A Disappearing World: Singapore Is Harvesting Land from Cambodia

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As Singapore dredges sand out from beneath Cambodia’s mangrove forests, an ecosystem, a communal way of life, and one woman’s relationship to her home face erasure. Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/video/index/584563/singapore-cambodia/ "Lost World" was directed by Kalyanee Mam and produced by Emergence Magazine and Go Project Films (https://goprojectfilms.com/films/lost-world/). It is part of The Atlantic Selects, an online showcase of short documentaries from independent creators, curated by The Atlantic.

Comments from Youtube

jlpmoose : Beautifully shot video with zero journalistic value.

Bigjoe99 : Sand from Cambodia does not go to Marina - Marina was build long time ago with Malaysian sand. Cambodian sand goes to Tekong and new Jurong Port - but its not sexy to show that..

Suprianto : This is an OLD video guys... 2 years ago, Cambodia has already banned sales of sand to Singapore and Singapore has also officially stopped importing sand from Cambodia.... IT'S OFFICIAL. Anyone who does not believe please google. This is old news

martinpganev : This video does nothing to show how sand dredging effects the land or ecology. It’s a very basic representation to a complicated issue and it was disappointing to watch this for 16 minutes and not understand the problem any better than before

Maya G : "If this was real, imagine how beautiful it would be."

IceBloodKing : The video should make clear that the sand was bought and paid for legally. Totally ethical and above board. The video makes it look like it was some sneak operation.

Z : "Singapore is harvesting land from cambodia" sounds so wrong. Willing buyer willing seller.....

Me Win : Maybe countries should stop exporting their agriculture produces, coal, iron ore, gold, diamond, granite. It's ridiculous.

shamzambada : The video made it look like Singapore conducted a sneaky operation in Cambodia collecting sand. What's the point of the video? To sympathize with the girl who don't understand how business between nations work or to make SG look the scapegoat, operating an illegal activity in Cambodia?

Synfull : This video legitimately makes me feel sad. A bit more aware/knowledgeable, but also a tinge of sadness.

Sn Pwl : technically its not your land, your government sold it to another government.

Kah Hoe Ng : Hmm... Probably, after watching this short movie, I think the producer should produce another short movie, describing how the textile factories in Cambodia have been treating the workers with low wages and take another trip to Europe and US claiming that those clothes with made in Cambodia stickers were supposed to be theirs...

pohkhui : 😈😈😈 show. That is to say cannot sell petrol, gas, iron ore, coal, tin, ...

Shop Cá Cảnh : The problem is your government. Not Singapore

tocrob : it's called exporting "natural resources" . In America, they are gas/oil from frackings and GMO/chemicals stuff ( soil/ground pollution).

EagleOne : What's the point of this? Singapore can't just go to Cambodia and "harvest" land... The government of Cambodia is selling the land to them. You need a new title, clickbaiters.

Samir Abdul Samad : It looks a legitimate buying and selling. If Cambodia govt chose to sell it, the revenue received should be then used to help the locals. That's the exploitation these people should be looking into

Disturbing Behaviour : Supply and demand.. Shouldnt the focus be to the seller?Its not like Singapore took it from the Cambodians..It was on the market and Singapore bought it.

Thomas K : Take money now complain of selling piece of Cambodia. Very deceitful video. No different from timber, coal, mining and oil.

Fei Han : It's so ironic that we destroy a world to build another world.

desaturated : aww so sad.. This will not happen to Cambodia resulting selling their land IF they are competent to build their own economy.

Benson Heng : Do you still think enviroment are important when you don't have the food on the table?!

Kopi Kaffee : This is an amusing video that completely ignores the fact that imported raw materials are paid with good price by the city state. Pretty soon the foreign cement and steel makers are gonna claim the city's infrastructural because hey buying does not equal ownership. If it is about environmental issues.... shouldn't the video focus on the exporter and why they are doing something that does not bore well with the local inhabitants and the negative ecological impact. An aimless video that couldn't decide what it wants to say and milks sensation to make up for the lack of substance.

kidrid : theres a sign says dont touch the flowers but she still did it and she say singapore land is her land what the.

Kenneth Reeves : What a beautiful song. You should sale it and give proceeds to her.

