Tony :v : John Deacon?

Commander Cool : Killer Queen pleaaaase? I love this arrangement!

Ben Hawkins : Sweet cover, loved how you panned each trumpet to one side, sounds amazing with headphones on

dylan fox : Why is the trombone getting the main melody at ANY POINT AT ALL WE NEVER GET THE MELODY I mean we sometimes get the melody BUT THAT'S A VERY RARE OCCURANCE

Music Videos : Are you lowering the soprano trombone by one octave and the “tuba” by two octaves?

MightyMax : Your tone is incredible! This made for quite an enjoyable piece, though I do think the "guitar solo" portion would've sounded nicer, had it been taken up an octave.

Parker Jackson : Haha, love how much fun you're having with it, and you sound great! Instant subscription

Michael Johnson : #tasty. As others mentioned the shirt is on point. All your hard work is so appreciated. Freddie would definitely be proud of your rendition. I'd be curious to hear your treatment of "Love Of My Life"

James Hughes : when is the Seb Skelly brass band going to be formed!?

iRaccoon : I love this so much, I’m considering checking with my other brass mates to play this!

Marc Wahlert : The shirt is amazing

Tobiwan : would love it if you mount your gopro on your trombone one time...

Mils 0306 : Just discovered your channel, and love it! Have you ever done a cover of 3am bounce?

That one guy Who does stuff : *smash ultimate commercial plays*

Ivan Tha Loko Adam 98 : Good..is one the best song cover i hear of queen..greetings from Chile❤️🎺🎼🎵

Darius W : Why is the Tuba-player not visible? Want to see my colleagues at work... Despite this: Love it

Omar Joshua : Sounds like Mariachi. Good video

dougo1178 : Yeah great timing and intonation...well done.!

Martin : Made my day seeing that you've uploaded, great work again!

Baylis : You’re very impressive

Dominic Too : Thanks James acaster

Christopher Chun : This is so cool

Kapowie Presents : Dang...

Zdeněk Picpauer : Great!

Dave Dexter : If the lads had worked in a colliery. Bloody superb, Seb.

Joshua Daniel : Boi this guy needs a TV show!!!!!

Casey Rutledge : Soprano trombone wth?

Happy Pig : You deserve more subscribers!

Mr. Quercus Mischievous Wizard-Knight : AWESOME!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Drason Meerrkat : You Need some drum

Razski : MORE QUEEN!!

Pig Gamer12 : This is soooo good

Turid : my new fav! THANK YOU!!

Jacq Fruit : Fuck yeeeeeah.

Kovu Kingsrod : THIS IS SO COOL Good job mate! :D

Jae Draws : I just realized that it’s a piccolo trombone!!! :D

Utoneum : Quick question? What’s with the marching baritone?