Kidding | Season 1 Premiere | Full Episode (TV14)

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Madame Raven : I always see that sadness in Carey. It works very well for him here. Pagliacci.

Yoav Brener : If you're reading this, I love you stranger, please enjoy having the best life you can have.

Shadow Heart : I very much like the idea of letting the first episode out for free to everyone. I think every show should do this.

G GG : Every great American entertainer, is a canadian...

Jeff Schiller : At 8:31, the assistant hurriedly hides a Snap Cakes treat on his desk. Snap Cakes is the truck that killed his kid.

xFINISHxHIMx : We all know he’s world famous but I still think he is underrated when it comes to serious acting. Amazing.

Dion Pinto : This is like the perfect joker backstory...

PunkdRebel : Such an unsettled feeling watching this, everything about it is uncomfortable and I think that was exactly what they were after.

Isaiah Edward : I am 19 years old and this just made me re-evaluate everything, regarding life. I love you Jim Carrey and I promise I’ll be a better human for this earth. You are a legend of this time, and deserve true happiness. Thank you for planting a seed within the minds of the world.

angela peyton : Does Jim looks depressed or is he just a phenomenal actor? He got me worried about him

Kuchi Saké : *Don't censor episodes,... this is the internet, not CBS.*

Hasan Malik : Is it just me that see’s Jim Carrey being a great Joker for the Batman movie?

Dreadboi87 : I knew it was gonna be dope, it’s fucking Jim Carey, but damn I didn’t expect it to be this good first episode and I’m yearning for the rest

jakeabooBITCH : People in the comments not getting the fact this isnt suppose to be happy

daniel hobbs : Plot twist : Jim’s character goes off and makes his own children’s show and it’s called DONT HUG ME IM SCARED 😉

Alex Turner : Beware: Comment section is filled with Directors, Script Writers and Actors that can make this show SO much better. Also everyone seems to have 'depression' and can't watch a show because it makes them 'suicidal'.

Miss Adventures : I want to give him a hug *so **_bad_*

imnotmike : Can I just say that I'm a little bit worried about Jim Carrey. He disappears off the face of the planet and grows a 4 foot mountain man beard and completely loses his sense of humor and becomes this quiet deep intellectual, and then all of a sudden old Jim is back with his old Ace Ventura sense of humor acting like he's 14 years old again, and then he comes out with this dark and meaningful wholly depressing show about loss and trying to keep a face on like nothing bad is happening. This whole thing has a very Robin Williams vibe to it. Robin Williams started doing dark shows about death before he killed himself. I hope the people around him are paying attention. It would be really hard to lose another icon of comedy like that...

LostIceCream : I already hate the kid

Karama kameon : For all of you somehow confused if Jim is a funny guy or a serious person. Jim has been an artist for years and worked on comedy at the same time. There is such a thing as being both folks

Huntii : if he turns into a psycho, I'll watch.

GoldenBaws : 12:48 - Vsauce Michael Here

Ramer-Z : "Phil, whatever you're doing stop it" Phil stopped living

K V : Could Jim Carrey pull off a serious Joker?

Kyle Knight : This show terrifies me and I love it

frankwhite83able : The kid is half a boy half a girl thanks to the nwo

Cake Walk 315 : "It's the quiet ones that make the news."

Diane Jones : I could not finish watching this. Maybe it's the weird and negative crazy stuff about home lately, but this gave me an odd creeped out feeling. Maybe I should listen to my daughter and stay off you tube.

Leone Ranger : "Change your outfit- you look like Rosa Parks' bus driver" - well, damn! Show looks good

Flanexism 01 : I love the concept of this, but there’s no pace. It feels like one big trailer without the constant music. Idk

Joseph Wolfson : 29:20 That's Denny - the driver who killed Phil


Martin Judd : This is pure genius. Jim Carey in an existential moment

Maha 2ne1 : Got me in tears 😢 bravissimo 👏👏👏👏

Princess Rippy : I want to put that producer in a blender, and never turn it off.

Mama Doe Deer : Thank you. My brother was killed April 9th, 2017, when trying to put gas in his truck when it ran out. He was drug 40 feet, uphill, hrough an intersection when a man decided to answer a text, and swerved out of his lane. It's been a difficult time for my entire family. When Mr. Carrey sang and alkesd to the kids about their favorite toys or socks being taken away, I broke down and had the best cry I think in my life. Thank you for handling a difficult subject with such kindness, dignity, and understanding.

Leo Kurban : This episode is exceptional and awesome. Jim,like your paintings,you're amazing,complex and brilliant. You're the last remaining rainbow of the human spirit. The show is a fresh,unique,intelligent premise making it one hell of a show. Which of course means the powers that be will cancel after first season as they do with such shows. But maybe they won't. Until then boys and girls keep your smiles and rainbows close to your heart,and always keep KIDDING!

Evan Fields : I have theory about the son. This may be a spoiler. I think the son might be Phil, the twin that everyone thinks is dead. This clicked during the 3rd episode and I went back and watched the first two episodes and it reinforced this theory.

Kriel : something is creepy about Jim... does anybody get same feeling?

Corey Lucas : Never know Carey is such a somber guy. I will always love him. Also Danny Trejo cameo is on point!

Fuzzy Puppet : Reminds me of his Andy Kaufman performance

Ricky Spanish : Jim does it again...and yet! He has never quite done it like this before...This is gonna be magical, a f*cking treat. I just know it. Better and better. Bring the laughter and the tears, Jim. Bring 'em!

June Passingthroughthegate : Holly shit. This is bitter.

Moo Bear : Too many sly paedophilia references throughout the episode.

wavm - wavm : huhu Jim Carrey got old lol

tallaussiebloke : *NO GEOBLOCKING...?!* * dies from the shock *

Caleb carter : Is this supposed to be a comedy? I didn't laugh once, just got sad. I love black comedy, but blue comedy? That is not a thing.

Vociferous Daew : the concept is so good but the shows ruined by bad acting and crappy one liners.

Bowls Götzke : Jeff = Jim / Mr.Pickles = Carry --> Jim needs to heal, Carry is fine. ---> Mk-Ultra Split Personality Control System.

Matthew Brough : This is the worst thing I have ever seen, will he turn out to be a serial killer or something? He seems like he is attempting to play a Mr Rogers character but it just comes across as insincere and creepy.