I Built a Snowboard (almost) Completely out of Ducttape
Dude builds a snowboard almost completely out of Ducctape

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This was pretty stupid, but hey


GoDogChainsaw : Next video: Entire building constructed with only oxygen

lukas : Damn, he can snowboard and play a six string. He's the epitome of cool.

Jimmy swag : Came for guitar build left subscribed.

Tabatha Creedence : One nice thing about this board, if you have to repair it you can just use duct tape.

TheScaryCarrotcake : I have a strange feeling your channel is gonna do really well if you keep uploading content like this and your awesome guitar. Good luck!

Vecret .M : Should have made one out of flex tape

Darian Grey : There is nothing stupid about this; the snowboard the guitar and how you created them is incredible keep creating and learning can't wait to see what you make next. πŸ‘

Tony Bologna : I definitely need to see more builds from you. I love this!

Ari Amore : Came from the pencil guitar....seriously only 2 vids...?!?! We need more...oddly satisfying watching someone else make art haha

Shon Hubble : Did anyone else read "25 layers later" in their Spongebob Squarepants voice?

c ef : Damn dude. Would love to see some more vids from ya! Really impressed by this, AND the guitar. Really quite inspiring tbh

fg jf : I knew it would start peeling. You should have finished it with clear coat or epoxy before putting it to use.

Megan Polaski : This was cool as hell! Kinda wish you’d given it some clear coat or epoxy or something at the end so it woulda held up better while you were riding it but regardless, very cool!

Testiclopse : Guitar, snowboarding, can build anythng. I am envy.

Trevor Gagnon : Big Z from the movie Surfs Up would have been proud

James Lewis : I feel exhausted just at the thought of all those layers of duct tape. This must have taken ages.

Matthew Adkins : I love that you did this for the heck of it. How'd you get into building and making things originally? Or like what was your inspiration and what else have you made? :D Keep up the experimentation!

Syed Azmi Haroon : keep such videos coming man, next thing you know your channel will hit 100k subs

Sheep : Why not flex tape?

PokeGirlGamer 10 : Wait so you need a snowboard To make a snowboard Jk awesome video

Jurjana PT : Yep came for the guitar, subscribed after this one 😊🎸 cool!

varias27 : There's something oddly satisfying about the way it was edited with the cutaways.

Alojzija : Why don't you have a million subs??

BManBoom 1 : 2 videos?!?! Dude this guy could be the next pewdiepie if he uploaded more

Jason Wright : AH-HA MY GOOD SIR!. But.. can you make a PS4 out of corn flakes? it shouldnt be too.. flaky either.

Mi Vi Wi : Your editing skills, calm voice, creative ability, and the mild ASMR experience all makes a perfect combination! Subbed!

Christopher McCline : Lol brand new board every run!

Drew Dinh : Did you guys wax the bottom like a traditional snowboard?

Jonathan R : Love it! Came for the guitar and you know the rest... Love the rocker profile on this board too.

alphaenemy : I used to work at a foam manufacturing place and you using that bow to cut the foam brought back memories like a motherf....

555Lemmy666 : damn i'm so hoping to see this channel getting 1 Mio. subs

Spaghetti 489 : Just fix it with some duct tape always does the trick for me

Ar S. : Really fun and creative work man, well done! πŸ‘πŸ‘

angel editz : Your channels blowing up

Isabelle Jimenez : Came for the snowboard, stayed for the ASMR

Andre Levorin : Your channel is amazing please keep making stuff like this

Bradley Gallavin : Love it mate keep up the resin work, some people do some really cool shit with it πŸ‘ subbed

Pixelchu : Remember me when this channel goes big.

Felix Casino : What is this dude gonna build next, an Organ? (The piano kind of organ if you are wondering)

Adrian Hochgürtel : Greetings from Germany came for the guitar pleased by the snowboard. What if you put some of the epoxy stuff around the board so you dont keep loosing more layers? Liked it a lot keep beeing this creative 🀟

sky flores : Love how it’s simple & honest truth no clickbait ❀️

wabbitish : is this his first video?

Gh0sT : Badass Bro bro Myth buster level

Dee_Duquesa : dang you got incredible skills and that's Hawt! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ .... more videos please.. thanks for sharing your awesome skill ..

Logan Joiner : You should have sealed the board with some sort of resin. (New video!) Still pretty badass though.

Nubs : Guitar, snowboard, subscribed...look forward to more

LadyRouge : You're sooo talented! I wish you was my big bro so you can make me all these cool stuff lol new subbie. Keep up the good work

CrΓ©a Cool : 2:25 Ok 2:59 Again?! 3:33 Hmm... Without that it's very cool πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #asmr

Sebstruction : 1900's: In the future, there will be flying hoverboards!! 2018: I Built a Snowboard (almost) Completely out of Ducttape