alaskan malamute puppy talk

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Yokei986 : The puppy had solids arguments

JABS991 : Don't let the playfulness fool you. He is talking major smack

bagsikdangal : That's one puppy that you can't argue with😂😂👍🐕🐶😍💖

AAA : Look at the size of his/her feet. You know the puppy is gonna be huge!

Maria Elena Cabrera : Sooo adorable!!!! 🐶❤

jared : She lost the argument so she ran away with the phone

myhatandme ! : This made my crappy day less crappy...

Lotus Sutra : Dogs are the best period.

Alternative Facts Survivor : Cute level: LETAL.

A S M NAWRAZ Anam : puppy may be asking the lady , why she is trying to be a DOG ?

sreeram unnikrishnan : have watched this more than 1 million times. still not bored

Dan Mast : Oh. My. God. There is nothing cuter than this. Anywhere

Malcolm : 80 cats have watched this video.

ExploratoryBehaviour : How could someone dislike this video? This pup is adorable!!!

_ Aliens _ : presious ball of fur lol.

TheTooginator : I'm a serious cat person and I think I would OD on cuteness if I played with this dog! He registers 11 on the Adorable Scale. The cute face! The big paws! The big furry ears!! I love kittens, but a puppy is just off the scale awesome!

Potato Vro : Omg he just took the phone lol

D M : Seriously I've watched this video way too much! Can't help it :) That pup is just way too cute...and the woman interacting and cracking up makes it even funnier! I can't tell sometimes who's making what noises?! I really want a dog like that!

Avenus112 : Mouthy little broad, that puppy.

Mayhem 628 : Really i want to know what puppy is thinking?

ShadowMan : So fluffy! <3

Beautifulbat : I have the same kind of a dog I had, Alaskan Malamute, It is a girl and her name is Lucy

THE PONG LENIS : She sounds like my old "87" Dodge Daytona trying to start.

Charlie Spurlin : Me in the morning before school 😂

Jamille Collins : can see this one is going to be a big talker and might let her know how he want things done...he has full confident already ..notice his little head movements..he got it all planned out.

Angela Fallin : Omg the cuteness factor 1000000%

Antonio Luković : 0:25 I love it when she laughs and the puppy is like "What the hell is so freaking funny? I am being serious here!"

Peter H : this is what happens you die and go to heaven!

Serial Liar-in-Chief : God, I love these dogs! Sooooooooooo adorable! More please!

MyArms2short2masterB8 : O.K. This Was A " P H O N E F I G H T " I get It, The Lady Didn't Want To Pay The High Phone Bill Anymore, So The Puppy Was Taking The Phone Back He Bought For Her, Makes Sense Now. I Had To Do The Same Thing, Pssf, Women!

MOG CHO : cute and beautiful

Rommy : "to se poszczekała" :D

Autito : At the end he want to check dogbook.

Sourav Bhai : World most cutest

JACK STANFIELD : This is a dangerous, dangreous vid. Now there will be a run on getting super cute fluff balls, which will just make it harder for me to get an unbelievably, adorable clever playful pup who knows how to use an Iphone. Hey Indiana (pup's name) any chance of skyping??


Sero Asmr : So freaking cute

zawen : He sounds like an Italian who is trying to talk polish

John Dwyer : That dog is a keeper. What a bright, playful and smart dog!

clonel239 : Look at that tail

Wolfy Playz_ : Aww cute i love alaskan malamutes

Cassandra : Life is better with animals

Narresh Gabriel : The puppy were saying... " you need to stop texting and get off the phone .... You need to spend more time with me or I will take that phone and hide it from you"

Cybertronian Sniper : He debates better than most democrats 🤷🏽‍♂️

Chisagxdasher : he is like "Ok let me make a call real quick "and runs away with the phone

Rovertino Tse : Too Cute. Puppy runs off with the owner,s cellphone.In the end.

jrush54 : This should be called “how to make thousands of youtubers want a malamute puppy “😃

Jackie Campbell : He's sooo cuuuute awww.. 😍😍❤

KP C : Wonderful puppy... Love it

NightFlower : I don't know what Indiana is saying, but I agree with her.