Henry Lee : End of the day, sand dredging must be regulated at government to government level. It is the corrupt practices of regional government and private organizations that resulted in this mess. Cambodia central government must strictly regular the concessions and not at regional level.

巨人の肩 : Until this day, there are no international rules every country has to follow. That includes rules against the destruction of the Earth's ecosystems, and proper hard taxes for rich people.

Nico Agus Wibiantoro : after banned buy sands from indonesia and malaysia they stolen from cambodia

Tech Chindian : literally took back nothing from this video. she said "this is our land" then what about Singapore's money? didn't the Cambodian government take it? Also what evidence or statistics suggest that the biodiversity/ecosystem is greatly affected or destroyed by this process? Since Singapore started importing since 2007 which is about 12 years ago, shouldn't biodiversity and or its ecosystem would have been completely destroyed by now? No where did it say the sand has affected mangroves or food chain reproduction. I don't know why the comment section is filled with so much angst and hostility towards one nation but not the other. It takes two hands to clap.

Tommy : It's sad how misinformed and out of date some videos on Youtube are.

king lee : Huh? 2019? I tot Cambodia has banned all sand exports on environmental grounds years ago?

J O : Media: Let's not talk about decades of genocide by an evil dictatorship. Let's talk about some sand taken away (by that same dictatorship) and try to sully the name of a legal buyer.

Alex Ong : This is purely a buisness transaction - seller agrees to sell and buyer agrees to buy at a mutually agreed price !!! It is no longer yours when you took the money...

buckydragon : This is the government of Cambodia that is selling their sand. Where there is a buyer, there is a seller. Petition your government

Wei Su : Do the Arabs complain that Americans used up all their oil? Just curious

John Mocking You : Hmmmm, just wondering if this old issue is a smokescreen for PRC's artificial islands in SCS?

x jacob : A Betraying World: Cambodia sells sands to Singapore.

Conor Norris : they act like the people running the cranes are evil but its just some dude who needed a job

abark : Spoken like a true commie(being fed lines from their handlers).

Sunny Bear : this video was beautiful but it deserved a better font than Arial to show the title in, don't you think

O : There is no meaning to this video at all.

SSM : This shows the pov of only some of the villagers...what about Cambodia govt? Other organisations etc? Also, it only showed the social impact of soil mining...how about the economical or political aspect? Also...importing soil...isn't it the same as importing paper n other items made from natural materials that are gathered from other ctries? Although I do agree that more help could have been offered to help the villagers...eg transit to higher skilled jobs etc or help to save the ecosystem, I do feel that the Cambodian govt should play a larger part? By giving a one sided perspective on the whole issue definitely helped to garner more sympathy but does not effect an impactful change. So, what is the objective of this video? To raise awareness about SG's soil mining and the negative impacts?

Ian Paul Saligumba : I love her song, you can feel the sadness

Cheng明耀 : Singapore has been importing sand legally from other countries for years. Why blame it on Singapore? If other countries like Cambodia government corrupted their own process to sell the sand, blame it on the respective government. Instead, it is a video about a whining girl who says the Marina Bay area was built using Cambodia sand. That is not even true, the Marina Bay area came up in the 1990s when the land was left barren to allow the stablisation of the sand. Stupid and deceitful video just to make Singapore a scapegoat Typical fake news media as said by Donald Trump

Lukiose : The video makes it sound like this is an issue caused by Singapore, but where there is demand there is supply. If anything, the issue lies with the Cambodian Government over-selling, nobody is forcing them to export excessively

Arie Koi Shop : Rubbish, only looks at it from one non scientific angle

Pov : A lot of the tycoons in cambodia are related to the dictator or work in the parliament. Anyone speaks up against them would be arrested and put in jail. He has been a dictator for thirty four years. Everyone calls him king. I would call him king of land and forests destroyer!

KT Chong : "That is our land!" - um, no, Singapore paid for it, so it's not your any more. It's not like Singaporeans invaded, occupied and colonized your lands. It's a fair trade.

Thomas Huynh : I have read articles about this before, but to watch a video about it is so heartbreaking especially after seeing the locals' livelihoods being ruined