alaskan malamute puppy talk

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Yokei986 : The puppy had solids arguments

Maria Elena Cabrera : Sooo adorable!!!! 🐶❤

ExploratoryBehaviour : How could someone dislike this video? This pup is adorable!!!

THE PONG LENIS : She sounds like my old "87" Dodge Daytona trying to start.

Peter H : this is what happens you die and go to heaven!

bagsikdangal : That's one puppy that you can't argue with😂😂👍🐕🐶😍💖

JABS991 : Don't let the playfulness fool you. He is talking major smack

Chisagxdasher : he is like "Ok let me make a call real quick "and runs away with the phone

jared : She lost the argument so she ran away with the phone

NightFlower : I don't know what Indiana is saying, but I agree with her.

Alternative Facts Survivor : Cute level: LETAL.

myhatandme ! : This made my crappy day less crappy...

Sumeet Singh Saluja : last part of video was too good when puppy takes mobile and run that's was amazing :)

sreeram unnikrishnan : have watched this more than 1 million times. still not bored

D C2184 : Omggggg I loveeeee him!!!!! I would squeeze him all day & never go anywhere

Jigs saw27 : too much cuteness 😊😊😊😊😊

Lotus Sutra : Dogs are the best period.

A S M NAWRAZ Anam : puppy may be asking the lady , why she is trying to be a DOG ?

Cindy Tan : Omg so cute. I wanna get one too soon!!

Dan Mast : Oh. My. God. There is nothing cuter than this. Anywhere


Adrian Anderson : Look at the size of his/her feet. You know the puppy is gonna be huge!

_ Aliens _ : presious ball of fur lol.

KP C : Wonderful puppy... Love it

Rozenia Johnson : Cutest puppy video Ever!##

Nelcy Palalcios Part 2 : Omg he just took the phone lol

zawen : He sounds like an Italian who is trying to talk polish

Nikola Tesla : When puppies do that, they want to play. Just lay on your side or on your back and they will come to you

NB GOODISCORE : 1:40 I WANT A SAMSUNG! Please woman give me!!!! I'm gonna steal it, oh I'm gonna steal it. I'M STEALING IT! Oh no it dropped bye.

zezu zaza : malamute and husky is adorable dog

Malcolm : 80 cats have watched this video.

simul8guy : It doesn't get much cuter than this! Malamutes and Huskies are great dogs.

D M : Seriously I've watched this video way too much! Can't help it :) That pup is just way too cute...and the woman interacting and cracking up makes it even funnier! I can't tell sometimes who's making what noises?! I really want a dog like that!

Sourav Bhai : World most cutest

Sanjay Nakate : Lovely...please upload more

Jamille Collins : can see this one is going to be a big talker and might let her know how he want things done...he has full confident already ..notice his little head movements..he got it all planned out.

Avenus112 : Mouthy little broad, that puppy.

TheTooginator : I'm a serious cat person and I think I would OD on cuteness if I played with this dog! He registers 11 on the Adorable Scale. The cute face! The big paws! The big furry ears!! I love kittens, but a puppy is just off the scale awesome!

dejablue88 : rawr rar rawr!

ShadowMan : So fluffy! <3

MOG CHO : cute and beautiful

ducki : I grabbed my dog so she can hear this i wanted her to respond lol

MyArms2short2masterB8 : O.K. This Was A " P H O N E F I G H T " I get It, The Lady Didn't Want To Pay The High Phone Bill Anymore, So The Puppy Was Taking The Phone Back He Bought For Her, Makes Sense Now. I Had To Do The Same Thing, Pssf, Women!

Rovertino Tse : Too Cute. Puppy runs off with the owner,s cellphone.In the end.

LittleLulubee : Aaaaaaw, so FAT and FUZZY!!!!!! 😍😍😍 I want to CUDDLE him ❤️

Mayhem 628 : Really i want to know what puppy is thinking?

Sai Surya : 3 Dislikers can DIE in spot! <3 Cute Puppy

Sero Asmr : So freaking cute

Idiot-in-Chief : God, I love these dogs! Sooooooooooo adorable! More please!

Angela Fallin : Omg the cuteness factor 1000000%