alaskan malamute puppy talk

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Puppy's name is Indiana. On video she was 8 weeks old.

Comments from Youtube

CupcakeExplosion : The puppy was telling us about quantum physics, and all we did was say "How Cute!". Puppy for President!!!!

R Z : I’ve had those long arguments with my husky. You just can’t win btw.

jared : She lost the argument so she ran away with the phone

flyback 2me : 😲. Look at the paws on that puppy!!!!! I'm getting one very soon. I've always wanted a Malamute.

JABS991 : Don't let the playfulness fool you. He is talking major smack

Hivolt Arc : When she laughed the pup turned her head sideways as if to say, " Hey, what are you laughing at hooman? I'm droppin some serious knowledges here."

bagsikdangal : That's one puppy that you can't argue with😂😂👍🐕🐶😍💖

Antonio Luković : 0:25 I love it when she laughs and the puppy is like "What the hell is so freaking funny? I am being serious here!"

Kevin Waters : This dog has only known love. May he always.

THE PONG LENIS : She sounds like my old "87" Dodge Daytona trying to start.

Gaitonde's Tech : I would love to argue with this cutiee anyday❤️

TheTooginator : I'm a serious cat person and I think I would OD on cuteness if I played with this dog! He registers 11 on the Adorable Scale. The cute face! The big paws! The big furry ears!! I love kittens, but a puppy is just off the scale awesome!

BudgetingDee : Indiana, you can steal my phone ANYTIME! Lol!! ❤️❤️❤️

KETAN RAMTEKE : He can become best lawyer, seems to make bullet proof arguments 🤭

ExploratoryBehaviour : How could someone dislike this video? This pup is adorable!!!

Paul Michel : The pup says,"I keep speaking to her and trying to get through, but all she speaks is gibberish."

_ Aliens _ : presious ball of fur lol.

Влад Андреев : У этого щенка, слииииишком много милых аргументов. ;3

Mr Crow : I will eat that poppy 😂😭

- ning : She's so cute I'm in tears

Poley The Polar Bear : Puppy won the electoral debate, paws down!

Nicholas Leeds : This puppy is cute as a button ,it's so fuzzy ,I'd love to have one

Bread& Butter : She gonna be big 👍

Cassandra : Life is better with animals

Daniel Nordyke : Pup has legit grievences 😆

hernje : I predict that puppy’s great grandkids will be able to carry on full fledged discussions with humans.

Thomas O'Donnell : Could watch this preciousness for hours!

AAA : Look at the size of his/her feet. You know the puppy is gonna be huge!

DJ NEROVING : Świetny film i piesek też. Aż sama gęba się uśmiecha kiedy się ogląda takie coś. Dzięki za poprawę humoru. :)

vishal : Puppy felt deeply about the point he was making...he was so passionate about his pov..

safeinmyheart1 : She's gorgeous! 💕

L. Smith : Quite the conversationalist!😊

Maria Elena Cabrera : Sooo adorable!!!! 🐶❤

Mayhem 628 : Really i want to know what puppy is thinking?

Bitter Honey drops : LOOK AT THE PAWSSS 😍😍😍

Madam Butterfly : I had a pup just like this adorable one many years ago, but I was moving to Arizona so gave Kujo to my daughter, he broke loose & never was found :(:(

thebirdee : SO cute! Thank you for sharing. I hope she's still as talkative now. I have to say, though, you lost that argument. LOL

myhatandme ! : This made my crappy day less crappy...

Pinco 1999 : Ideal: <1mld uman, 100 mld other animal

Queen 21 : Omg he is just soo fluffy 😭😭😭😭 i want to hug him or her 😂

watewmark : I do not agree with the part where he says "Wurf wurf.. wurrf wurf" .. I think it is slightly exagerated given the reality of society nowadays... The problem is elsewhere, and if peoples cannot face it, then it means they are part of the problem aswell.

John Dwyer : That dog is a keeper. What a bright, playful and smart dog!

Chisagxdasher : he is like "Ok let me make a call real quick "and runs away with the phone

Dark fanfanter : La trop mimi😍😍

Jamille Collins : can see this one is going to be a big talker and might let her know how he want things done...he has full confident already ..notice his little head movements..he got it all planned out.

Eden G : Thats a cuddly fur ball for sure.

Family Guy Fan Channel : i love when malamutes and husky puppies talk back 💗💗💗

Dodge Man : Then she is 8 years old and the owners say "Can't you hush?"... :P

Hannah C : I’m on the adorable puppy’s side. Lololol