Suzuki GSXR wheelie and busted by police on a horse in Central London

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BaronVonGrumble : I love this. Excellent policing too - all is well.

Nig BKD : "Do you want me to switch off?" "No leave it on, then you can show your friends about the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse" LMAO

SkyKing : "tell your friends about the big telling off you got" hahahaha. I love it.

Aiman S. : This video was uploaded to show how good police in UK. They appreciated that i was apologetic and admit i was wrong. I had a lesson and it will not happened again. Officer give me a chance to go home without leaving license and I used this opportunity. regarding speeding, i have minus 2 tooth on front and plus 4 on the back so speedo is not calibrated. Another thing I would never do this if there would be a single soul on the road. Reason i shared it is because police officer told me to show to my friends.  

MOTO filmadores UK : F***K Crazy this guy. Police where amazing, but shoud do something more. This guy will not learn anything like that.

juukame : This honestly seems so much more effective than a ticket; It's like when you get scolded by your parents and then you feel like crap and so ashamed of yourself that you don't want to do it again. Whereas a ticket just makes you feel angry and pissed at the guy.

Juzztn : A police officer actually encouraging somebody to keep recording? That's exactly what it should be like, what a nice guy. :)

wahid latif : 22mph haha

EpicFishFingers : Officer missed a trick by not wheelying his horse

Micky Vans : "Don't give me any of that old flannel!" - perfect.

Aleximusprime : I love it: "Get out of the square mile and don't come back". LOL!

Kalinda Khan : Sigh, I'm gonna miss this type of police when Sharia-Cops start patrolling our streets.

Chrus600 : Clearly the adjustments to your sprockets allowed your speed to be so wildly wrong that you were only doing 22mph. You did at least 50mph there bud, and there's no excuse for that on two wheels with people walking past, let alone stood up on one. Yes, the rozzers were cool about it, but you merely got lucky. You're also aware there are calculators for gearing, right? You claim two less on the front, and four more on the back. Hitting an indicated 60 equates to a real 50 on a GSXR 600, so if that's a 750 you're even more buggered.

RaTed R BeBop Arcade : I ride bikes myself So don't try giving me any old flannel :)

KING : YOU SHOULDN'T BE HORSING AROUND LIKE THAT... heuheueheueheuheueheuehueheuehe

BikersPOV : Proper copper! :) 

Batou : "yeah but I was maybe 22 maximum" I loled

Paul Dowsett : You were lucky. Don't drive like a fool! Very nicely handled by the police officer.

SomeDumbMei : If that was in America you'd have been shot on suspicion of rape, murder, grand theft auto and attempting to flee.

Pidgey : Londoner here for information if you want some, these guys are city of london police (not normal met police) their job is to look after the square mile i.e. london's financial area, where the bank of england is and other big business HQ's. Rather than arrest guys on bikes. Normal police would have arrested the biker.

Word Unheard : I only wish that the police here in the US were this reasonable. This would be a great country to live in, if they were.

DTR 55 : you seem to attempt to blame your bike for the wheelie. It doesn't ride itself so either you're a crap rider who can't control his machine or your a liar. . If you change your gearing to effect your speedo accuracy then you commit another offence of having a speedo that is not calibrated to standard. All in all you commit the dangerous driving offence by virtue of being out of control of your machine, (as you alluded to, to the officer), especially in a busy built up area which will put you behind bars and you will have to re take your test again and you won't get re insured because you are a total liability, unless you lie to the insurers and deny you had been convicted.  . All in all you were lucky the cop didn't seize your bike under section 59 Police Reform Act 2002 (no warning required in these circumstances) and feed you to his colleagues or do something more proactive himself. And yes you still can be dealt with, especially as this video will land on your insurer's desk for their amusement. . Do everyone a favour and restrict yourself to private roads or buy yourself a machine that won't out-perform your abilities, something like a Peugeot Tweet scooter.  

MrBennyBobbles : Haha "dont give me any of that flannel"

Trilby McTip : Redditor here! I really think Europe needs to evolve out of the middle ages. I know they try to keep their country's national traditions alive, but it's time their police officers exchange their platemail, sword, and horse for a police uniform, guns and cars. This is the 20th century folks, get your head out of the past. - Sir Trilby McTip, Redditor and Knight of _le_ /r/RoundTable (where Redditors go to debate)

ShawnRector : If this was I the United States he would have a been ripped off the bike by the cop and beaten

Ongoing Discovery : Policeman did his job. I dont usually give em credit, but biker was respectful and the cop was strict but fair. It is a 20mph zone

Martin Zone : Get out of the square mile and don't come back! The best.

mazack00 : Thank you for uploading so that every biker out there can see that driving safely is just rational.  This police man is doing his job MULTIPLIED BY THE NUMBER OF VIEWS!

Biggie Smalls : An American cop would have just shot you.

BootneckSA80A2 : Haha, 110 horsepower beaten by 2 horsepower.

Kamil Rzadzik : in the USA they would probably shot him  :D

John Matrix : Lol there's so many immigrants in London now, the first thing the cop has to say is "Do you speak English" LOL

Blah : So lucky but I'm surprised this video is still up :-)

James Girdller : This officer handled that scenario like a pro. Have to admit you're a bit of a clown doing a wheelie like that, but like the police or not, you have to respect this man. Let you ride home in the hope you shan't do it again. Well done that man on the horse!

soufilms : Mate my advise, remove that video before you'll be sent to court mate, you'll be banned if they find that footage.

Beckie Jane Brown : It makes me really happy to see a Policeman doing a good job, no rude language, just being straight and to the point.

LucasD : haha I remember when I was about 4 I tried to do a wheelie on my bicycle as I went past this girl who I thought was pretty. Ended up scrapping both knees and crying while walking my bike home.

HardRider : 22mph max? ROFLMAO Try around 50mph at least pal, you pulled that estimate out of your arse, it certainly wasn't by looking at any speedo while you were on the back wheel. Your story about speedo calibration is just that, a story. You got busted in the act, cop it sweet, man up and stop making yourself look like a douche trying to weasel out of it by lying. Saying you will never do it again... dude you couldn't lie straight in bed, next time just stfu, saying that shit gets you nowhere.

Duff : Don't give me any of that old flannel!

TheVJProduction : and then he turned into a beta male ahahaaha

ccityplanner12 : : Right at 0:03 goes past the police horse stables after 1 block (Wood St).

Steve Lloyd : How good was that Police officer. He knew exactly how deep in the shite you were at that moment, yet he let you go. Respect that man. Very good.

User112 8827 : America: "TURN OFF THE CAMERA!!!" Uk: "Leave the camera on and share it" It's the gun laws hue

Punnyabrata Chakraborty : Loved the way the Police officer handled the issue. Seriously you guys are blessed to have Police like this.

Brian Harris : "Don't give me any Old Flannel-get out of the Square Mile and don't come back!" Middle aged weary Brit Cop

Gabe Cooper : I feel he wasn’t so much mad as he was disappointed in you

Neil Winn : That police officer set a perfect example for police forces around the world. He was calm, measured and made sure that the biker knew exactly what he had done wrong and that it was not acceptable. Reminds me very much of the Manx Constabulary when I go over for the TT. They are all bikers and don't buy any silly excuses but still treat you with respect. Also, it was was a nice wheelie but I don't understand why people speed in the middle of a city, if he lost it, there were pedestrians at the side of the road that could have been injured. If you want to go fast pick the right place to do it. 

JG : Nice copper. Respect to him!

TheCrazymook : That cop was so cool, exactly how policing should be done!

Exildur : I'm sorry but UK police are the best in the world. No guns needed, just a stern telling off :D :D