DJI Mavic Pro Drone Cuts Hornet Nest In Half

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Jeremy Judkins : The way the Mavic buzzes, they probably think it is their god or something lmao.

Frank Elmer : Hornets finally meet something as unreasonable as they are.

ron horne : Based on the many ldiots disliking this video, is clear evidence that a solid third of the Population are legally Retarded by definition

crispyspa : Oh my Lord, you have stumbled upon an awesome business model... Hedge trimming with drones.

Zeksteve : People actually care about hornets, please leave your address in the comments section so I can mail you a box of live hornets

Klonoa : To those who think killing hornets is abuse or whatever, please encounter a nest of hornets and see how you feel about them once they start swarming you.

RivaledRandom : Hornets have a new predator, bees have a new friend

The GreyJedi2112 : 12 gauge with bird shot and some running shoes

Amen Osiris : Skillful...The pest control and extermination safe and accurate, now all you need is tit that sucker with raid..Job well done.

G Troyer : I wouldn't have the guts to fly my Mavic into a nest like that but it sure made for some great video. To all the hornet lovers out there who are protesting this video please don't drive your vehicle over 20 mph during summer months. You are likely slaughtering insects by the thousands!

Jon Wegner : big babies down voting this.. 'Don't kill bees! We need them to sustain!' Yeah we sure do, just not hornets, and not in the number we have on earth. Hornets can and do kill the bees mankind depends on. Hornets don't pollinate, but they do kill other insects cause damage. Food chain, and if it wasn't for the AI analogy here, I'd be 100% thrilled, where I am only about 99.9% thrilled.

lgtwzrd : 1000 people have never felt the panic of being in the midst of a hornet swarm getting stung multiple times.

Neil Barnett : "Quick, protect the queen!" "Which one's the queen?" ...... er, me!, yes, protect me!" "No, I'm the queen!", "No, I'm the queen, protect me" .... etc. With apologies to the BC cartoon series .....

POF 415 : Activate WD 40 and lighter 😆

Jaime F : I see we have a few peta members in the audience.

ToshDeluxe : LOL, I love this video

Bobby Tucker : I caught myself "duckin' for cover", several times, I was hit by them damn things once but many times. Felt like getting hit with a board or something very much like one. Every single sting was on my head, do they always aim for the head? I don't know for sure, I haven't spoken with anyone who has. I thought I was getting 'knocked over' with each sting. Hornets have no known purpose in life other than to bring hell down on your ass. (In my opinion). lol.

Joseph : Is this what love feels like? Because I totally love this video. I HATE hornets. Absolute jerks of nature. And these little devils deserve whatever death comes to them.

Viper1 : Especially the large Asian hornets that are now invading the E.U. and in minutes decimating bee hives let alone the normal sized hornets and wasps!

D. D.D. : Yes, every living thing has some purpose in life, even these hated little bastards. They keep the fly and spider population in check and they do a lot of pollinating like bees just to name a few. But it's a big part of nature to protect your home. Can you imagine if a bee colony tried to build a hive in that same tree? Those hornets would have killed every one of them. This situation was no different. The hornets invaded this guys space and built their nest right in his backyard. So he had every right to protect his home just like the hornets protect theirs. This is simply a case of the oldest story in the history of nature.........Survival of the fittest.

Morgan Grey : TO ALL THE LITTLE TREE-HUGGER SNOWFLAKES OUT THERE THAT DISLIKE THIS VIDEO,LET ME EDUCATE ON A FEW THING'S -1-They kill HONEYBEES,and that hurts a lot of creatures out there that rely on honeybees to produce wax and honey,not to mention millions of flowers and trees and crops that get pollinated by honeybees.2-They have and do KILL people and animals,and are highly aggressive.They can cause major property damage to you house and you can be held liable if your neighbor's are stung and die or put into the hospital for being stung.Try using some common sense before posting ignorant remarks.

Janethan Ricanibante : I've seen videos of hornets killing entire colonies of honey bees so I have no sympathy for these genocidal pest.

Leon Davis : Why so many dislikes. If you like them so much. Take them home and put them in your yard.

Jorge Barreiros : you need to put a small flamethrower on that thing!! it might be a good challenge and way more effective!

blipco5 : Pussy. When we were kids we just stood under them and threw rocks. Not all of us made it away without stings however, or the rocks, LOL. If we had a drone no part of nature would have been safe. Love the kamikaze attack around 2:40, I about pissed my pants.

George Sosinsky : I'm glad you got the hornets that are known to chase humans down man woman or child and kill them. So to all the baby sjw pukes who think their cool by bashing you. But you should think before you speak.

Jon Smith : Why so many dislikes? Wasps kill bees. If there are no bees then there are no way humans can survive.

Brian Roberts : GREAT JOB ! You should get a reward!!!

REPTAR isaG : Now that is bada$$ drone, I haven't really been interested in them and I'm into RC hobby(with a few different ones, not cheap either) I definitely want to check that model out

Viktor Bihar : I don't want to swear, but you don't want to mess with a f*** tar* bald face, and I mean it they come at you like a missile and JUST JAB YOU! LIKE A MISSILE AM ORIGINAL MISSILE. PERIOD.

WIFIGHOST CRUISER : Great video! The only thing better than that would have been to mount a Wicked Laser on your drone and blow that thing to hell! I see that all the libtards weighed in on the thumbs down. Those are there Fruit Loops that put Hornets on the same level as people. Now Mount that Wicked Laser and go after them.

Electromechtro Maker : I'm sorry, but I could not stop laughing. I hate those bald face hornets. Mean and smart. Great flying.

Blitz Nimbus : 2:36 When a girl tells me to eat her out.

Livereater00 : Hornets... meet your maker!

2001pontiacta : Those are bald faced hornets!! They are vicious bastards!!

Beltfedshooters : DJI needs to come out with a Mavic flame thrower attachment.

AJ Hill : That's awesome!!! Those are the worst hornets. I got attacked by one, and it was still coming at me after an entire can of hornet spray. I had to retreat

Tony : Iwatched another one of these the the other day. The camera on the Drone had audio and the hornets were atacking and they were getting chopped up with the blades, and it sounded great. Zoot, zoot, zoot. ha ha

James Edmond : excellent droning!

Felicia Larsen : Oh man, could use a DJI in our summerhouse :P We have to raid the entire place every summer and kill all the nests. We have children around and I will put them before these bugs... they also invade birdsnests and kill the chicks, they've whiped out several colonies of honeybees at a nearby honeyfarm aswell. My uncle also got stung so badly he ended up in the hospital, i rip these suckers down whenever I see one if it's built in an area where people live and children could get hurt.

Putther : hmm, interesting.

Mark Arnott : Drones vs wasp/hornets great video thankyou this is different :) aha BRAVEHEART DRONE new things drones can do chop chop :) please don't do this to BEES THERE A GOOD THING WITHOUT BEES WE WOULDn't HAVE NO PLANTS LIFE & DIE (y) GOOD VIDEO THESE DEATH TO THE STINKY THINGS

Abby Grubbs : my reactions to this video : lol OH MY GOSH you deserve it the hornets are confused lol u thought bees no it hornets wow crispyspa nice idea lol

hentai neko : 0:57 2:39 *ALAHUAKBAR*

whorton4 : Apparently evolution has not well prepared the hornet for the onslaught of the drones. . .

OOFPlaysRoblox : XD THis is funny

ATCRyderX© : This is why we can't have nice things...when the Aliens arrive...

Vincent Nelson : Awesome pest control, super!

MINI SUNIL : Our Lord is killing us

Michael Palffy : Hornet's were buzzed out''