DJI Mavic Pro Drone Cuts Hornet Nest In Half

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Jeremy Judkins : The way the Mavic buzzes, they probably think it is their god or something lmao.

Amen Osiris : Skillful...The pest control and extermination safe and accurate, now all you need is tit that sucker with raid..Job well done.

sennsir_ : Next is cutting the grass! 😂

crispyspa : Oh my Lord, you have stumbled upon an awesome business model... Hedge trimming with drones.

ToshDeluxe : LOL, I love this video

Beltfedshooters : DJI needs to come out with a Mavic flame thrower attachment.

Janethan Ricanibante : I've seen videos of hornets killing entire colonies of honey bees so I have no sympathy for these genocidal pest.

evox786 : Impressive that the mavic didn't fall out of the sky doing that! That's an expensive hornet killer lol. I don't feel any worse about killing hornets than I do for killing mosquitos.

John Cuppi : Ugh I cringed when the Mavic went straight forward into the nest without a gimbal guard. I saw you had a lens cover but that gimbal is very sensitive. "Bee" careful. :)

CSDCHI : I wish I had known they were harmless before they stung me and put me in the hospital!

Tolzen N. : Hey nice Dude your the best cutting hornet nest,mavic pilot 👍 keep going strong.

Brian Patton : Over 300 people never been attacked by hornets . And over 300 have been.

Jeremy Miller : despite all the negative comments, nobody out there could ever convince themselves that this was not cool LOL. It's exactly like something I would do haha. You got some great piloting skills also if you think about it

Bobby Tucker : I caught myself "duckin' for cover", several times, I was hit by them damn things once but many times. Felt like getting hit with a board or something very much like one. Every single sting was on my head, do they always aim for the head? I don't know for sure, I haven't spoken with anyone who has. I thought I was getting 'knocked over' with each sting. Hornets have no known purpose in life other than to bring hell down on your ass. (In my opinion). lol.

TheLoner801 : Hornets are nasty useless little buggers. I once had a nest of hundreds in a log beam on my house. I small torch made quick work of them.

Sufie SiMs : people who dislike the video seems like they pretend felt pity to the hornet but they didn't know, without a pity, the hornet can stung you till death.

Zeksteve : People actually care about hornets, please leave your address in the comments section so I can mail you a box of live hornets

Newport31311 : This comment section is cancer. The video was funny and entertaining and he can do whatever he wants with his equipment on his property.

Wade Hartley : That was awesome. How much insect guts did the props have on them?

meng chey : Good one buddy. Don't feel bad, those are nasty little buggers!

kkel19 : LOLLLLL AT 2:42

Thunderbyrd : I was glued to the screen. But why? lol, good video

METHOD ONE : Look at the stability of the DJI Mavic!!!!! Outstanding! Easy to see why they are industry leaders.

Gone Ballistic : I freaking love this.

Krystal : To those who think killing hornets is abuse or whatever, please encounter a nest of hornets and see how you feel about them once they start swarming you.

Ashley Jackson : The kill honey bees , honey bees rule !!!!!

Putther : hmm, interesting.

Shaun Ross : Next time I suggest you put your cover on to protect your gimbal and camera!

Anthony Porreca : I think those hornets finally met their match. Hahahaha

The Dronz Dr : Man this video is awesome.

Finally it's Ed : The mere fact that the hornets didn't appear to attack the drone make me think that the buzzing might have confused their defense communication. Interesting.

HellRay : Im not sure whats more shocking, the number of down votes or the fact being near the hornet nest with all that noise didn't trigger Nature's butt holes with wings. My dog got near a nest once and they sent him packing. They aren't bees people, unless you're a gardener and the hornet nest is far away but close enough for them to devour pests, Hornets are a dangerous nuisance

Jon Smith : Why so many dislikes? Wasps kill bees. If there are no bees then there are no way humans can survive.

Hilbert Faust : any wasp that gets near it gets cut in half

Nancy Offenhiser : Go out at night and soak that nest with wasp and hornet killer. People pay big money for a gorgeous nest like this. Cut the branch with it on it.

Emanuel Pontes : I can get over the natural stupi...curiosity of sending the drone in... but why do it w/o the transparent gimbal cover? That could have wrecked the camera...

Donnie Frank : Dude! That's awesome! Subscribed!


Joshua Salomon : Hornets have a new predator, bees have a new friend

FIT101 : Ohhhh all the pathetic snowflake tree huggers. Grow a set

G Troyer : I wouldn't have the guts to fly my Mavic into a nest like that but it sure made for some great video. To all the hornet lovers out there who are protesting this video please don't drive your vehicle over 20 mph during summer months. You are likely slaughtering insects by the thousands!

SimstasH : Great video. You are very brave to use your Mavic in such a way. But it looks like it did the trick and entertained all of us :)

Ralph Johnson Sr. : I have to say that was an amazing video. You have got some flying skills not to have wrecked your Mavic. The Mavic is a lot tougher than I thought. For all the haters I have a wife who is so allergic to a bee sting that she immediately has to go to the hospital. Also a grandson who is even worse. I do the same and get rid of them whenever they nest around our house. Just like i do with copperhead snakes. Because of the children. when you live in the country not in the city its just a way of life. Now I know I have the option of using my drone LOL

lgtwzrd : 1000 people have never felt the panic of being in the midst of a hornet swarm getting stung multiple times.

AskME Robin : 0:39 Hornet thinks "WTF The Queen is coming lets get out soldiers!" Hahaha this is so epic!

Neil Barnett : "Quick, protect the queen!" "Which one's the queen?" ...... er, me!, yes, protect me!" "No, I'm the queen!", "No, I'm the queen, protect me" .... etc. With apologies to the BC cartoon series .....

wolf green : Imagine the story that those wasp where telling any other bee that would listen to them.

DaDa : never thought my mavic could be a lethal weapon like that... will treat my mavic with more respect from now on.

Viper1 : Especially the large Asian hornets that are now invading the E.U. and in minutes decimating bee hives let alone the normal sized hornets and wasps!

ret.ard_ed : Cool