Stewie on Brian's novel

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AserGaming 2 : lol family guy was just making fun of all the writers in the world

Olga Mudari : the high pitched voice kills me

Michael Brand : friends become enemies, enemies become friends?

CoolDL : IF Stewie keeps going higher, then Brian's the only one who will hear him.

Rossin21 : The funny thing is. I am a writer, it does take me years to complete my novels, AND my name is Brian. So people have sent me this video soooooooo many times. It's hilarious, because it's so true about me.

Yuki Rabbit : Pretty much the voice in my head whenever I have writer's block.

Craig Steward : 0:17 I lost it when he said "compelling protagonist"😂

Sherri Koh : It's funny how Stewie says it has been 3 years Brian writes on his novel, yet he is just 1 year old. Hahhahaha.

Nathan Bernacki : How Seth McFarlane never got a sore throat from doing that squeaky voice is beyond me.

emmaknightley : No Family Guy scene will ever top this, probably.

Milkyway2099 : someone send this to George Martin regarding winds of winter cause that book looks like it's never coming out.

Turd Ferguson : hahaha. then there's the one where Brian hits him with the book.

Jay Bartgis : Sounds like Axl Rose trying to make an album.

Peter von Harten : This should be retitled as "The only writing advice you will ever need" lol.

Hunter : lol, his voice gets higher eveytime he speaks

Zutarababe09 : George R. R Martin's publisher...

Alex Wright : This is really painful to listen to headphones!

C. mao : (: the best bits are always between Stewie and Brian

Ra's Al Ghul : LOL, I love how Brian simply ignores him.. My exact same reaction when my friends start talking to me be about the apps I've been working on for quite a while. Note to creative people: NEVER talk about the things you're 'going to' create just create them and don't say anything about it.

kingraj333 : suddenly feel super self conscious about my story

Garrett Foster : All time favorite Stewie moment

ChronicCraziness : Lol Seth MacFarlane does these voices perfect, gotta learn how...


Kaizen Supreme : I remember when I first saw this. I cried so hard laughing at Stewie. This was back when I thought Seth, or whoever the writers were back then were true comedic geniuses.

Catzilla : So uhhh . . . how's that Trump of yours doin' huh? You elected a smart guy, right? Not, uhhh . . makin' a fool of himself in public? I hear you guys control all three branches of government, plus the presidency, now. So he's gettin a kinds of stuff done, right? You making America great again? Passing all kinds of good laws? His favorite show is Fox and Friends? Gotta be a well-informed guy, right? Sooooo how's your wall coming along? It's been 5 months, so I bet he's got a couple of miles built already, huh? Only 2,000 miles let to go, ya know? So . . . you feeling a little buyer's remorse?

Nico : I can't breathe 😂😂😂

L.I.V. : working on that for quite some time huh...yea, talking about that 3 years ago...been working on that the whole time? lol

Jerry clearsen : big stack of papers LOL

stiimuli : The funniest part is imagining Seth in the recording booth trying so hard to hit those last few really high notes XD

Syuna : The low to higher an higher voice mocking hahaha

MacraGE R : stewie is the best character in family guy

Evan Tambolang : sometimes Stewie's always make me laugh

Taylor T : just to let everyone know, (This has nothing to do with family guy) if you are fans of the show brickleberry they are making a comic book series 4 issues and maybe more this month. Its what happened after the season fanilie.

Schwarzer Ritter : Is Stewie talking to the Family Guy writers?

Darrell Lim : I've been working on a book for three years and I'M FINALLY DONE!!!

clhound : I once worked on a children's fantasy adventure for six years but couldn't come up with an ending so I decided to make a sandwich instead.

Dimitrios Mainos : That is a Family Guy ''signature move''

Taylor T : lol you can hear seth breaking from his mouth but stewie's mouth is closed

Chris Vaughan : This is genius!!! How did he record itnor who came up with it!!! Brilliant!

Ole Uncle Ben : This describes me in more ways I'd like to admit.

Meneer de Kaas : what the hell is ty moss

fawnha : I love Brian's expression in the first one because he knows it's true

Kitty xoxo : lmao sounds like me... working on something for years >_> getting no where... lol

FULLmeltHASH : I love this!.. that took a lot of practice.. I know cuz I try this at home, lol

Jon Kimberson : Now where is the video where Brian does it 😂

Shane Campbell : Waiting for Detox like.....

King Edward Undead : Brian has a lot of knowledge on novels. XD

LX arts : Twlight`s conscience

Eisen Pferd : "Hmm...Talkin' 'bout that three yeez ago......." LOL

D21Exclusive : if you look at Brian's eyes up to 0:46 it almost look like Brian is nervous that Stewie is exposing him.