B-ART vs SLIZZER | La Cup WORLDWIDE 2018 | 1/8 Final

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Beatbox Pakistan : B-arts Second Round.😱💯

B-Art BeatBox : So heavy

Jayfox Gamology : I think B-Art thinks he's in GBBB18

Kuba Drabczyk : I got eargasm after Bart second round

Tarell Douglas-noble : Slizzers first round is so heavy!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

YUNUS BBXツ : This is the best battle of B-art ever IMO!

Anonymous 00 : B-Art went beastmode in round 2 👌

Uruz-Beatbox : B-art is amazing but I don't think at all Slizzer got """"murdered"""". I admire him. He's in this game for so long and always comes up with new ideas. Don't underestimate that quality. That's a great mind right there.

PeHo : B-art just murder Slizzer 😂🔥🔥🔥

MR Snappy : B-ART 👏👏

Igor : Legend vs legend

HARLEY Sy : Wow I didn't know B-art can do inward bass

Beatbox Legend : slizzer bass for the win XD

Orqkey Beatboxer : B-art = legend🙏🙏

Mr. Ben : Slizzer has the best punchlines in the beatbox scene!

Henny Riskawati : I show b-art second round to my grass Now its weed

The Spirit of Beatbox : Slizzer, why D-Low from Spain?

Matthew Gomez : I wish B-art would make new routines by now👊❤

TsubasABeatboxer : Slizzer🔥🔥🔥

LothlórieN : Two legends, but OMG B-ART you're a god of dark sounds.

João Sousa : Skiller from Luxembourg esh back to 2009 World Champs

Melk M.p.k : B -Art 100%🔊 Slizzer 30%🔊

Joshua Long : slizzer is so under appreciated here... b-art was great, but man slizzer had me rockin out hard

Beatbox Tangent : Slizzer 1st round was fire!!!

Alessandro David : B arts second round was so heavy :O

ジャムおばさん : B-art まだ髪の毛がある…

JL CUT : Кто русский лайк, сколько нас?


MSHbbx : finally something good from B-ART though using the same

POWER LOOP : Why is slizzer so hyped?

Lil Brain : where is the idiot who said b-art isnt top tier level?

Dbeatx Bbx : B-art underestimated beast

Abhijeet Jena : epic...!!!!!!

tito reza pahlevy : thats fresh from Slizzer brooo. something new for the future

Sir Richard : Best drop in beatbox history

Yeti Hägger : Slizzer has such a good bass one of the best!

BLESS PLAY : 3:35 i now b-art bring that beat on battle and dont wake the beast

Nathaniel Parcutilo : B-Art 😱😱😱😱 what a disco music 😱😱

Muhd Syahir : Anybody knows b -art second round song?

Wilik team : OUIIII ENFIN

Strat : 3:20 The best of B-Art OMFG!

Rivian : dude why does slizzer always lose

weeksyx : Am I tripping? Did Slizzer win that? B-art destroyed Slizzer...No contest!

Kirt neo Abello : 7:09 was the coolest part!!!

とんかつ : まだまだB-Artは強いなぁ ダークな感じ好きだわぁ

Rj Soledad : B-Art's 2nd round is like WTF?>!

k m : 決勝ですかぁ…

AbztraK : Whoever calls B-Art overrated I would actually slap irl

Terrance Paradise : What is the name of that thing b art does in the beginning of his second round

Rick Rétau : I freaking love your style Slizzer! Keep it up!